3-Tips to Help Senior Pastors with Technology


Earlier this month, US Senator Linsey Graham revealed that he’s never sent an email. He later implied that he chooses not to use email because he doesn’t want to have the ability to immediately say what he’s thinking. While that’s not a bad philosophy to have, that can’t be his real reason. Even if it […]

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By The Numbers [eBook Release]

By the Numbers BG

Helping a church create a digital presence strategy started the same basic way every time I went about it. Generally I would meet with the senior pastor and the person who would run the account. Before I had met with them, I would have send an email before hand of an assessment of what they […]

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Parents Rejoice! Google Releases YouTube Kids


YouTube can be a pretty incredibly tool for parents. Access to a wide range of children’s programs as well as educational content can help really open up a kids world and provide them with not only entertainment but also education. The only issues is that not everything on YouTube is something you want your kids […]

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4 Foolproof Ways to Alienate Visitors to Your Website

Keepout Website

It happened again today and it wasn’t the first time. On Twitter, I came across a link to an article called ’10 Foolproof Ways to Alienate Visitors to your Church’. It’s a tongue-in-cheek article about making people feel welcome in church. At least, that’s what I think it was. You see, I never quite made to […]

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ChurchMem.es is Church Meme Heaven

ChurchMemes Screenshot

Charlie Chaplin is supposed to have said, “Anyone can make them cry. It takes a genius to make them laugh.” I don’t know how true that is, but I do know that a well-timed, well-crafted joke can save the day. Here, then, to do just that, is a new church meme site chock-full of hilarious—maybe […]

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DIY Emoji Easter Eggs


If you’re going to be making some Easter eggs this year, why not make some emoji Easter eggs!?! These are really fun—not to mention, way cool. There are plenty of emjois to mimic, but you could even make up some of your own—check these out:

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