The Growing Problem of Cyber Crime [Infographic]

Cyber crime sillotte

I think cyber crime is one of those things that you never thing is going to happen to you — especially if you’re a geek — but these statistics tell us otherwise. In fact, mobile devices are the most at risk connected device with only 50% of users using basic security precautions. Social media is […]

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Breaking World Records and Helping Others

world record attempt by liquid church

There are a lot of churches that know how to market themselves well, and one of those churches is Liquid Church in New Jersey. It always seems like they’re doing some new and creative, but not just for the sake of being cool and creative. There is always an underlying purpose that drives them — […]

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Will Social Media Destroy Discipleship?

I Like

With the rapid growth of the Internet and social media, discipleship can easily be forgotten. We are more global and connected than ever before. Though this can be an incredibly good thing as far as how easily and quickly we can extend encouragement, I believe it can pose a dangerous threat to discipleship. First, before […]

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A Coffee Shop Based on the Honor System [Video]

coffee in a paper cup

This is one of those delightful things that you usually only find in a small town. A place where everyone knows your name and the feeling of anonymity only happens to ‘outsiders’ and ‘strangers.’ Nonetheless, this is a delightful story of a coffee shop completely based on the honor system, and while you won’t find […]

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Church Audio Training 101

Church Audio Training - Image

I love the church sound booth. That’s where all the excitement is. All those buttons and knobs call to the inner 10-year old inside of me. MUST TOUCH THEM ALL! And yet, it can also be a very stressful place. Nothing exactly takes your breath away like an entire congregation turning around to look at […]

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What to Do About the Changes to Google Authorship

Google Search Google Authorship

A few weeks ago it was announced that Google is removing profile photos and Google+ Circle count from their search results. There are a number of different speculations that are floating around as to why Google has done this, as it really takes a big bite out of the power of Google Authorship — aka: […]

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11 Essential Ingredients Your Blog Post Needs [Infographic]

ingrdients for cooking something nom-nom

Just to be clear. Do not add raw eggs to your blog post — even though there are raw eggs pictured in this blog post’s featured image (above). As far as adding a little spice, that really has more to do with your personal taste, but I digress… In the infographic below, there are 11 essential ingredients […]

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Earn Your Permission to Speak

earn your right to be heard

You can always count on Seth Godin to share awesome and inspirational insights when it comes to marketing, branding, and all things surrounding entrepreneurism. In this talk he gave last year at Nearly Impossible, he answers a number of questions from the audience, and while these questions were about small businesses and startups, many of […]

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