Joins the Celebration

churchthemesdotcomlogo provide excellent WordPress themes for churches. They are not only designed well and have the kind of built-in features you’re going to want for a church website, but the support is superb! When Steven Gliebe–the man behind the curtain–heard about our 15,000th Blog Post celebration, he wanted to join-in…

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Thank You ChurchMag Readers


I can still remember sending in my application to write with ChurchMag. I had just signed up to write with a different blog and after gaining that little confidence boost, I sent off my email. Getting my first post approval, publishing, and payment, felt like a dream. It still feels great every time I see […]

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Church Marketing Sucks Joins the Celebration


Does the church need marketing? Church marketing is a topic we cover in a future ChurchMag Podcast and fairly often on ChurchMag, but church marketing is something that’s covered all the time over at Church Marketing Sucks (they have a podcast, too!). If you are a church communicator and you’re not following Church Marketing Sucks–you need […]

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ChurchMag Has Forever Changed My Life


I don’t mean for my article’s headline to be a hyperbole. I truly mean it. In 2010, I was a youth pastor trying to figure out how to do ministry with an ever more digital generation. In that time, I was, just as you are now, enjoying everything that ChurchMag had to offer as a […]

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My ChurchMag Story


I’ve always considered myself—wrightly or wrongly—a writer, but ChurchMag helped make it official. It was 2011, and I knew that I was supposed to be writing. I knew it was part of what I was made to do, what I was made to be. And yet, I felt frustrated, even hopeless, as I couldn’t find […]

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The Future of ChurchMag Press

CMP Image

For the past several months we have been thinking, planning, and scheming about the future of ChurchMag Press. ChurchMag Press was launched over a year ago with myself along with KC Procter. KC has since moved on, so it’s given me and the ChurchMag team a chance to re-calibrate…well…everything. So let me answer the first […]

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It’s an Honor, Really

15K CM Rachel Blom

We’re celebrating ChurchMag’s 15,000th post this week. Wow, 15,000. That’s an epic high score. Of course it made me look at my own statistics. Out of those 15,000, 209 posts were from me. That’s just a drop in the sea compared to some other bloggers who contributed much more to that epic number, but still […]

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Mogiv Wants to Give Your Church $100

Mogive White Image

Mogiv is one of the awesome supporters of ChurchMag and they wanted to get-in on our 15,000th Blog Post celebration with a little gift of their own! These guys offer a cool mobile and online giving solution that’s certainly worth a look. Here’s some of what they’ve had to say on ChurchMag:

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Mobile Apps to Plan Your Ideal Week

Plan Your Ideal Week - Image

One of the ideas I have completely stolen from Michael Hyatt is to try to create my “ideal week” and get as close to it as possible. The basic idea is that you realistically allocate time for all the different tasks you need to do during the week at the optimal time for them. So […]

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