Padcaster + Media Fusion = Easy Church Streaming

Media Fusion and Padcaster

Right when you thought that church streaming couldn’t get any easier, Padcaster meets Media Fusion. Sure, Media Fusion makes church streaming über easy and awesome, but there needed to be an equally simple way to capture the video. Media Fusion takes care of all your streaming, archiving and embedding, but what about capturing the video? Many […]

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What Was Your First Handheld Gaming System?

Retro Gameboy Awesome

Portable gaming has radically changed over the past 25-years. No surprise, I suppose. Both tablets and smartphones have really contributed to this swing and has even influenced a change in how games are marketed, priced and designed. We’ve shifted from games that are developed to be played for hours and hours with no updates, to […]

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Faithpath — A Faith-Based Relationship Network

Faithpath Website

I am not the biggest fan of Christian clones of mainstream services. You won’t find me uploading videos to GodTube or pinning images to Godinterest, but that doesn’t mean I am against the idea of establishing niche social networks. In fact, I think the bigger Facebook and other networks get, the more people will be […]

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Words to Avoid in Your Email Newsletter [Infographic]

e-mail symbol

So you’re sitting at your computer ready to hit ‘send’ on the email newsletter you’ve just crafted. (Hopefully there isn’t any misspellings or wrong website links). This is when I begin to second guess my subject line. I ask myself, “Would I open this email if I saw this email title in my inbox?” That’s […]

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ChurchMag Spotlight: Steve Caton [Video]

steve caton spotlight

Church Community Builder is an online church management app that helps church leaders do what they do best: Lead. But who’s really behind Church Community Builder? What’s the face behind the logo and the heart beyond the code? I had the chance to talk to Steve Caton from Church Community Builder to find that out…

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Take On Projects You Don’t Know How To Do

lego guy can do it

How many times don’t we pursue an idea or take on a project because “we don’t know how?” I am afraid to know! The funny thing about being in this kind of a situation, is that you trick yourself into thinking you can’t do it because you’ve never done it before. But the truth of […]

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Keeping It Small in a Big Church

lego church big but small

Have you even been a part of a group that was small and had genuine community? Others on the outside of the community want in. The relationships and sense of belonging are attractive, so the group grows. Pretty quickly you identify a problem: As the community gets bigger, people feel more disconnected, and the relationships […]

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Where Do You Find Creative Inspiration?

find me some inspiration please

You’re sitting in front of your computer screen with your favorite creative app open. Maybe it’s Illustrator, Photoshop, or even Microsoft Word. The app really doesn’t matter, because without the most important element present, you’re destined to fail. ‘Inspiration,’ they call it. Where do you find it?

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