VCVCBC Songwriting Studio 2.0 [Giveaway]


VCVBC Songwriting Studio 2.0 for iOS is a great app for songwriters that works great on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It also includes audio recording capabilities and tons of sharing options! This awesome “musical sketchpad” helps you organize your lyrics, chords, melodies and rhythms into beautiful chord charts. VCVCBC uses a very comfortable workflow to allow each […]

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Website Eye Tracking 101 [Infographic]

ive got my eye on it - image

For web designers, you know so much about the process of constructing a website that needs to go into a great website. Content needs to be above the fold (or is that a fallacy?), images need to be compelling, the font needs to be readable, it needs to translate well to all browsers, and clutter is […]

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A Church Tech View of the 2014 Apple Keynote

apple 9-2014 1

I didn’t watch the Apple Keynote. There. I said it. I did watch the aftermath and curiously checked around to see what Apple’s big splash was—and they didn’t disappoint. After thinking about Apple’s Keynote and reading some more this morning, a few things came to mind that relates to the Church and the Church tech community.

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Why You Can’t Get Wifi in That One Room


Have you ever had a hard time getting a wifi signal to a particular place in your home or church office? Jason Cole had a similar problem, but since he is a PhD student in physics, he decided to figure out why: “…he mapped his own apartment and assigned refraction values to the walls, then applied so-called […]

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Picking the Right Social Media Platform [Infographic]

social media decisions

I will admit up front, I’m hesitant to do this infographic because many different people have problems with comparing churches to businesses (which is not my intent of the article). However, the infographic below is great for ministries to learn from. So here is what I want you to do. Every time the infographic refers to […]

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ChurchMag Press is on Amazon

cmp on amazon

Since launching ChurchMag Press in June of this year, it has been our intent to make ChurchMag publications available on Amazon. However, with only two of us—myself and KC Procter—we hadn’t found the bandwidth with an initial launch of 8 digital resources and a few more this month (sign-up for updates). So, needless to say, we are very […]

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Weebly: Free and Easy Church Websites

weebly logo

I’m a bit of a technology snub. There’s no point in denying it. I resisted switching from a straight-up, manually coded website to a WordPress site because of this arrogance. To this end, I resisted again when my employer asked all employees to set up websites for our classrooms via Weebly. I was wrong for […]

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Bible Screen: Streaming Bible Screen Art


If your church or ministry uses a projector or big TVs you might well display video loops and things on them as well as using them during services, etc. But those loops can get a bit samey (and can cost). How’s about some great free Bible Art animations that area amazingly easy to use and work on […]

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