Dan Owens: Behind the Curtain of Fundraising [Podcast]

churchmag podcast sixty feet

Last May I interviewed Dan Owens for the Finding Justice Podcast, and after we finished up talking about the awesome work of Sixty Feet, I asked him a few questions about fundraising for a nonprofit organization. My first question had to do with bridging the gap between one time donations and long-term, committed ministry partners. What […]

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Face Recognition: Who’s Watching & Why? [Infographic]

Face-Recognition Infogrpahic Cover

I love Sci-Fi and find dystopian stories to be far more fascinating.  As a Christian, I believe that mankind is inherently evil, so it only makes sense to me that futuristic societies would be anything but utopian. In the infographic, below, we take a closer look at face recognition, something that is often used in Sci-Fi […]

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How-To Easily Rename Multiple Files at Once

NameChanger Screen Top

Have you ever needed to rename multiple files? There are times when I am posting an image heavy blog post when I need to rename ten or fifteen images all at once. But that’s nothing compared to photographers who need to rename hundreds of photos from a photo shoot or a church audio guy who […]

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Why Meeting Face to Face Matters [Infographic]

Face to Face Meetings Matter

Technology has radically changed how we communicate in our world. Ten years ago it would have been nearly impossible for me to live in Italy as a digital tentmaker; not to mention how awesome it is that my kids can easily video chat, email, and stay in touch with family and friends with their computer and tablets. […]

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A Dutch-Girl’s Guide to Becoming a Better Writer

A Dutch Girl's Guide to Becoming A Better Writer

I love writing. I’ve always loved it. I have hundreds of pages filled with handwritten stories from when I was a kid and a teen. I even created my own magazine that would come out a couple of times a year. My biggest dream was to become a writer. Guess what, I’m a writer now. […]

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Pixel Waffles? Yes, Please!

Pixel Walffle Maker

Pixel waffles!?!? Shut-up and take my money! This waffle maker with a special 9×9 silicone insert gives you the ability to easily create your own pixelated patterns. Here’s how it works.

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Eyefi: Connect Your Camera to the Cloud

eyefi top

I’ve often wondered how some photographers I follow on Instagram get their photos taken from their high-end cameras onto the photo sharing social network. Sure, you can download your photos, upload them to your smartphone, and then publish them on Instagram, but that’s a lot of steps! And considering the frequency that some publish, it would […]

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