A Look Back: My Apps Then and Now


While going through a container of old devices, I ran into my old love: my Palm Tungsten T5. This stylus-equipped slab PDA was a beast; it hearkened back to a time I haughtily believed that PDAs and cell phones could never be combined correctly. It was an upgrade to my beloved m500, and rocked a 416 Mhz chip, an impressive 320 x 480 16-bit color screen and — gasp with me here — 256 MB of memory. I was the man. Seriously. It was around 2004, and when that device hung in its Sena leather case on ... Continue Reading

PocketBible Now on Android


After a lengthy beta period, Android users can smile: PocketBible (from mobile Bible application stalwart Laridian) has finally hit the Android Play store. Folks that became familiar with the application on PalmOS and WinMo will be happy to discover that accounts will still work, along with compatible materials (translations, books, plans, etc.) already owned. Additionally, it is still a great offline option post-download. For new and legacy members alike, the Laridian store is as ... Continue Reading

Run PalmOS Apps on Most Mobile Devices


There are, unequivocally, two types of people: those who used Palm OS and those who wished they had. For a lot of people, PalmOS was the platform. From handheld digital assistants to early Treo smartphones, Palm devices were some of the first that showed us that we could "do" on the move. Thus, plenty of tech heads fought tears when HP officially pulled the plug on PalmOS successor WebOS last year. ... Continue Reading

My New Favorite App: DGT GTD (Getting Things Done)

Courtesy of Andrew Mason via Flickr Creative Commons

When it comes to to-do apps, I am EXTREMELY picky. I have to be, since my mind is a bit, well, flighty. My preferred configuration has evolved over the years. My litmus test used to be the famed Datebk5 from Palm: desktop and handheld intertwining at its finest. Since then, I have gravitated to cloud functionality. I learned that it was best to get software that I have a reasonable chance of finding on other platforms, and also had a web component that allows me to access data from anywhere ... Continue Reading

How Do You Choose Smartphone Apps?


I am definitely an apps guy. I pick mobile OS's based on functionality. I believe apps extend that functionality. Even when I used a BlackBerry, I liked the fact that I had all the apps I needed. My love for apps clashes with my need for mobile order. I hate keeping apps I don't use enough. Some of it hearkens back to my BB days (spinning hourglass, anyone?) and some of it is plain app drawer OCD (even rows look better, no?). The point is, apps have to earn the right to be installed on ... Continue Reading

Is Messagease The New Smartphone Keyboard We Are Looking For?


Recently, we looked at a relatively new keyboard for Android, 8pen, who is hoping to reinvent the keyboard for the modern day smartphone. By way of an update, I need to confess that it didn't even last one full day on my phone. It's a big learning curve, and I think that in this "fast food" culture, I'm not sure if 8pen is going to cut it; at least certainly not for me, I just don't have the time. However, someone within our community came up with another recommendation for a keyboard that ... Continue Reading

Foursquare for Increasing Customer Loyalty!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1MnWh4-tZg I have always felt that so many businesses and ministries are missing a treat by not utilizing the ever-growing use of Foursquare. The other day I noticed that a friend of mine, Josh Chalke, had received a letter from Foursquare relating to the coffee shop that he manages at Church.co.uk in London. ... Continue Reading

The Veer: Small webOS Handset by HP

HP Veer? One person wrote: It’s about the size of a credit card, but has all the functionality of a full webOS device built into that 2.6-inch, 320×400 screen. It’s got HSPA+, 8GB of storage inside, and a Snapdragon 7230 CPU running at 800MHz. Hey, and it runs Flash! Not too shabby. My wife likes small form devices; I'm going to take a look: ... Continue Reading