My Custom Computer + Full Specs [Case Study]


We left off with our custom PC build last at a total of $868.28 of our $1,200 budget with the expectation of spending another $300 in a few months. We need to factor in shipping, a SATA cable that was missing from my hard drive, and our operating system (Windows 10 via USB stick). Which […]

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My Experience Installing a Ubiquiti Church WiFi Network


Recently I was involved in helping a local church evaluate and consider many options for their wireless network. What was being considered and how was it currently being used? What ways could it better be used in the areas of ministries throughout the week? As well as how can it work across the building for everyone […]

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Free Christmas Resource: Carols by Candlelight

Carols by Candlelight - BG

The chasm between the Church and the rest of the world is ever-widening, and this makes it difficult for us in the Church to bridge that chasm. Thankfully, Christmas, by its very nature, makes bridging that gap easier. The only problem, then, is figuring out the best way to bridge it. If I can be […]

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10 Questions to Ask Your Church’s Social Media Audience

10 Church Social Media Questions - List - Image

Here are 10 questions you can ask your church social media followers to increase engagement rate among your congregation. Without engagement, you’re like a seed that fell on rocky places. Do you know what an engagement rate is? No, I’m not talking about how fast all your friends got married in their 20’s (although it’s […]

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What Dozens of Free Webinars Taught Me

Webinar Image

Free webinars are a trend at the moment. Many well-known internet entrepreneurs are sharing valuable information for free on various topics. In the last few months, I have listened to dozens of these webinars. Here’s what I’ve learned. We don’t do bashing on ChurchMag, so I won’t name names. But I can tell from experience […]

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