An #EPIC iPad Drum Solo [Video]

ipad drum solo awesomeness

Because he didn't have the money, space, and lived in an apartment and didn't want to disturb the neighbors, he didn't have a drum set. But just because you don't have drums, doesn't mean you're not a drummer. Case in point: ... Continue Reading

13 Essential iOS Apps for Pastors in 2015

iOS Aps for Pastors 750x420

A pastor rarely has one job in a church and often has to wear many hats at different times. Sometimes it’s mentoring people, other times it’s preaching, and sometimes it’s plain old organizing members of the staff. Obviously, this can require a wide range of tools to make sure you can get everything done. Although this is not a complete list of apps, you may need something very specific, it is a good starting point. Here are 13 essential iOS apps for pastors: ... Continue Reading

A Case for Church Mobile Donations

The Case for Church Mobile Donations

This past Black Friday revealed some interesting statistics about mobile Internet use and the effects it had on the giant retailer, Walmart. Again, we see the case for church's to leverage mobile technology . At the very least, your church website needs to be mobile ready, and you should strongly consider setting up mobile donations. When it comes to a dedicated app, while I would only recommend this for larger churches, the time may come sooner than later when this will be as vital as having ... Continue Reading

Pixelmator vs Canva: Which iPad Image Editing App Is for You?

ipad image editing apps pixelmator and canvas

Images are getting more and more important online. It's a point I've been making for a while, but this continues to become more true. Just like the first cars focused on functionality with a focus on looks and design later, so it is true of the Internet. First we cared about getting the data up and making it easy for people to find it. Now the way things looks matter and this is only going to get more true. As such, you need some good tools to help you design great images for both the online ... Continue Reading

What’s New with iOS 8? [Infographic]

ios8 screen from apple site

It feels like every time you turn around a new version of something is being released. And to make matters worse, sometimes apps and devices fail to operate well when they become impossible to update. When I was stuck on iOS 6, it was frustrating to find common apps—like Evernote—that could not be installed because their were optimized for a newer OS. It's starting to feel like our hands are getting forced—into our wallets—more and more often. Setting this soapbox aside, what exactly is new ... Continue Reading

Top Revenue Making iOS Apps [Infographic]

Highest-Earning-iOS-Gaming-Apps2 copy

I've been really enjoying my iOS gaming apps lately. Things have been really busy and I haven't had a lot of time to play longer games, so these little apps have been a lot of fun. You get a quick gaming fix—like a cup of coffee for your mind. A little something to do between things. I particularly like more causal iOS games for when I am thinking and planning. Here's a list of the top revenue making iOS games—proof that the biggest money makers are not always the best games... ... Continue Reading

Bluesmart: Connected Luggage? You Got It.

Bluesmart 1

This might just appeal to the globetrotter that resides within all of us... No more lost luggage... not if this Indiegogo project has anything to do with it. Bluesmart is looking to introduce connected luggage to folks looking for a way to track and weigh their traveling gear. Beyond that, it charges electronics, gives proximity reports and can even be locked via smartphone. If you're like me, and shamelessly think this is exceptionally cool, you can assured in the fact that you're not that ... Continue Reading

SLOPE: The Coolest (and Easiest) iPad Stand


I have been looking for a way to get my iPad up and usable when not sitting down.  Plus my wife really wanted an easy way to look at the iPad when she is cooking in the kitchen.  I looked at several of the fancy iPad stands that they are currently selling at Williams Sonoma and Sur la Table...but then I stumbled upon this cool and nifty product!! I was looking for something that I didn't have to affix to the iPad, but rather use when I needed/wanted to and then be done with it.  But it also had ... Continue Reading

WhatsApp Turns 5-Years Old [Infographic]

WhatsApp Turns 5 - Nov B-Day

Do you use WhatsApp? WhatsApp is a unique app in both function and philosophy. It “is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS.” The creators of WhatsApp doesn't want to stop until “every single person the planet has an affordable and reliable way to communicate with friends and loved ones.” Although there were purchased by Facebook for $19 billion in cash and stock, it's clear the WhatsApp will continue to dominate—especially as ... Continue Reading

Why I Didn’t Get an iPhone


As you may have read, yesterday, my family faced an Internet white-out last week. Thankfully, everyone made it out alive as we lived disconnected from the web for about a week. Once we figured out that we would be without the web and telephone for a full week, we finally decided we should spring for a smartphone. ... Continue Reading