Youth Ministry Video Idea [Video]

If SIRI Was Your Mom Screener

The Daily Dot has a great article on YouTube that they posted for Mother’s Day noting how Siri is a great tool but definitely comes off as a machine. While watching this video, I think that their is a great youth ministry video idea that the church technology ministry could parody off of this. Think […]

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Social Media Fails: The AIDS Tweet

FAIL Aids Tweet

We all know you should be careful with what you post on social media, but here’s a true story that illustrates this point with much clarity. It’s the story of a woman whose career and life were destroyed with one single tweet. Justine Sacco only had 170 Twitter followers. She was unknown, working as Director […]

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Social Media Security Pranks [Video]

Online Privacy Buzzfeed - Screener

The Buzzfeed video below is definitely entertaining, so do watch it for fun sake at least. But there is a grain of truth here that I want to challenge all church communication staff and volunteers. Replace these individuals who have allowed themselves to be discovered with your congregation. You take a photo of your youth […]

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3 Reasons I Love My Tablet


I have gone without an iPad for 3-6 months all because of unforeseen circumstances. I was the proud owner of an iPad Mini. Before that, I owned an iPad 2. But, I never would’ve thought that I would be the proud owner of an iPad 2 once again. The excitement I felt to finally get one […]

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Are You A Digital Hoarder?


Every day, we process tons of information. We read magazines, newspapers, blog posts. We listen to podcasts and webinars, watch videos. We browse social media, see tweets and pins and updates. And we take it all in to make our lives better. Or do we?

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The World Map of Christian Apps [Infographic]


A few months ago a designer and I teamed up to answer two questions: Generally speaking, what kinds of apps do Christians make for other Christians? What would that look like if we made a map?! Here’s what we came up with: The World Map of Christian Apps. It’s a big-ol’-list of 48 apps Christians […]

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5 Uses of YouVersion​ at Our Church


My church has been using YouVersion as our primary digital bulletin on Sunday mornings. Some churches only use their website or have a dedicated app specifically for their church, but we went with the Bible App. It’s not just a Bible on your phone. No, if you use the Live feature, it can become your […]

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