MogoChurch: Create Your Own Interactive Bible Studies

Mogochurch logo

Never has it be this easy to create beautiful, fully interactive, multimedia sermon studies for your church. MogoChurch offers a powerful toolset that is easy to use for both those using interactive studies and those creating interactive studies. MogoChurch is perfect for Bible studies, small groups, and a great way to engage church members during […]

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Tech Wars: Google vs Apple [Infographic]

google vs apple

For decades the battle has been waged between Apple and Microsoft, but with the mobile web boom, Google is a major player. Who would have ever thought that an online search engine would eventually become a world leader in the technology race!?!? With Microsoft left far behind in the mobile race, the tech war is […]

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Iconic Bands in Full LEGO


Because LEGOs. LEGOfying pop culture is one of those fun Internet things that ranks at the top of web pastimes along with YouTube cat videos. Building with LEGOs also happens to be a deep seeded love for all things geeky and awesome. If you’ve followed ChurchMag for any time at all, you know that LEGOs […]

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.BIBLE Domain Names Discussion: Part 1

Dot Bible Screen

New generic top-level domain (gTLD) registries have been rolling-out all year. Some of the most popular being: .GURU, .BERLIN, .PHOTOGRAPHY, .TIPS, .TODAY. As more of these new domain extensions get launched, it opens up a lot of potential and opportunity, but the final outcome looks uncertain even with over 340,000 new gTLD domain names registered. The […]

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Corporate Digital Marketing: Hitting the True Goal

Corporate Digital Marketing - Hitting the True Goal

Some would say that the goal of digital marketing is website traffic, social media likes, reshares and engagement, or just a general improvement of brand. While these are all good things and stuff that should be sought by any digital marketer regardless of your company’s dealings, for churches and ministries, this is not the ultimate […]

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ChurchMag 2.0

cm 2-0

Before I get any more lost in tweaking, adjusting and fixing this and that, I thought I should get this post written and posted. After months of thinking, guessing, and second guessing, I am excited (and relieved) to announce the launch of ChurchMag 2.0. How do you like it?

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