The Pastor and the iPad: Intellectual Stimulation [Series]

The Pastor and the iPad: Intellectual Stimulation [Series]

[Note: This is part three in a series discussing practical, pastoral uses of an iPad. You might find it helpful to start with part one, two, three, and/or four.] Though it may not be an overly emphasized element, pastors need a keen mind and a sharp wit. The need for wit is a bit obvious—ever sat through a boring sermon?—but the need for keen mind is a bit more subtle. Ministers are communicators, administrators, leaders, vision-casters, and so much more that requires continual intellectual ... Continue Reading

The Pastor and the iPad: Sermoncraft [Series]

CM Sermoncraft IPad

[Note: This is part three in a series discussing practical, pastoral uses of an iPad. You might find it helpful to start with part one, two, and/or three.] A great many gifts and skills are needed to be a pastor, but I do think that the skill that most parishioners take for grated is that of preaching. And while most pastors are skilled preachers, not every single pastor was born to be a preacher. Nor is every great preacher skilled in the art of sermoncraft. I've heard many pastors who have ... Continue Reading

TweetBot 4 – Is It Worth The Money?

Tapbot Review - Image

Since I've been in the iOS universe, I have searched for a Twitter app that I liked, found easy to use, and did what I wanted it to do. Over the last couple years I had found this in Tweetbot 3. Tweetbot 3 allowed me to use Twitter with a dark theme that actually saves my battery and eyes. Tweetbot 3 allowed multiple accounts and did push notifications for @replies, but not for favorites, follows, and retweets. But Recently Tweetbot 4 came out and I am wondering if it's worth the upgrade. To ... Continue Reading

Hermeneutics, Steve Jobs and Styli

Steve Jobs Stylus Quote - Image

Since the announcement of the new iPad Pro and the fact You can buy a stylus/pencil to go with it, there has been a Steve jobs quote flying around that would make anyone believe Steve must be rolling in his grave: If you see a stylus, they blew it. At first glance you can't come to any other conclusion than Steve jobs hated styli completely and thought they were a waste of space. How on earth could be want such a thing on his beloved iPad. That's certainly the impression many tech journalists, ... Continue Reading

The Pastor and the iPad: Shepherding [Series]

The Pastor and the iPad - Shepherding - Image

[Note: This is part three in a series discussing practical, pastoral uses of an iPad. You might find it helpful to start with part one and/or part two.] "What's the most difficult aspect of being a pastor?" The answer to that question truly depends on the minister, their personality and skills, along with the make-up and maturity of their congregation. However, I think that most pastors would agree that shepherding the flock is right up there, in their top three "most difficult aspects," if not ... Continue Reading

The CareNotebook: Follow-Up for the Digital Age

CareNotebook Screener

Being a pastor is a tough job: it’s hard to care for and shepherd people who one minute are desperate for you counsel and prayers and then are furious at you and threatening to leave the church in the next. Fortunately—or not—I only work as a pastor part-time. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have to keep track of people who need care, counsel, or prayer. And to be honest, I’m not really good at remembering those types of things. That’s why an app like The CareNotebook is so perfect for ... Continue Reading

Ad Blockers on iOS 9: Should You Use One?

iOS 9 Ad Blocker - Image

A long time ago there were these terrible horrible things on the Internet called “pop-up” ads. If you are under a certain age you may have heard of these legendary beasts, but never seen them. However, if you were using the internet in the 90s and early 00s I'm sure you remember them. Sometimes these forms of abusive and intrusive adverts could cause your whole computer to crash as more and more appeared when you tried to kill one like the mythical hydra. However, tools came out to avoid these ... Continue Reading

The Pastor and the iPad: Spiritual Development [Series]

Pastor and iPad Spiritual Development - Image

[Note: This is part two in a series discussing practical, pastoral uses of an iPad. You might find it helpful to start with part 1.] A pastor’s number one job is not to feed the sheep or even to tend to the flock in his* own home. A pastor’s number one task is to keep himself in submission to his Shepherd, to be continually recommitting himself to a deepening relationship with Jesus. That might sound trite, but it’s so very true. Too many pastors sacrifice both their spiritual health and their ... Continue Reading

Mailchimp Snap: A Picture Perfect Email Newsletter Solution

MailChimp Snap Image

If there is one social media which rules above all others, I think email would be a good contender. Despite being one of the first forms of social media on the web, it just keeps going. Other sites and services have risen and fallen but email is still one of those services which everyone uses (even people who don’t use Facebook. Yes, there are still people who don’t use Facebook), has one of the highest read rates, and often results in more information being absorbed by the readers. With that ... Continue Reading

“Hey, Siri!” Apple Event Round-Up


Ok, folks, so Apple's event is over, and we've been swamped with tons of info. Here's a brief synopsis of what I found interesting. I'll pop in with some commentary in a few spaces, but I'll try to keep this brief and easy to skim. But no promises. There will be tons of reviews of the event, and I encourage you to check them all out. (If you'd like to pretend you were there, you could check out MacRumour's Liveblog.) ... Continue Reading