Get Buffer and Level Up Your Social Media [App Update]


Engaging in the conversation on social media is a full-time job for some and a major distraction for others. The challenge of staying connected to your community without dividing your limited attention span is debilitating for some. Enter the buffest scheduling tool around, Buffer. It's no secret that we're big fans of Buffer here at ChurchMag. ChurchMag uses it, many of our authors use it, and I've used it personally and professionally as a social media manager (addict) for over a year. ... Continue Reading

YouVersion Announces Bible App 5 Update


When it comes to intersecting scripture and technology, no one does it better than YouVersion. As the creators of the Bible app for nearly every mobile and web platform available, they are literally reaching the world with the Word of God. Oh, and contrary to our cheeky April Fools Day post, it is FREE. That's right $0.00 with no money down. Well, after 5 years YouVersion is releasing their biggest update to the Bible App. ... Continue Reading

2 Secret iPhone Settings to Instantly Boost Productivity


Despite the plethora of to-do apps available on the iPhone, its capacity to distract is immeasurable. Social media, games, email, and immediate access to the internet from anywhere at anytime is kryptonite to our superhero attempts to focus and get stuff done. Even Superman doesn't stand a chance. Multitasking is a myth and yet we succumb to the tyranny of technology so easily. You can’t do more than one thing at a time. Why do we demand our phones do the same thing? Nod and smile (or shake ... Continue Reading

Pray4Today: Bring Your Prayers into the Digital Age

iphone in use

I have long been opposed to the "Swiss Army Knife" style apps that have a million and one uses because generally they only manage to do so much because they don't do anything very well. At the same, I'm not a huge fan of life-hacking apps to operate for a purpose other than intended. Why? Is it because I'm a good rule follower? Not even close. Because I respect the app developers too much? Nope. It's because I want to have a true, native experience that is fluid and functional. Jury-rigging ... Continue Reading

Steller for iPhone

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 4.32.01 PM

I love poking around the app store for new and creative visual story telling applications. That's why I spend so much time in the photo and video sections. Recently an app came up that is so cross category that I had to test it out. It's called Steller, and it's free on the front page of the app store (iPhone only).  Using photo, video, and text overlay, all with turning pages like a book, Steller allows you to tell a visual story in a fresh take on an old medium: the book. ... Continue Reading

Accessory Allows iPhone to Be Used as Audio Ultrasound


CONGRATULATIONS to our very own Seth Rowoldt who was just blessed with Number Four! He claims it is their last, but I have just the tool to encourage him to break that promise. This cool tool is another iPhone accessory that allows expectant parents the ability to listen to their precious munchkins in the womb. It's called the Bellabeat Connected System, and it attaches to the phone. It is held against the tummy, amplifies the heartbeat and the data is interpreted by the associated app in ... Continue Reading

How My iPhone Replaced My dSLR

canon dslr

If you saw me at an event for the church I'm a part of, you would've seen me carrying a Canon 50D around my neck with one or two lenses in my pockets. I was an event photographing fiend. I still am, but my workflow has changed dramatically. As the iPhone and iPad have moved from consumption devices to work tools, my camera bag has started to gather dust. This isn't to say that I don't prefer the raw images taken from my dSLR, but the convenience of the iPhone is incredible. So what happened? ... Continue Reading

Bacon, Meet iPhone. Behave Yourselves.

Bacon Head

Dear Bacon, It has been mere hours since I last enjoyed your crispy texture and savory flavor. My only regret is that I will not awaken to the fragrance of your piercing aroma. But, wait! What is this?! Can it be true? Oh, yes. It is. ... Continue Reading

LEGO iPhone 5/5s Case for Big Kids Everywhere


If you’re anything like me, you’ve dropped your phone more than once. Probably more than once just today. Because of a proclivity for accidents I almost always have a case protecting my iPhone. Some are purists when it comes to their devices and prefer to go “naked” (no case, sleeve, etc), but I can’t afford to replace this bad boy because of klutzy tendencies. Anyway, I’ve rocked a decent case from Speck Products for awhile, but recently stumbled upon the perfect case for any fun-loving LEGO ... Continue Reading