DIY Emoji Easter Eggs


If you’re going to be making some Easter eggs this year, why not make some emoji Easter eggs!?! These are really fun—not to mention, way cool. There are plenty of emjois to mimic, but you could even make up some of your own—check these out:

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Freely: High Quality Free Christian Photos


Getting free images to use is tricky, the usually either suck, are off topic or are used by everyone and their mum [yes I’m talking about Unsplash in that last point]. Luckily, there are more and more services coming out to help, including ChurchMag offering its own free photos for you to use in your […]

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Video Announcement Missteps in Mockery


I recently wrote what I thought was a silly, light-hearted post about a Tumblr that collects bad church announcement videos. It was meant to be a funny post, but the intent certainly wasn’t to mock the individuals or churches involved. It seems that I made a misstep. Here’s an expert from a comment ChurchMag received […]

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Take a Class with Me (and Stan Lee!)


Geek culture is a huge thing for ChurchMag, and there’s a good reason for that—it’s cool. I’m not just you’re average geek: I’m a nerd, too. I loved school as a kid, and I love it to this day. I enjoyed college, enjoyed that little bit of grad school I got through before my daughter […]

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7 Pro Tips for Media Operators

Master Your Media

One of my biggest frustrations during a church service is when the media operator (the person running lyrics & sermon slides) just isn’t on the ball. It’s hard for the entire crowd not to be distracted when slides are early, late, or just not there; which is why the media operator is arguably the most […]

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