iPhone Only Photography with David Molnar [Podcast]

churchmag podcast iphone only photography

Have you ever wondered how some people take such amazing photos with their iPhone? It turns out, using the standard Instagram filters isn't the most awesome way you can filter and edit your photos. The best camera is the one that's in your pocket and professional music and advertising photographer David Molnar has put together an awesome ebook that will take your iPhone photographer to new heights—far beyond those Instagram filters. ChurchMag's KC Procter had the opportunity to Skype with ... Continue Reading

The Design Museum App


[Editor's Note: This app is currently only available for iOS.] I love looking at pictures of cool stuff. Who doesn’t? If I had the time to write more fiction—currently, I put out zero words a month—I’d be writing sci-fi, and one of best things for me to get inspired is to look at cool, retro designs. To that end, I just recently found this cool app put out by the Design Museum. ... Continue Reading

Which is the Most Innovative iPhone? [Infographic]

old iphones stacked

If you want to strike it up to features alone, the iPhone 4 packed the most punch with 12 innovations—followed by the iPhone 4S with 9. In fact, since the launch of the first iPhone in 2007, the iPhone 4 series remains the most innovative version to date. Here's a closer look at the history of iPhone innovation, along with the top 5 most wanted features for the iPhone 6: ... Continue Reading

Explore God’s Creation with Star Chart

star chart app

Can you remember the last time you could really see the stars? For me, It was about 5 years ago when I went to a Christian conference in the middle of nowhere and when you looked up, you could see thousands upon thousands of stars. Growing up in London it is rare to be able to see more than a handful of stars due to both the light pollution and abundance of clouds. As such, I never really managed to learn which constellations were which or really appreciate the glories of the heaven. However, ... Continue Reading

Noisli — A Beautiful Background Noise Generator

Noisli Top Image

What does your creative space sound like? It turns out that coffee shops are known for being a great place for productivity, not because of the caffeine, but because of the noise levels. When I first started working from home, I thought that some sort of silence or quiet was the ideal volume. I was wrong. Over time, experience, and even science, I've learned the importance of having background noise. That's why I love this cool web app, Noisli: ... Continue Reading

Create Your Own Custom Worship Backgrounds

Shift App in the App Store

[Editor's Note: This mobile app is currently only available for iOS.] Browsing the Internet for countless hours looking for worship backgrounds can be quite time-consuming. But Shift Worship has created a new way of going about this, with a new twist specific to your church. Check this cool iOS app out: ... Continue Reading

Monitor Anything with Manything

Manything Screencap

[Note: This app is currently only available for iOS devices.] This awesome free app can turn your iOS device into a monitoring camera! I love some of these apps that are being developed to use old iPhones, iPads and iPods to extend functionality. Manything an be used for multiple things—the most obvious being used as a security camera. It features live streaming, motion activated alerts and free cloud video recording. You can even monitor and watch on the go. ... Continue Reading

Upkeep – Tasks, Reminders & Maintenance

Upkeep Screengrab

[Upkeep is currently only available for iOS.] One thing I've found to keep myself at peace and not overwhelmed, is creating to-do lists. Even daily tasks I wouldn't normally need to think about are pinned to my to-do list. I use different apps for different task sets, so sometimes I use Asana or Trello, depending on the demand and the workflow. But what about personal tasks and reminders? Like when was the last time you changed the furnace filter? Or added air to the tires? How about cleaning ... Continue Reading

iPhone 6 Rumors: Does Anyone Care? [Infographic]

iphone 6 homekey mockup

The months before the release of a new iPhone are often filled with rumors of what Apple is secretly cooking up for its next ‘iPhone-omenon.’ It's funny to look at this iPhone 6 rumor infographic — pictured below — with this iPhone rumor roundup infographic for the iPhone 5. It seems as though the more anxious we are for something, the more rumors come about as everyone crowds around for a glimpse into the future. Which of these rumors do you think are more fact than fiction? ... Continue Reading