Verses: An iOS Bible Memory Verses App [App Review]

Verses App Logo

Verses is an iOS app with a noble mission: To help us memorize Scripture. I’ll be honest that I’m not nearly as focussed on memorizing Scripture as I was when I was a kid. Part of that is a natural pendulum swing from being pushed to memorize, but not necessarily understand Scripture, but that’s a […]

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4 Tools Every Young Leader Needs


A mechanic is only as effective as the tools in the toolbox. A flat tire is more difficult than replacing an engine block if the proper tools are not at hand. Likewise, leaders need to acquire the proper set of tools in order to be effective. Here are a few to get your toolbox started.

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Why Your Church Should Avoid the $10,000 Google Grants

10000 Google Grant

If you have been on the church tech scene on the Internet for the last month, you would have seen a lot of different articles popping up about how your church could get a sweet $10,000 per month of free Google Adwords for your church website. promoted it, NilsSmith shared it, and even Josh Burns […]

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How Lack of Sleep Impacts your Brain [Infographic]

sleeping woman

We’re not getting enough sleep. Most of us need at least 8 hours of sleep, but many don’t manage to squeeze more in than 7. Whereas one night of less sleep won’t hurt you, a consistent lack of sleep impacts your brain, as this infographic shows. Did you know for instance that emotional volatility and […]

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Social Media Shortcuts [Infographic]

keyboard shortcuts - social media image

A study came out a while ago that keyboard interactions are faster than mouse interactions. So naturally, if we can have shortcut keys for everything in our life, we can be more and more productive. Social media is no different, so the infographic below shows off all of the shortcut keys available for you to use […]

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How to Use Passwords to Change Your Life

someecards passwords

Yesterday, I received a warning email from Google that someone was trying to hack my Gmail account. Good luck with that, I thought. First of all, my password isn’t obvious in any way, and second, I use different passwords for all major sites. My momma didn’t raise no fool.

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We Don’t Need Another ChurchMag


I had a recent revelation that I have been internally conflicted about how the whole of church technology has been advancing online. I’ve touted that bloggers need to market well, create great images for their articles, people should expand into podcasts, create eBooks, get on YouTube, and more. But when they do, I’m not impressed […]

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The Man Behind the App: Neubible [Podcast #53]


I’ll be honest with you, just as I was with Kory Westerhold, one of the developers behind the slick new Bible app, Neubible. When I heard that someone had published another Bible app, I rolled my eyes a little. Do we really need another Bible app? Upon further review, I personally found Neubible to be a […]

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