Museum of Selfies [Images]

Woman-Turns-Paintings-Into-Selfies Top

The Museum of Selfies is a project started upon a visit to the National Gallery of Denmark in Copenhagen. By simply holding a smartphone and positioning ones hand and arm correctly, these museum paintings looked as though they were taking the classic selfie in the mirror. While these are really, really funny, there is a […]

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Compassion Saves Money by Going Digital


Compassion International has historically done a good job leveraging new media—the Compassion Bloggers being one of them. Early last month, they made another solid move, in an effort to lower their costs. They gave their donors the choice of receiving Compassion Magazine in a digital format, saving them on both printing costs as well as postage. What a […]

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Ridiculous Stock Photos of Motherhood [Images]


I’ve always found stock photos a little humorous. You know, stock photos about Thanksgiving, hackers or those that are just plain weird. So when I found this Tumblr created by sarcastic moms—It’s Like They Know Us—I had a hard time stopping myself from scrolling. It’s stock photo after stock photo with humorous captions to match. Here’s […]

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Music for the Pre-Winter Blues [Saturday Morning Review]

Saturday Morning Review - Mix

In case you didn’t know, I live in the midwestern United States, where we’re expecting another depressingly frigid and snowy winter. Our Halloween jack o’lanterns had barely begun to rot before the frost began to fall. It’s the first week of November, and we’re fighting off SAD, a region-wide pumpkin spice addiction, and the overwhelming […]

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The Largest Minecraft City Ever Made [Video]

The Largest Minecraft City Screen

It’s called, Titan City, and it’s the largest Minecraft city that’s ever been built…so far. After two years and 4,500,000 cubes, this skyscraper metropolis is full of navigable buildings with some of the coolest and create Minecraft architecture you’ve ever seen—and he’s still adding to it! Just watching this video tour of Titan City gave […]

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Could HP’s ‘Sprout’ Change the Tech Landscape?

hp sprout image

Considering the future of Adobe apps for Windows and now Sprout by HP, the future of computing is looking very curious. Apple has had a history of ruling the day on creative computing, but after seeing this video of Sprout technology from HP, there are new frontiers that are still left to be discovered. Just look at this:

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