Homeless Fonts

Homelessfonts Arrels

I absolutely love, love, love Homeless Fonts. There’s so many bits of awesome going on with this project, it’s hard to know where to start! They are helping people who have found themselves homeless earn money, gain dignity, and express themselves creatively. Here’s how it all works:

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What Happens When Your Phone Rings in Church?

pews in church

In the following video these musicians take a humorous approach in dealing with someone in the audience who is talking on their cell phone. Perhaps it had just rang and they felt the need to answer it to stop it from ringing or perhaps it was emergency — although I doubt it — but it’s just […]

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Find Guidelines

Find Guidelines Website screengrab

If you need design guidelines and information about popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter and a whole lot more, I’ve got just the place for you! Find Guidelines has a huge collection — that continues to grow — of just about any platform you need to know about. When you simple mouse over each brand, you can […]

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Disney Movie Posters: Flat Design

Flat Design Chicken Little

These Disney movie posters have been given a complete flat design treatment. Like the snippet from the Chicken Little flat designed movie poster (pictured above), these Disney movie posters have been completely reimagined in complete flat design bliss. Which is your favorite?

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A Wes Molebash Birthday Bash Surprise for EVERYONE!


Who doesn’t like a birthday party? There’s cake, presents, funny cards, friends, and family. Maybe even a few jokes about growing old. And how about all the well-wishers on Facebook, right? NOTE: If you hide your birthdate people won’t know it’s your birthday. You’ve survived and thrived this long. Be proud and flaunt it. Birthdays […]

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Padcaster + Media Fusion = Easy Church Streaming

Media Fusion and Padcaster

Right when you thought that church streaming couldn’t get any easier, Padcaster meets Media Fusion. Sure, Media Fusion makes church streaming über easy and awesome, but there needed to be an equally simple way to capture the video. Media Fusion takes care of all your streaming, archiving and embedding, but what about capturing the video? Many […]

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What Was Your First Handheld Gaming System?

Retro Gameboy Awesome

Portable gaming has radically changed over the past 25-years. No surprise, I suppose. Both tablets and smartphones have really contributed to this swing and has even influenced a change in how games are marketed, priced and designed. We’ve shifted from games that are developed to be played for hours and hours with no updates, to […]

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Faithpath — A Faith-Based Relationship Network

Faithpath Website

I am not the biggest fan of Christian clones of mainstream services. You won’t find me uploading videos to GodTube or pinning images to Godinterest, but that doesn’t mean I am against the idea of establishing niche social networks. In fact, I think the bigger Facebook and other networks get, the more people will be […]

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Words to Avoid in Your Email Newsletter [Infographic]

e-mail symbol

So you’re sitting at your computer ready to hit ‘send’ on the email newsletter you’ve just crafted. (Hopefully there isn’t any misspellings or wrong website links). This is when I begin to second guess my subject line. I ask myself, “Would I open this email if I saw this email title in my inbox?” That’s […]

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