A Warning to Non-Profits

media budget

media budget

If you’re a ministry or non-profit organization, it can be tempting to reach for your media budget to make cuts when finances start getting tight.

This is actually a recipe for disaster, a guarantee for a future decline in financial support.

As Phil Cooke outlines:

“A few years ago a couple of national media ministries cut as many as 1/3 of their TV stations to save money – without realizing they were cutting 1/3 of their donor contact. Now, years later, they still have yet to recover. It’s important to constantly evaluate results, make changes, and tweak, but be very careful about drastic media changes just to save money. Your most vital links to your donors are your media – radio & TV, website, social media, direct mail, etc. And be sure you understand the relationship.”

Understanding contact is important. Instead of cutting your media reach, consider ways to maximize the contact that you already have.

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