Can You Hear the Difference Between These Guitars?

beautiful gutair pic

Calling all audiophiles, sound designers and musicians! Can you hear the difference between the following three guitars? Guitar A — Baby Taylor that’s less than $300. Guitar B — Martin D-28 from 1938, priced at $100,000. Guitar C — New custom made Martin, priced at about $5,000. Ready? GO:

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The Undersea Cables that Connect the World


I can tell you that living overseas would be entirely different if it wasn’t for the Internet. I not only wouldn’t be able to have the jobs that I have, but staying connected with friends and family (old and new) would not be nearly as easy as it is with the web. With the web, […]

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Church Tech Snack Pack #040

Church Tech Snack Pack 40

BOOM! Like a yummy cherry tart in your face, ChurchMag’s church tech snack pack is in your FACE! I hope you enjoy this week’s roundup of delicious links to snack on—and as always—submit’em if you got’em. Now… of to the links!

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The Compartmentalized Social Media Life

ice cube lego guy

I don’t know about you, but the saying that “every social media is like the next” is not true for me. They may have similar functions, but the audience as much as the form of the network has influenced how I use it. Here is how I have compartmentalized my own social media use and […]

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Proof: Gandalf Planned on Flying to Mount Doom

tobycarr Gandolf

If you know The Lord of the Rings (and I am sure that you do), you’ve probably heard of the ‘eagle plot hole.’ The basis of this supposed plot hole is this: Why didn’t they just get the eagles to fly the ring to Mount Doom in the first place? While this would have made […]

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Comps with Compassion: Social Good Ipsum

Social Good Ipsum Top

Remember what it was like to design graphics and websites without a good ol’ Lorem Ipsum generator? Yeah. Life was tough back then. Now we have Bacon Ipsum, Hipster Ipsum and a entire Lorem Ipsum family! But there’s always room for a new kind Ipsum, esspecially one that is full of compassion.

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Church Tech Philosophy: Mind the Sound Mix

Set volumes to eleven

My church voted in a new lead pastor two years ago, and we’ve been transitioning several areas as we work out a new vision for advancing the Kingdom and impacting our community. Part of that has been a shift (partly conscious, partly incidental) in our services that makes me them more appealing to younger people. […]

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RxMen — Meds for Common Superhero Ailments


Shutterstock joined in the fun to mark the opening of this year’s Comic-Con. I was a little shocked to read it myself, as I’ve never thought of stock images as being fun or having anything to do with Comic-Con—I’m just sayin’. But they put together a really awesome design project:

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Hemingway Editor — A Writer’s Writing App

Hemingway App MBA

For several months I had been using Microsoft Office Word for writing my blog posts. Even though the grammar check was sometimes a little too harsh for my liking, it got the job done. It’s a heavy app for pounding out blog posts, but I wanted to start working on improving my grammar and such, […]

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