Not Loving 960gs? How About 978px? 940px?

There’s a new grid system on the block and it’s going 18 pixels bigger (or 20px smaller) than the lovely 960gs system by Nathan Smith.

I’ve been a long time fan of 960 so looking into this new 978px and more-simple 940px is a bit different for me. I haven’t dissected it like I have 960 so my comments are minimal at this point, but one thing is for certain: Options are healthy and good for us.

It’ll also challenge all other systems to improve (if there’s room to improve).

One-size does not fit all and Nathan would most certainly agree with that. If I were to put a stake in the ground, though, I’d say that from an initial scan I’d say that the 960 is still better (multiples of 54px…?). Ultimately you should use what you need so that you can accomplish what you need to accomplish.


What are your thoughts? Going to try it out or satisfied with what you’re currently using?


John Saddington

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    I dig 960. It doesn’t seem like there’s enough differentiation between that and what these new systems suggest to warrant the time investment in learning them. And, I’m not enough of a mathematician to deal with multiples of 54px.


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