ChurchMag Press is on Amazon

cmp on amazon

Since launching ChurchMag Press in June of this year, it has been our intent to make ChurchMag publications available on Amazon. However, with only two of us—myself and KC Procter—we hadn’t found the bandwidth with an initial launch of 8 digital resources and a few more this month (sign-up for updates). So, needless to say, we are very […]

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Weebly: Free and Easy Church Websites

weebly logo

I’m a bit of a technology snub. There’s no point in denying it. I resisted switching from a straight-up, manually coded website to a WordPress site because of this arrogance. To this end, I resisted again when my employer asked all employees to set up websites for our classrooms via Weebly. I was wrong for […]

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Bible Screen: Streaming Bible Screen Art


If your church or ministry uses a projector or big TVs you might well display video loops and things on them as well as using them during services, etc. But those loops can get a bit samey (and can cost). How’s about some great free Bible Art animations that area amazingly easy to use and work on […]

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Which is the Most Innovative iPhone? [Infographic]

old iphones stacked

If you want to strike it up to features alone, the iPhone 4 packed the most punch with 12 innovations—followed by the iPhone 4S with 9. In fact, since the launch of the first iPhone in 2007, the iPhone 4 series remains the most innovative version to date. Here’s a closer look at the history […]

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The Church’s Need for Scientists

amazing planet earth image

I love looking at pictures of space. One of my favorite things about childhood was in third grade when I wrote some letters to NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California and received some incredible hi-res (for the time) images from space. It was so awesome! (I’m pretty sure I’ve got them in a […]

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What Happens When People Have Fun?

thor and superman joking around and having fun

Have fun. Please, have fun? I firmly believe Christians could use some help in this area of their lives. In fact, in our recent reader survey, a few submissions specifically noted that ChurchMag would be better if there was less fun. I have not figured out exactly why fun can be such an aversion for some, but when I see […]

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The Power of Story [Video]

The Power of Story - Screenshot

Are you a storyteller? Videographer? Photographer? Writer? Or communicator? I’ve known church creatives to struggle with finding themselves on the mission field. Having a strong calling to pursue foreign missions with a background, education and passion for creative occupations can leave you feeling inferior to those who are pastors, teachers, and leaders. But hold fast. […]

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Why Faster Websites = Higher Conversion [Infographic]

ChurchMag Goes Vroom

The infographic below is titled, “Why Faster Websites Make More Money,” and while most ChurchMag readers are not interested in their websites making more money, we are looking for a higher conversion rate. Sure, conversion rates are usually referred to in the business sense, but church websites are interested in converting web visitors to Sunday morning visitors and […]

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Saturday Morning Reviews

Saturday Morning Review

Over the past several years, ChurchMag has posted various book and music reviews. Book reviews have traditionally been posted on occasion without any kind of consistency and the music reviews have been off and on just the same—titled: Turntable. I am not interested in ChurchMag becoming some kind of music and book review site, but I am […]

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