Death in the Digital Age [Infographic]


What’s going to happen to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media account once you die? With the social media market consisting mostly of those under the ‘dying of old age’ age, there hasn’t been anything seriously done about the matter. But as everyone gets older and older, this is a bridge that […]

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‘The Undoing’ by Steffany Gretzinger [Music Review]

Saturday Morning Review - The Undoing

I love Steffany Gretzinger’s name. I love Steffany Gretzinger’s voice. The name Gretzinger is as unique and distinct as Steffany’s voice. Gretzinger is not a strange name (or face) to fans of Bethel Music, or the congregation at Bethel Church in Redding, CA. The singer has been part of the Bethel Music family for a […]

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Artful Inspiration: Oceanographies [Images]

Oceanographies Head

These ‘Oceanographies’ by Milan based illustrators and photographers Luca Broglia and Giulla Pex mix photography and illustration in a really unique way. Having spent plenty of time on Italy’s coast and experienced the warm winds and seen beautiful kites flown from the sandy shore, I can really feel the life coming off of these. Now here you […]

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8 Common eBook Myths

cm ereader

eBooks and eReader tablets have become very trendy over the past decade; however, many people have still been hesitant to give digital literature a try due to the many myths floating around out there concerning the matter at hand. Those who are sincerely interested in whether or not eBooks are a good decision over more […]

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Church Tech Snack Pack #047

Church Tech Snack Pack 47

This week is kind of light. I’ve noticed over the past year of the Church Tech Snack Pack, that it ebbs and flows. So, if you’ve got anything extra you would like to include this week, please, drop a link in the comments. Enjoy:

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Contraption Maker [Game Review]

Contraption Maker Launch 4

Contraption Maker is a digital Rube Goldberg machine maker and puzzler. This was launched as a remake of the classic Incredible Machine game from back in the day. And it’s a load of fun. In a day and age of 3D eye candy, this really breaks the form. I had fun playing around on it, but I […]

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Church Website Content — Foundry #1

ChurchMag Foundry Church Website Content

This is our first ChurchMag Foundry—and we’re super excited! We received a number of applications when we announced the Foundry a few months ago, and decided we would kick it off with Sam Arthur from Second Baptist Church. The area of help that Sam was looking to get from Kenny Jahng, was with a content redesign to […]

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Michael D. Perkins’ Identity Crisis [Podcast]

churchmag podcast with perkins

[Editor's Note: ChurchMag Press is giving away five copies of Identity Crisis—details at the end of the podcast and blog post!] KC Procter brings us another interview—this time—with author Michael D. Perkins about his newest devotional published with ChurchMag Press. I remember the first time I found Michael online. He had a ‘handwritten’ blog. He […]

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PenPath: Helping Authors Track Their Impact


I love writing, and one day, I’d like to be a writer full-time. For now, however, I’ll keep cranking out blog posts on my lunch break, which is fine, except that this doesn’t give me much time for the business side of writing. I have no time to track my posts to see what went […]

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