Dad vs Social Media

Dad-vs-Social-Media Cropped

This image from Reddit sparked a lot of comments and re-captions. Some included: “Having fun with daddy at Starbucks. #LoveMyDad #TooMuchFun #blessed” They probably don’t talk to their friends when they’re with them in person either. They’re still on their phones, I’m sure. I hate this cellphone age… “Dad, change seats. You’re photobombing my selfie.” […]

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How Do We Create Art? [Video]

spazuk fire painter - screengrab

I was recently watching a video of a guy painting with fire! And it make me think…how do we create art? And while we are creating, isn’t it sort of art that is being created as we do it? Check out artist Steve Spazuk paint with fire!

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How IFTTT Can Enhance Your Use of Instagram

IFTTT Instagram Recipes Image

Recently I noticed that although the images I was sharing across the web were getting a lot of likes and comments on Instagram, Facebook, and Google+, they weren’t really being noticed on Twitter. It seemed strange to me as these were the same pictures and some of the same people followed me across different networks. […]

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Web Hosting Quick Guide [Infographic]


Finding the right web hosting isn’t easy. Hopefully, this infographic will make it a little easier to make your web hosting choice as you decide between a: Shared server Dedicated server Cloud server Reseller hosting Colocated hosting VPS or VDS And what about a CDN? Give this a review and see if it helps:

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How to Make Wise Digital Choices

Welcome to the Real World Matrix Billboard

When I was a kid, I had a choice of several things I could do. I could ride my bike, get out my Transformers, fire up my Intellivision, or a few other things—but there were limits to my selection. There were only so many things I could do outside, toys I could play with inside, […]

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