The Church at NAB


I’m turning off twitter (mostly) for all of this week.

It’s a yearly ritual.


Because it’s time for the 2012 NAB show, a six day hardware bender that will leave most video-gear-aholics with a massive headache and a spotty memory of the previous days’ indulgence.

Being a registered gear-aholic myself, I know that if I want to get any work done, I have to turn off the constant stream of info about the newest 2.5K resolution video camera priced under $3K.

I had to make an exception, however, for the NAB Live stream with Philp Bloom because they happened to doing a critique of a video created by my friend and former boss Chris Weatherly. It also happened to be a video I helped produce. Despite my minimal involvement, when I saw Stephen Goldblatt on the set holding a microphone getting ready to critique a video piece created by a church, I’ll admit, I felt my stomach drop.

The video being discussed was, incidentally, posted on (then ChurchCreate) almost two years ago. The story of how it ended up on the NAB Live stream is fairly long and involved and is discussed at the beginning of the video below.

I’m sure my reaction to the critique is amplified by my proximity to the piece itself, but I can’t help feeling excited. How often is the propriety of a Biblical worldview in film discussed at NAB, not to mention by such influential people in film?

Chris’ wife Lindy reminded me of this quote from Erwin McManus at last year’s Global Leadership Summit which seems appropriate.

“Whoever tells the best story influences the culture.”

It’s both comforting and frightening to be reminded that the rest of the world is paying attention to the stories we (the Church) are telling.

Have you told any good stories lately?


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