What Is Your Church Streaming Story?

Church Streaming Story - CM Image

A few years ago we asked you how your church streams and archives its Sunday services. As of today, we have almost 130 comments! It’s amazing to see all the different kinds of solutions. It certainly illustrates the diversity of the Body of Christ and that there are many different ways that can lead towards […]

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How to Write Better Emails [Infographic]


Emailing is an art to me. I hold to the rule that I email only when face-to-face is not quicker and more effective, which is a lot of the time. That being said, I typically have bad art form because I am trying to write a novel in one sitting, same as with the voicemails […]

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The Man Behind the App: Verses [Podcast #59]


A few episodes ago we heard from the creators of Nuebible. We had so much fun getting to see “the man behind the curtain,” we decided to do it again! On this episode, we hear from Zach Whelchel and Brock Klein—creators of Verses. Verses a very well done app that helps you memorize Bible verses! Check […]

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How Social Media Is Rewiring Your Brain [Infographic]


Digital devices are good, right? Using them all the time does make us morally bad, it should be amoral, yes? Well, I have a little brain science for you. With the Information Age and social media, our brains are rewiring themselves to have short attention spans, expect more data in our brains, and actually getting […]

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Death in the Digital Age [Infographic]


Social media is a wonderful thing, right? You have the ability to share life with tens, hundreds, and thousands of people. But it leaves an interesting question, what happens when a person passes away? I had just recently lost a cousin and unfortunately with 2,000 miles between me and the funeral home, I was not […]

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Online Giving: Are You Doing It Right?


While reasonable people can disagree about the best/fastest/easiest/coolest way to utilize online and mobile tech to increase church giving, one thing at least is certain: More churches than ever are taking advantage of digital giving. A recent study reported that 42% of all churches are now offering some form of digital giving. This is a […]

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Dear Church Tech, Even Disney Gets It Wrong

wreck it ralph

Pastors seem to be especially smitten with Disney these days and not without reason. Disney has done a great job of creating a culture of high quality and excellent customer service. This is never more evident than on a trip to one of Disney’s theme parks. The attention to detail, the story-telling, the way cast […]

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