My Dream Frankenstein Smartphone


I love all smartphones. Money and time aside, I'd collect smartphones for a living if I could. I just love seeing how these pocket computer do what they do, and how they compare to each other. While I tend to dabble in Android the most, I am truly intrigued by every mobile platform out there. I enjoy seeing what's out there, what may or may not be on the horizon, and all in between. I'm the guy that cheers on Tizen and still whines about the demise of WebOS. The more the merrier, and ... Continue Reading

Could the New Surface Pro 3 Replace Your Laptop?

Surface Pro 3 Image

Microsoft has launched the new Surface Pro 3, sporting the power of a laptop in the form of a tablet. I am very curious. When you compare a Surface Pro 3 versus a comparable MacBook Air, it's about the same price—around a $100 difference. The Surface Pro 3 has a 12-inch touch display, whereas the MacBook Air can be purchased in an 11-inch and 13-inch size. And when you consider the difference in the operating system, we might very well be comparing apples and oranges. None the less, it's a ... Continue Reading

Much Ado About Windows Phone


In the good ol' days, handheld technology wars were much simpler. For PDA platforms, you had Palm and Windows Mobile. You generally picked one, made fun of the other camp, and life was good. Then, Palm started making WM-powered devices, and it nas not been the same since. Thankfully, the consumer space is filled with some great options. BlackBerry might be struggling, but is very much alive; iOS is thriving and Android is propagating in huge numbers. Palm morphed into WebOS and was put out ... Continue Reading

Mobile App Stores Head-to-Head [Infographic]

smartphone mobile apps store

I used to work at a video game store. When customers were trying to decide which system to purchase, this is what I would tell them: “Focus on the game library.” I think the same can be said for smartphones and tablets. There are many apps that can be used on multiple devices--sometimes better and sometimes worse--but what can really separate the different OS' are the exclusive apps. If you find that your favorite apps can only be found on a particular platform, that's the direction you ... Continue Reading

Why I Abandoned My Windows RT Tablet

Asus Vivo RT

I picked up an Asus Vivo RT tablet fairly soon after they came out as my computer had just decided it didn't like my hard drive and it wanted to wipe it clean. I needed something to use for my job as an English language teacher, write lesson material, download resources, print things off and Skype with friends and family back in England. The idea of a Windows experience appealed to me (as that was what I was most used to with the exception of a few linux experiments and some bad experiences ... Continue Reading

Run Full x86 Apps on Windows RT

Asus vivo rt tablet and box

As a Windows RT user I am very aware of it's short comings. Although it tries to market itself as a premium Tablet , with a price to match, it's serious lack of applications and inability to run full windows 8 programs make it fail to live up to the hype and promises that some of the full windows 8 tablets may. However, a hacker has been working to address at least half of that imbalance by creating a way to run full x86 applications on Windows RT tablets. Windows RT opperates on ARM ... Continue Reading

2012 Christmas Tech Deals: Phones

2012 Christmas Tech Deals Phones

[See more 2012 Christmas Tech Deals] Phones have been called our lifelines to the world and for many people, they are the most personal things that we own. For those of you in ministry, smartphones are a great option because you always go to meetings early, the people you are meeting do not show up on time (if at all), and so you have a solid twenty minutes that you could be checking your email, sending teens a Facebook message, or going over your sermon one last time. For bloggers and ... Continue Reading

Microsoft and Project Glass

Microsoft Goggles

Much ado has been made about Google’s Project Glass over the past year.  Some think of it as a nifty gadget in the making, while others consider it a game-changer.  But almost everyone agrees that having smartphone capabilities incorporated into your eyeglasses opens mobile platforms up in an entirely new way. Now, it seems Microsoft is planning competition in the augmented reality market. Continue reading to find out more … and why it probably doesn’t matter. ... Continue Reading

How I Switched from iOS to Windows Phone, Back to iOS


Before I begin, let me give you my excuse up front: I was sick. I'm talking high fever, achy muscles, shakes, chills, and possible delusions. Okay, not that bad. During this "fever fog" I did something either that was, a) incredibly brave or, b) completely moronic. I'll let you be the judge. For now, I blame part of this on the fever fog. That, or delusions of a green dragon named Elliot that sings with Mickey Rooney in a lighthouse (Yup, that was a "Pete's Dragon" reference. Bam). This ... Continue Reading