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With Modern Giver, there’s hardly an easier way for supporters to give with their credit and debit cards.

Using just a smartphone–and without having to install an app–Modern Giver makes it easy for supporters to give financially.

“It’s like putting a credit card terminal in every one of your supporter’s hands.”

Modern Giver was built with simplicity in mind, but it’s robust in features.

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One aspect that really jumps out at me (other than the list of features listed below) is the ability to create specific giving events, as the general giving, “one size fits all” approach is not ideal.

For Example

Using a church as an example, imagine being able to setup both general giving, which would be your typical Sunday-morning-pass-the-plate, and a building fund? Or how about setting up an option for this upcoming Sunday bake sale for your church sponsored missionaries?

Simple Giver Funds List

There’s a lot of possibilities here, not just churches. Modern Giver is an awesome solution for ministries, non-profits and community organizations, too!


  • Free to join
  • Analytics and reports
  • Only a 5% per transaction fee–no other fees are applied
  • No hidden fees
  • No downloading
  • No up front costs
  • 100% free to join
  • Location based giving
  • Give when you don’t have cash or a check
  • Support organizations with your credit or debit card
  • Manage your financial contributions

Here’s what some have said about Modern Giver:

“Our local missionaries that our ministry supports has been positively impacted. They have received more financial support because of Modern Giver.”

–Jared – KY

“We have seen a large increase in our giving. This tool is a must have for any growing organization. Modern Giver allows our supporter to give on the spot without any downloading. I highly recommend this tool! ”

–John – LA

“Simply put, every organization should use this tool. It has directly improved the lives of people in our community and our ministry.”

–Jason – MA

Modern Giver: Simply Awesome

Simply convenient giving.

To learn more and sign up for Modern Giverfor free–visit the Modern Giver website.


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    • says

      Depends on if you’re already using Clover’s service. I would figure out the top three most important options to your specific use and go from there.

  1. says

    This seems like a nice mobile giving page. Would’t it be better thought, if you had a giving page on your website that was optimized for mobile use?

    I also think this fee is a bit high. I’m not sure if there are easy reports for your Administrator also. That’s great if you have many gifts. If it takes hiring someone to manage those, then what’s the point?

    • says

      I think it really comes down to what works best for you. Is this the end-all solution? No, but this could be the perfect tool for the right church, ministry or org.

  2. Mike says

    I think this helps meet a need. At our church, we recently raised funds for a well project in Kenya. I helped setup an online giving process (not mobile friendly) just generic online giving with Fundly. When all was said and done, we were paying 7.9%. 5% isn’t cheap, but I’d take that over 8 any day.

    I don’t think this will change the way regular givers give, but would be a great addition for mission events and the like and be a great way to get people outside the church involved. It seems to me that revenue generated from something like this would simply be additive and wouldn’t really take away too much from established giving avenues.

    Personally, I think the geolocation stuff (events are tied to addresses and show up to people in that given area) is really cool. (Golf course fundraisers anyone?) The organization backend has a variety of reports that seem to help with the administration too.

    In short, we are going to use it at our church, but we are relatively small (100 members) and don’t have the resources to pull off a mobile friendly giving process with our own internal resources.

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