My Personal Experience with Desk

desk pm logo image

During my recent travels through Romania, I’ve had the opportunity to use a new indie app called for my writing. Simple, but powerful is its tagline, and I’ve experienced first-hand its effect of making people fall in love with writing, again. I’ve written longer blog posts last week than I have for more than a year before.  […]

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Copyright, the Internet, and You [Infographic]

copywrite the internet top

While the Internet and digital media has spawned a boom in creativity of many different genres and mediums, it has also arguably become the ‘largest single threat copyright law has faced.’ Copyright law can be a double edged sword and the arguments surrounding it have been going on about it for a long time—spurring copyright lengths […]

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Technology Inspired Giving for Increased Tithing

giving on the go - cm

Technology is changing the way human interact with each other on a social level and on a consumer based level. This has a deep impact on the Church since it is in essence, a social commerce type of business. If technology is impacting the daily lives of the visitors, it is also having an impact […]

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Movie Title Typos [Images]

Movie Title Typos by Austin Light

What happens when you remove one letter from a movie title? I mean, really, how much of an affect can a one character typo have, anyway? Apparently, a lot. And the results are hillarious:

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Understanding the Terms of Service

Terms of Service Screen

Have you ever read the Terms of Service? For most of us, it’s that annoying box that pops-up and gets in the way of our app or online service—but it’s actually a lot more. So much more, that when you really begin to look at it under a microscope, it’s easy to grab your foil […]

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Millennials and Technology [Infographics]

The evolution of iron man - tin man etc

There is simply no denying the power of technology in our lives and as a former youth pastor and social media specialist in ministry, I have seen the benefits of what comes from a great ministry that is tied in digitally. I also know many of the concerns, both rational and opinion-based. As someone that […]

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Star Wars Frozen Parody [Video]


With the recent reveal of the Star Wars Episode VII teaser trailer, the Internet began buzzing with anticipation. Winter is upon us and in many places snow is already falling in epic proportions. But instead of wondering whether or not to recreate Frosty the snowman, some comedic genius created a mashup of Star Wars and Frozen to […]

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