Cloudflare — Now with Added SSL!

cloudflare SSL Image top

Recently I posted about how generally wonderful Cloudflare is and how it can help to make your site more speedy. Well, Cloudflare is now offering something pretty AMAZING for free and it could help make the site much more secure.

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PromptSmart — The Smartest iOS Teleprompter

PromptSmart Logo

PromptSmart is an iOS app that makes public speaking easy peasy. Using any iOS device, PromptSmart’s VoiceTrack voice recognition technology will follow you along as you speak, and even gives you the freedom to deviate from your script without having to lose your place. Plus, it’s super easy to use. Check this out:

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New LEGO Minecraft Kits!

Created by MDKGraphicsEngine - Licensed to LEGO System A/S

These mini LEGO Minecraft sets from a few years ago were pretty cool. But they’ve got nothing over these new LEGO Minecraft kits coming this November! Yup. That’s right. Just in time for Christmas.

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Ancient Mayan Batman [Images]


I am always game for some awesome Batman stuff. This ancient Mayan Batman has a really cool twist to it. It isn’t just a Mayan Batman. As part of the 75th anniversary of Batman, Warner Home Entertainment Mexico and the Mexican Museum of Design MUMEDI had an art exhibition of 30 artists to modify and present a cool twist […]

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Church Management Systems: ChMS 101 [Podcast]

churchmag podcast chms 101

Ever since Steve Caton was on the ChurchMag Podcast, we’ve wanted to have him on again to talk about the basics of Church Management Systems (ChMS). This interview/discussion goes over the basics of ChMS’. It’s an introduction. A class ‘101’ on what they are, what they are not, and how helpful they are for churches […]

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The Medieval Helpdesk [Video]

The Medieval Helpdesk image

Often times during conversations and discussions concerning technology, I like to use ‘books’ or other forms of technology as an illustration. Apply whatever theory someone is proposing and interchange ‘smartphone’ or ‘Internet’ with ‘books’ or ‘pencils’ and repeat back what’s been said. For instance:

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