7 Websites to Get Free High Quality Images


For folks into creative functions, the hunt for free high quality images is a never ending one, right? Whether it’s for a blog post, book/album cover, or church website, it’s always useful to have as many options as possible. Below is a list of great websites that I love to use to find free photos for my […]

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Can You Tell Your Faith Story In A Tweet?

Can You Tell Your Faith Story In A Tweet

A couple of months ago we published an article that talked about my concerns about tweeting Scripture and wondering if it was a waste of time. Between that post and Churchleaders.com reposting of it, I’ve had some good feedback on the discussion. (In case you wonder, I don’t think it’s a waste of time) That […]

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Is Your Kid Ministry Check-In Current?


Earlier this month KidCheck announced several new improvements in their secure children’s check-in system. It’s normal for apps and tech solutions to get updates. Many years ago, updates for Windows—for example—came in Service Packs that were released every few years or so; and even these were not major improvements. Fast forward to today, and both […]

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Free vs Paid Church Websites [Podcast #42]


Does it matter if your church website is a “freebie” or you us a free tool like Wix or Weebly? What if you get a package deal from one of those church websites you see advertised on the web? Maybe the best thing to do is have a fully customized website built by a designer? Or maybe—just maybe—it isn’t […]

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‘Everyone’s a Critic’ by Bill Tancer [Saturday Morning Review]

Saturday Morning Review - Everyone Is a Critic

Online reviews have changed the game for restaurants, hotels, retail and other businesses. Not only are customer making decisions based on the reviews of others, but bad reviews can have stinging effects. Everyone’s a Critic discusses this review-driven world and shows how businesses can use reviews. I learned some interesting facts from this book that have changed […]

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Church Tech Snack Pack #061

Church Tech Snack Pack 61

February is still plenty cold in many parts of the world, so Springtime feels a little bit like a fairy tale of sorts. But the truth is, budding flowers and Easter is going to be here before we know it. In this week’s Church Tech Snack Pack, we’ve included a few links to help you […]

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How-To Choose a Premium WordPress Theme


I build WordPress websites. As a result I’ve dealt with a lot of WordPress themes. I’ve had some great experiences that have made building a site a dream and I’ve had some utterly awful experiences that have resulted in me wanting to tear my own hair out. This is especially painful when you realise you’ve paid […]

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How People See Your Website? [Infographic]

How People See Your Website

Regardless if you are creating your own website design or paying someone lots of money to code and design your website, YOU need to be an advocate for yourself and see how your website looks on several platforms. That means different resolutions from large monitors down to the iPhone 4S. From Internet Explorer on a […]

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