Create Your Own Custom Worship Backgrounds

Shift App in the App Store

[Editor's Note: This mobile app is currently only available for iOS.] Browsing the Internet for countless hours looking for worship backgrounds can be quite time-consuming. But Shift Worship has created a new way of going about this, with a new twist specific to your church. Check this cool iOS app out: ... Continue Reading

Monitor Anything with Manything

Manything Screencap

[Note: This app is currently only available for iOS devices.] This awesome free app can turn your iOS device into a monitoring camera! I love some of these apps that are being developed to use old iPhones, iPads and iPods to extend functionality. Manything an be used for multiple things—the most obvious being used as a security camera. It features live streaming, motion activated alerts and free cloud video recording. You can even monitor and watch on the go. ... Continue Reading

Upkeep – Tasks, Reminders & Maintenance

Upkeep Screengrab

[Upkeep is currently only available for iOS.] One thing I've found to keep myself at peace and not overwhelmed, is creating to-do lists. Even daily tasks I wouldn't normally need to think about are pinned to my to-do list. I use different apps for different task sets, so sometimes I use Asana or Trello, depending on the demand and the workflow. But what about personal tasks and reminders? Like when was the last time you changed the furnace filter? Or added air to the tires? How about cleaning ... Continue Reading

Exciting OSX Yosemite Features In One Infographic


If you have been under a rock, or living in a world of Androids, you may have missed a large event earlier this week. Apple's WWDC milestone event happened earlier this week and many things were introduced, namely iOS 8 and OSX 10.10 or Yosemite. Yosemite has a ton of new features and amazing updates to bring the two operating systems closer together. Instead of going into great detail, and painstakingly long winded writing, you can just feast your eyes on this wonderful infographic of all of ... Continue Reading

Word Lens App is Now Free!

german sign

I downloaded Word Lens years ago. As a Spanish teacher, I thought I'd found a perfect resource. Sadly, I couldn't find a good use for it in my class. Then, a few months ago, I was speaking to a friend who was preparing to head to the mission field. We started talking about his plans for language school and the best ways to learn language. That's when I remembered Word Lens. ... Continue Reading

The Perfect Kid Camera App

kid cam app

I think I just found the perfect kid camera app. As it says on their website, “KidCam is designed for kids, built for parents.” No kidding! KidCam is built for the iPhone, iPod and iPad. I use it for my iPod. :) The biggest problem I have with letting my kids use my iPod, is when they get a little video and photo 'happy.' Don't get me wrong, I love it when they do that, but I've got limited space PEOPLE! But that isn't all KidCam boasts... ... Continue Reading

Pray4Today: Bring Your Prayers into the Digital Age

iphone in use

I have long been opposed to the "Swiss Army Knife" style apps that have a million and one uses because generally they only manage to do so much because they don't do anything very well. At the same, I'm not a huge fan of life-hacking apps to operate for a purpose other than intended. Why? Is it because I'm a good rule follower? Not even close. Because I respect the app developers too much? Nope. It's because I want to have a true, native experience that is fluid and functional. Jury-rigging ... Continue Reading

PrayerMate: An iOS App to Help Your Prayer Life


If you ever struggle to find time to pray for people or can never think about what to pray about when you are praying, then maybe prayer mate is the perfect app for you. Prayer mate is a mobile app created by Andy Geers with the aim of helping you improve your prayer life and it does a great job at that. Let's take a closer look: ... Continue Reading

Transform Your Mac, iPad or iPhone Into a Full DJ System

DJ app hardware 1

For the next church social or youth group party, you might consider transforming your Mac, iPad or iPhone into a full DJ system! I remember using iTunes to quasi DJ at church, but this? If I could have had this app, it would have been a whole different thing. For the beginner or advanced DJ, here's a DJ system you need to check out: ... Continue Reading

Which Tablet is Right for You? [Flowchart]

stacked tablets

Purchasing a tablet isn't that easy. It doesn't take long before you realize the price range and options for tablets is a broad range, only adding to the confusion. The flowchart, below, takes you through a series of questions that will help you determine where you land: iPad Air iPad Mini iPad Mini with REtina Galaxy Note Nexus 7 Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Kindle Fire HDX While I don't know if I would trust this flowchart blindly, it certainly ... Continue Reading