Forza Horizon 2 [Saturday Morning Review]

Saturday Morning Review - Forza

Forza Horizon 2 is a stunning, fun racing game for the Xbox that’s addictive for both kids and adults. We play it on an Xbox One and the graphics are impressive. It’s set in the south of France and the north of Italy, making the lavender fields and Poplars look very familiar since we’ve been […]

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Paintings that Break Your Brain


First there was famous artist Escher with his drawings that you could study for hours, because they completely tricked your brain. Now there’s Rob Gonsalves, a Canadian artist who paints paintings that break your brain. His art combines two concepts that seamlessly transition from one into another. His optical illusions are so stunning, you keep studying […]

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Choosing the Best Game Console for Your Kids

Xbox One

My son turned 7 in December and his biggest wish was a game console. Both my husband and I aren’t gamers—though we both did play our fair share of computer games back when we were young and had too much free time. Our problem was that we were way out of tune with current game […]

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That’s Amore! [Images]

That's Amore!

Ale Giorgini from Vicenza Italy has put together a fun and awesome creative collection of lovely artwork. As you may know, “amore” means “love” in Italian and the song “That’s Amore” by Dean Martin is surely a classic. So give Dean’s song a listen to and browse through these love themed images and maybe, just maybe, […]

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Echo Prayer Manager [App Review]

Echo Prayer App - Screen

Prayer is a vital—can we say most vital?—element of the Christian life, and yet so many of us would probably confess that we’re not as consistent in our prayer life as we should be/would like to be. That’s why, for the past year, I’ve been using a great app to help me organize my prayer time, […]

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Nonprofit Communications Trends Report [Infographic]


The release of the 2015 Nonprofit Communications Trend Report has brought some new light to what nonprofits are trying to do. As churches, we can take some ideas from this project and should look to being open to shift our own strategies if need be. The report staff came up with an easy to digest […]

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My Dream Frankenstein Smartphone


I love all smartphones. Money and time aside, I’d collect smartphones for a living if I could. I just love seeing how these pocket computer do what they do, and how they compare to each other. While I tend to dabble in Android the most, I am truly intrigued by every mobile platform out there. […]

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5 Methods to Creating Church Instagram Posts


Ah, Instagram — the only social media channel that you can’t schedule ahead of time. There’s a lot of pain and beauty to that. Our team recently discovered that Instagram was giving us the largest return on investment. We found that post after post has more engagement than anything we post on Facebook or Twitter. We know […]

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