3 Exclusive New ‘LEGO Movie’ Sets


When you love LEGOs everything really is awesome. In retrospect, I don’t know why it took so long for The LEGO Movie to become a reality, but it was worth the wait. And LEGO has not failed to deliver on the awesome imagination showcased in the film by creating spectacular sets featuring our favorite characters. LEGO recently […]

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Things IT People Never Say [Video]

hands on a macbook - image

If you’ve helped friends with their computer or are a full-time IT person, this video will make you laugh. Several years ago I was the default ‘resident IT guy’ for all things computer related. It wasn’t in my job description and I did have someone who the organization would call if things got too hairy for me, […]

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How To Be A Google Power User [Infographic]

Google Power User Top

I love using Google because of how effective it is to search for documents on the Interwebs. So when I initially found out about using quotation marks to search for a specific phrase several years back, I was hooked. Now that I look at the infographic below, I realize how poorly of a power user […]

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Superheroes as 17th Century Portraits [Images]


I’m not much of an art lover—though I do love Van Gogh—my tastes are fairly modern and fairly cheap. Like comic books. Comic book art is amazing, but that’s not to say that fancy, classic art is bad. However, mixing the former with the later can only raise my view of it. This, of course, […]

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Using TextExpander to Create Checklists

textexpader - hello

There are certain projects which will reappear for me. This could be cleaning the house, promoting a blog post, preparing for an event, or many more activities from a whole host of different areas in my life. Some of these aren’t that important so if I miss a step it doesn’t really matter that much. […]

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Worldwide Travel Plug Guide [Infographic]

I can not imagine this will end well

One of our hurdles moving overseas was figuring out how our electronics would—or wouldn’t—function in Italy. Once arriving, we learned that dealing with multiple plug types is far more common in Europe than it was in the United States. For those of you who do much International travel or have some International mission trips under […]

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The Remarkable Technologies That Fuel Global Altruism

Earth and North America from Space

Sometimes it’s the little things that can make the biggest of differences in this world. But when technology is added into that equation, then we start seeing some very real, grand-scale change taking place. Leveraging new and innovative technology to help meet countless basic needs in third world nations has benefited millions of lives; in […]

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My Personal Experience with Desk

desk pm logo image

During my recent travels through Romania, I’ve had the opportunity to use a new indie app called Desk.pm for my writing. Simple, but powerful is its tagline, and I’ve experienced first-hand its effect of making people fall in love with writing, again. I’ve written longer blog posts last week than I have for more than a year before.  […]

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