Dear Church Tech: Check Your Video Thumbnail

Choose your thumbnail wisely

Dear Church Tech, Whenever you have successfully uploaded a video to YouTube or Vimeo, make sure you check your video thumbnail. If you don’t know what the “video thumbnail” is, count your lucky stars that you haven’t received an email asking about “the weird picture of me on the Youtubes.” Before I fully explain what […]

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Clean Vinyl Records with Wood Glue? [Video]

vinyl record player needle - zoomed

I am such a sucker for vinyl records and I romantically and most pathetically miss my vinyl record collection and 1960′s record player that I left behind in the United States (thankfully it’s in excellent hands). So I was a little shocked to learn that you can clean your vinyl records with wood glue!?! While […]

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Shareable Quotes and Images from Tim Challies

challies pinterest quotes top

If you’re looking for something awesome to post on your church’s Twitter, Facebook or any other social media account, be sure to look at some of the awesome stuff Tim Challies has been sharing. Every time I see it pop-up on Facebook, I am immediately impressed with the design investment that has been made to […]

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Retro Styled Action Figures [Kickstarter]

Retro Style Super Hero Action Figures

Do you remember your first action figures? Back in the late 70′s, I had Spiderman, Batman, Robin, the Incredible Hulk, and the Hulk Mobile. It was pretty awesome. Fast forward not too many years later, and I played with G.I. Joe, He-Man and Transformers. Good times, great cartoons, so much fun! The first part of this […]

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Responsive Logos

Responsive Logos - All

Joe Harrison has put together a really cool experiment with responsive logo design. He has taken the basic principles of responsive web design—making websites look awesome on all mobile devices and computers—and applied that to popular logos. The result is awesome:

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The Computer Virus Catalog

The Computer Virus Catalog - Top

This illustrated guide to the worst viruses in computer history, the Computer Virus Catalog, is curious and creative. Did you know that the “Cookie Monster” virus was first computer virus in history? (That didn’t take long!) “Created in the late ’60s, Cookie Monster is the world’s first computer virus. After infection, Cookie Monster freezes all […]

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One Survey to Rule Them All [Giveaway]


Hey YOU! Yeah, that’s right. I’m talking to you. The awesome dude (or dudette) reading ChurchMag. I’ve got something to say to you. Ready? Thank you. No, really. I’m so glad to be part of the ChurchMag community and write about church and technology. If it weren’t for you, dear reader, it wouldn’t be possible. […]

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Common Phrases Turned Clever Illustrations

Clever Illustrations of Common Phrases 1

Graphic designer Abdul Latif Nabhan has designed a series of minimal illustrations based on common everyday phrases. The results are humours and clever. Some of my favorites include ‘When Nature Calls,’ ‘Safe’ and ‘Stay In Shape.’ What’s your favorite?

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