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Yesterday, I shared with you a number of JavaScript and jQuery Modal Dialogs. There were some great Modal’s to choose from, and none of them were image only.

The same goes for, today. Here are some more JavaScript and jQuery modal dialogs that can be customized and used for many different kinds of applications.

There are some really good modal dialogs here:


Facebox is simple and easy like … Facebook! It’s styled after Facebook and can display images, divs and even entire remote pages.

jQueryUI Dialog

jQueryUI Dialog is simple and very plain, but it is well supported.


TinyBox2 is lightweight, standalone, and simple looking. The modal windows include a load of options including: toggle animation, auto-hide, opacity level, custom position and more!


Lightview is a real winner. It has a nice UI, some nice animations, and can “play” through a gallery. It can also handle just about any kind of content you throw its way.


ThickBox will take care of both your media and embeded markup. There are a lot of options, single image, gallery, as well as inline content, iFrame, and AJAX.


ClearBox is one of my favorites from a visual perspective. It’s standalone, and can handle all sorts of content types: Text, Image, Flash, Quicktime, Windows Media, HTML, and more. The image descriptions scroll by and the image gallery thumbs can be displayed while looking at the individual photos. There’s a lot here.


ModalBox uses the Prototype JavaScript Framework and It uses AJAX to load content and generates XHTML/CSS. It feels very data.


PyroBox will set your screen ablaze! This is very slick and smooth, and can handle many of your  media needs, as well as inline and html content.

Simple Modal

Simple Modal is just that. Simple. However, unlike other simple modal’s, this one doesn’t sacrifice a nice design.

If you liked this list or didn’t find what you were looking for, be sure to check out yesterday’s list.

Between these two lists, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. If I left out any of your favorites, be sure to drop-a-line and a link to share!

[via MSJoe]


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