The CareNotebook: Follow-Up for the Digital Age

CareNotebook Screener

Being a pastor is a tough job: it’s hard to care for and shepherd people who one minute are desperate for you counsel and prayers and then are furious at you and threatening to leave the church in the next. Fortunately—or not—I only work as a pastor part-time. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t […]

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Online Giving: What’s Holding YOUR Church Back?

eGiving Hand - Image

There’s no question that online giving has made tremendous strides with churches in the past half-decade. Unfortunately, as one recent study reveals, churches still lag far behind other nonprofits when it comes to the adoption of this important technology. Currently, only 42% of churches offer online giving. Compare this with the roughly 70% of non-church nonprofits who offer […]

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Which Is Harder To Use: Mac or PC? [Video]

Mac Vs Windows  CM Image

If you read my social media posts or listened to a ChurchMag podcast where I give my opinions on Mac, Android, and PC, you know that I do not have great love for Macs and Apple. But are PCs the great up and comer? Are Macs just that good? Buzzfeed tackles this question, I believe, […]

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Ad Blockers on iOS 9: Should You Use One?

iOS 9 Ad Blocker - Image

A long time ago there were these terrible horrible things on the Internet called “pop-up” ads. If you are under a certain age you may have heard of these legendary beasts, but never seen them. However, if you were using the internet in the 90s and early 00s I’m sure you remember them. Sometimes these […]

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Counting the Cost of Technology [Podcast #73]

Cost of Tech CM Podcast Graphic

When we started recording this week’s podcast, my intent was to talk about the numbers game involved in counting the cost of technology. It isn’t just about dollars and cents. As Michael Hyatt pointed out last weekend, you cannot overlook the value of time—much less the value of your volunteers. But as we journeyed on through […]

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Nerdy Illustrative Optical Illusions [Pictures]

CM Graphic - Milking Large

I am a fan of great optical illusions, so when they become funny and nerdy, I absolutely have to share them. I actually found these a couple of months ago but have been terrible about cleaning out my “need to blog” folder. I have only included some of them, but you can see the full […]

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Church Tech Snack Pack #090

Church Tech Snack Pack 090 - Image

I’ve enjoyed sharing some tweets in the Church Tech Snack Packs, lately, and this week is no different! In fact, I’ve included a few more than I usually do. Here’s to another week! Enjoy!

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