It’s an Honor, Really

15K CM Rachel Blom

We’re celebrating ChurchMag’s 15,000th post this week. Wow, 15,000. That’s an epic high score. Of course it made me look at my own statistics. Out of those 15,000, 209 posts were from me. That’s just a drop in the sea compared to some other bloggers who contributed much more to that epic number, but still […]

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Mogiv Wants to Give Your Church $100

Mogive White Image

Mogiv is one of the awesome supporters of ChurchMag and they wanted to get-in on our 15,000th Blog Post celebration with a little gift of their own! These guys offer a cool mobile and online giving solution that’s certainly worth a look. Here’s some of what they’ve had to say on ChurchMag:

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Mobile Apps to Plan Your Ideal Week

Plan Your Ideal Week - Image

One of the ideas I have completely stolen from Michael Hyatt is to try to create my “ideal week” and get as close to it as possible. The basic idea is that you realistically allocate time for all the different tasks you need to do during the week at the optimal time for them. So […]

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WWJD vs WWSJD [Podcast #80]


Steve Jobs will be remembered in history for his contribution to the tech and business world. He had a pretty crazy story with all those ups and downs. But what kind of worldview fueled his leadership style and decisions? Do we really want to imitate him? Should we really be asking WWSJD?

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Church Tech Snack Pack #097

Church Tech Snack Pack 97 - Image

This was a fun week pulling together the Church Tech Snack Pack. 😀 I thought we would switch things up a bit with this week’s image, too. Take a healthier snack image—LOL. Let’s kick things off with a tweet from Nils Smith—we couldn’t agree more…

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My Custom Computer + Full Specs [Case Study]


We left off with our custom PC build last at a total of $868.28 of our $1,200 budget with the expectation of spending another $300 in a few months. We need to factor in shipping, a SATA cable that was missing from my hard drive, and our operating system (Windows 10 via USB stick). Which […]

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