What About Periscope? [Review]

Periscope Review pt 1-01

Have you ever been experiencing something and you wished, “Wow, I wish my friends, family, and random strangers could experience this too!” Well now they can with Periscope. Periscope is a newer social media app focused on live streaming your experience and content to your followers via mobile camera. Since it’s newer, it’s worth taking […]

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Church Tech Snack Pack #084

CM Snack Pack 84

Some pretty crazy stuff has been happening this week in the tech world in general—the top of the list being the announcement of Alphabet—Google’s new parent company. You can read more about that from the top of this week’s snack pack, but be sure to dig further. There’s some good stuff in there…

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Social Media Fails: The CEO of Frito Lay

The CEO of Frito Lay - CM

I’ll admit it: when I first heard about this case, I couldn’t believe it. I thought someone was messing with me, that it was a hoax of some kind. Alas, it’s the true social media fail story of the CEO of Frito Lay who confused the Google search bar with Twitter. Yup. That happened. EDITED: […]

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UnProgrammed: 05 Creating Vs Exploiting Content

Creating Versus Exploiting Content

When you create content, you are drawing from a well of inspiration, whether it is photography, videography, or blogging. That’s tough because you are starting from scratch. The alternative is that you take news and talk about it, even though you do not know much about it. And you blog because it’s a hot topic […]

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Do You Like Blog Comments?

CM Leave Comments

One of the trends you’ve probably noticed around the web for a while, has been the disabling of blog comments. It seems like the new trend in social media circles. In fact, at one time, there were strong advocates of having comments on their blogs and have now since taken them off. The main reasons for this […]

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Rights & Wrongs of Facebook Ads

CM Facebook Ads

For a couple of years I was working as both a teacher and social media manager for my school. Our main form of outreach was Facebook and it was highly effective. Most of our new students came via Facebook, we used it to distribute useful material and keep students in the know of our latest […]

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3 Church Tech Starter Tips for Church Plants

PreppingYour Plantfor Fall

Hey, Planter! If you’ve done any reading up at all, you know that the best time to start pretty much anything is within the confines of natural life patterns. Fall is a great time to plant. So, that means instead of slowly sliding into Summer, you’re probably ramping up some huge plans for the fall. […]

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