Wes Molebash Draws Stuff [Podcast]

wes molebash on the churchmag podcast

Cartoonist, illustrator and all-around awesome guy, Wes Molebash, joins in the longest podcast in ChurchMag Podcast history. Along with the usual suspects—KC Procter, Phil Schneider, Jeremy Smith and myself—talk with Wes about all sorts of things. We talked about his history as a cartoonist, Insert Image, creativity, becoming a Growth Pastor at his church, and a […]

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They Don’t Know Your Password [Video]

old password screen dos retro

In this introduction video to password hashing, you’ll learn how YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google and other online account services don’t know what your password is. In fact, if you dig around in a WordPress database, you will see that it is impossible to decipher any username’s password. It all has to do with password hashing. Here’s Tom […]

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What Do We Do About Digital Church Gossip?

digital church gossip - did you hear

I have worked with several different churches as the youth director for eight years of my life. In that time, I have grown to love and hate the church environment as a full-time staff person. The one thing that has made me jaded above everything else is the church gossip. What started out as simply […]

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Find the Saddest Tweets You Ever Tweeted

Sadtweets Top

Sad Tweets is a hilarious online Twitter app that will “discover the saddest, most lonely tweets you ever tweeted.” If anything, this online app will deliver you a healthy dose of Twitter humility, as it pulls all your tweets that have gone without a favorite or retweet. But there’s more to it than that. As it […]

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How to Find the Freedom to Write: Apps

just write top image

I have found more freedom to write by giving myself more time every day for writing as I outlined in this previous post. Time, however, can be a two-edged sword. If you give yourself too much time, you’ll end up wasting it or worrying about little details as you write instead of actually writing. Building […]

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Tonight You Belong To Me [Video/Cute Warning]


Here at ChurchMag we’re normally all about the tech and geekness. However, we’re also really all softies at heart and secretly we like cute things and ukuleles (well at least I like ukuleles…) So here is possibly one of the cutest uke songs and videos EVER MADE! I hope you’re ready to go, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

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22 Suprising Facts About Sleep [Infographic]

because cats - image

Are you getting enough sleep? You would think with all of this technology and overall awesomeness that we would all be getting enough rest, but alas, many of us are not—myself included. A few of the 22 strange and fascinating facts about sleep in the infographic below really stood out to me, especially the second […]

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The Fresh Cup of Coffee Alarm Clock


This might be a “shut-up and take my money” moments. An alarm clock that wakes you up—not by some annoying sound that grinds on your nerves—by brewing you a fresh cup of coffee. Yes, please. Did I mention that it’s beautifully design? Yes, it’s beautifully design. Take a looksy:

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