Unlearn Something New: Common MythConceptions [Infographic]

unicorn myth

“Don’t swim after you eat!” “We have 5 senses.” And apparently there are many, many more misconceptions. Most of what we know about the world is either what we’ve experienced ourselves and what others have told us, and this list proves that point very well. Take notice of the size of each circle as you read […]

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A Revised App Strategy for This Mobile Individual

Rubik Apps - image

I know, I know… A while back, I spoke about how I choose and/or kill apps. A lot of those concepts are mostly unchanged: if I don’t use an app often, it probably doesn’t need to be on my device. I prefer cloud functionality. If I can find one app to do multiple things well, […]

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Selfie Safety [Infographic]

Selfie_Safety_Infographic Top

Portable photo technology has made taking a picture of yourself really easy, and has created the new phenomenon of #selfies. You can make your claims as to whether or not they are narcissistic—I disagree—but like with most new things, there are some concerns that we must take into account. The infographic, below, covers some basic […]

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Share Old Posts with CoSchedule

CoSchedule-Large-Cover 1

For years, I used the Tweet Old Post plugin for WordPress. It was a great way to re-use older posts and give them a chance to be seen again. It’s easy to get lost in the stream of Twitter messages, so retweeting older blog posts is a great way to breathe more life into your blog. […]

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Do Saturday Emails Increase Church Attendance? [Infographic]

Click your inbox in Gmail

Have you ever thought about sending sending emails to the entire congregation on Saturday? Would it have an effect on Sunday morning church attendance? That’s what the unSeminary Premium private Facebook group got to thinking, as to whether or not “email is a predictable driver of attendance at churches.” After surveying 81 churches, here’s what […]

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What Does the Bible Say About Implantable Technology? [Video]

What does the Bible say about implatable tech - John Dyer

Last week I asked what you thought the Christian view of implantable technology should be. A few of you chimed-in and many more were not exactly sure what the answer should be. On the ChurchMag Podcast, Phil Schneider and I talked about this issue further and shared an interview I had with John Dyer asking this same question. As […]

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SLOPE: The Coolest (and Easiest) iPad Stand


I have been looking for a way to get my iPad up and usable when not sitting down.  Plus my wife really wanted an easy way to look at the iPad when she is cooking in the kitchen.  I looked at several of the fancy iPad stands that they are currently selling at Williams Sonoma and […]

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