Go Into All the World Online


Jesus was never someone to mince words. There isn’t a single throwaway quote or pointless word attributed to Jesus in the entire Bible. When Jesus speaks, you can rest assured that what He says is meaningful, so you’d better be listening. That goes double for His last recorded words on the earth: “Go and make disciples….” Pretty clear statement […]

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Communicate & Organize Your Church with Slack

Slack Logoness

A couple of months back I heard a podcast and they casually made reference to a new tool they were trying called Slack. They didn’t say much, but it basically sounded like Whatsapp for businesses. I didn’t think too much of what they said and carried on listening to the rest of the show. Then […]

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Can Community Be Created with Online Church? [Podcast #45]


There is a fine line between your church streaming the Sunday service and having online church. In this episode, the lines get a little blurred at first, but ultimately we talk more about online church. Can community be cultivated through online church? That’s the question we address in this week’s episode—and we get a ChurchMag Pro […]

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Happy Pi Day: 3.14.15


Ahh, pi! My numerical friend and I go back a long time. I was just a lonely little seventh grader stuck in oh-so-boring pre-algebra class. I was good at math, but I didn’t love it. I would have rather had an hour of creative writing or assigned reading. Even still, there were a few ways […]

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ChurchMag Author Quotes #1


We are beginning to take a new strategy with social media, reworking some of the great content we post all of the time into new mediums. Below I have put some of the best articles of 2015 to this point in inspirational quote images to be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others. Enjoy and […]

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Church Tech Snack Pack #064

Church Tech Snack Pack 64

As the beans boil in the background and I think about the mincing of garlic, the slicing of onions, and the frying of beef, I am getting more and MORE hungry for the chili that will be enjoyed later, today. “Chili isn’t a snack!?!” some may say. But those who say this have surely never […]

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The Medium is the Message [Video]

The Medium is the Message - Sreencap

I am quick to point out that technology is neutral and what we do with it matters most. It’s what we make of it that ultimately matters…right? After watching this video narrated by Gillian Anderson (did you know she had a British accent? I didn’t!) talking about Marshall McLuhan’s theory on “The Medium is the Message,” I am […]

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