Microsoft Launches Modern.IE for Easier Development Testing


Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has an uphill battle in the world of web development. After developers have wrestled with the 14-billion versions of outdated browsers, they’ve built a nearly impossible-to-break persona of being a huge pain in the neck.

Although I appreciate Microsoft’s latest move to make developers life easier, it may take more to buck their negative stereotype.

What do you think? Here’s a quick look at Modern.IE:



modern.IE,” as its called, comes with a number of interesting tools:

  • Scan a webpage
  • Use virtual test tools
  • Code standards for all  browsers and devices

Of all these options, I find the Virtual Test Tools the most interesting and the webpage scan helpful. As for Microsoft’s ideas of ‘code with standards’ and ‘meeting’ IE 10, it just feels like propaganda to me.

Like I said, the Virtual Test Tool set looks cool:

You can even download some Chrome and Firefox add-ons which seem really sick. Quick. Easy. I like.

But, you can only do this for 30-minutes! Since this browser plugin is through BrowserStack, you’ll also need an account with them. You can keep using this handy plugin, you’ll have to sign-up for the BrowserStack service.

So what does modern.IE actually provide?

Other than a 3-month free subscription for BrowserStack, you can scan a webpage for common coding problems and get lectured by Microsoft on how you should be coding your websites–aka: “You should be boring like us.”

I was really excited about modern.IE, as I thought they had really provided a cool solution for web developers. Instead, it’s just an advertising site for BrowserStack.

Have you visited modern.IE?

What were your thoughts on it?

[HT: TechCrunch]


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