Noty – A jQuery Notification Plugin

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Noty is a jQuery plugin that makes building an alert, success, error , information and confirmation message a breeze!

You an have your notification display on every part of the screen – top, top-center, bottom, center, top left, top right, bottom left or bottom right.

There are many other options in the API, as well, text, animation, speed, buttons and more.


jquery plugin noty

When installing noty, you can use the Google AJAX Libraries API or host the library yourself.

The coolest part of noty is when you want to create your notification.

Check out the nifty Creator Tool:

jquery plugin noty

Make your adjustments, click ‘Run It’ to test it out and when you’ve got it just like you want it, ‘Get Code’!

Yeah. Pretty slick stuff.

Learn more about noty, how to go about installing and setting it up, download from the Github and try out the Creator Tool on the noty website.


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