Does Your Blog Article Have To Have A Point?

Blog Pont CM Image

We have a new series that has launched called Minecraft Theology which is a new way of blogging that we are trying out, but for more reasons than we initially thought. As I shared in the first video, we are exploring how to do blogging, YouTube, and gaming all in one big series that takes […]

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Behind the Scenes of a Video Edit [Video]


I must admit I’m a video editing nerd. I love seeing raw footage shot coming together into a finished polished project. In this video I share what tools I used to create a video for my Pastor and the process I use for editing. For this project I used Final Cut Pro X, but the […]

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Customer Lifetime Value & Ministry [Infographic]

Cat tail and keyboard

Social media gurus talk about how to gain followers all of the time with gimmicks, strategies, and paid advertisements. But I wonder if the issue of retention is less in cost with time, energy, money, and creativity than with gaining them? This infographic looks at how to move towards a lifetime approach. Here are some […]

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Disruptive Technologies: Predicting the Future

wind energy

Almost two years ago, consultancy firm McKinsey released a report on ‘disruptive technologies': Those technical developments that will greatly impact the near future. Or, as they defined it: “Advances that will transform life, business, and the global economy.” If you think this sounds abstract and has no relevancy for you, think again. Reading through the […]

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Monitor Your Mac with iStat Menus


Maybe I’m just a control freak or maybe I’m just a little too techie for my own good; but I like to know what’s going on with my computer. How much RAM am I using? How is my CPU handling things? Is my computer overheating? Should I manually turn-up my fan speed? And what about network […]

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Multitasking: The Elusive Sense of Satisfaction


Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder is a big deal these days. I’m a teacher in a middle school—I’ve seen AD(H)D. In fact, when I was in college in my “special learners” class, my professor starter her lecture by saying, “Before we discuss learners with issues like ADD/ADHD, is there anyone here who has been diagnosed with […]

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What About Video Games? [Podcast #48]

ChurchMag Podcast 48

Are you a “gamer?” Do you enjoy some video game action? Maybe you did at one time, but just don’t have the space for it in your life anymore? We know what you mean! On this episode, we talk about making time for video gaming, what video gaming has become, and we announce something cool that […]

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The History of Our Easter Icons [Infographic]

Easter Egg Awesome - Image

What’s the significance of the Easter bunny, Easter lilies, and Easter hats during the Easter holiday? The infographic below surveys several different Easter icons and the meaning behind them—a great infographic to share and talk about with your family! Take a look, and you’ll be reminded of of the new life we have through Jesus a […]

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Church Tech Snack Pack #066


I am sad to say that last week we missed the weekly Snack Pack. :-/ That’s what happens when the entire region losses the Internet for a whole day! Thankfully it came back before we all lost our minds… 😉 Let’s dive into this week’s Snack Pack, just days before Easter, and just a few days […]

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