Fanboys and the Church

fanboy aka stormtroopers

This morning I woke up to the aftermath of Apple’s latest event. On the one hand, you had people crying “Android had it first” and the other “look at this great new feature. It’s better than the Android version (where relevant)”. Sometimes it was in good fun, most of the time it was preaching to […]

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Best Star Wars Parody Ever [Video]

Best Star Wars Parody Ever Screencap Cropped

The brilliance of Sesame Street has brought us Homeland and Sherlock parodies that were to die for. But now they have outdone themselves with this laugh-out-loud Star Wars parody titled “Star S’Mores”. Featuring Princess Parfaita, Luke Piewalker, Darth Baker, Only One Cannoli, Flan Solo and more, this is the best Star Wars parody ever.

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Get the OS X Notification Center Working for You

OS X Notification Center Top

Ever since the Notification Center for OS X arrived, I’ve ignored it. There. I said it. In fact, in recent weeks, it’s become downright annoying to me. I’ve wasted so much time clicking through, cancelling out messages. “Why the heck do I feel the need to ‘x-out’ all of these notifications?” Such a waste. And […]

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What Kind of Procrastinator Are You? [Flowchart]

hourglass action - blue

I’ve always joked about procrastination and found stuff like this pretty funny. Probably because I don’t generally see myself as a procrastinator. But as I think about it more, there are areas of my life that I can be a procrastinator. Does everyone experience varying degrees of procrastination? With an open mind and a good attitude, I went […]

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Repainting a Car with Composite Photography [Video]


I don’t normally sit through and watch tutorials like this very often, but this particular ‘behind-the-scenes’ look was particularly fascinating to me. Fstopper Lee Morris did a photo shoot with a 1968 Camaro. He was giving it to his father for Christmas and decided it would be awesome to give him the news of this […]

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Church Tech Snack Pack #046

Church Tech Snack Pack 46

This was a really exciting week in the Church tech world, as .CHURCH domain names were made available! We lead off this week’s Church Tech Snack Pack with a couple of links to help you land your .CHURCH domain name:

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Create Because: Doctor Who and Art as Worship

Billly Hanshaw Screencap

Billy Hanshaw is a designer out of the UK, and he has the remarkable honor of being the fan who redesigned Doctor Who‘s Series 8 titles! “How?” might you ask. By being commissioned? No. By responding to an advertisement or a contest? No. He earned this honor simply by creating them. You see, Billy initially took […]

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Comic Book Concept Movie Posters [Images]

Comic Book Movie Poster Concepts by Melissa Jallit

These comic book concept movie posters by Melissa Jallit are great! She designed these using Adobe Illustrator along with Adobe Photoshop and combined a minimal designed face with a silhouette of the character’s body. I love the added touch of the actor name, making this a cool concept movie poster collection. Excellent work:

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