The CareNotebook: Follow-Up for the Digital Age

CareNotebook Screener

Being a pastor is a tough job: it’s hard to care for and shepherd people who one minute are desperate for you counsel and prayers and then are furious at you and threatening to leave the church in the next. Fortunately—or not—I only work as a pastor part-time. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have to keep track of people who need care, counsel, or prayer. And to be honest, I’m not really good at remembering those types of things. That’s why an app like The CareNotebook is so perfect for ... Continue Reading

Ad Blockers on iOS 9: Should You Use One?

iOS 9 Ad Blocker - Image

A long time ago there were these terrible horrible things on the Internet called “pop-up” ads. If you are under a certain age you may have heard of these legendary beasts, but never seen them. However, if you were using the internet in the 90s and early 00s I'm sure you remember them. Sometimes these forms of abusive and intrusive adverts could cause your whole computer to crash as more and more appeared when you tried to kill one like the mythical hydra. However, tools came out to avoid these ... Continue Reading

The Pastor and the iPad: Spiritual Development [Series]

Pastor and iPad Spiritual Development - Image

[Note: This is part two in a series discussing practical, pastoral uses of an iPad. You might find it helpful to start with part 1.] A pastor’s number one job is not to feed the sheep or even to tend to the flock in his* own home. A pastor’s number one task is to keep himself in submission to his Shepherd, to be continually recommitting himself to a deepening relationship with Jesus. That might sound trite, but it’s so very true. Too many pastors sacrifice both their spiritual health and their ... Continue Reading

Mailchimp Snap: A Picture Perfect Email Newsletter Solution

MailChimp Snap Image

If there is one social media which rules above all others, I think email would be a good contender. Despite being one of the first forms of social media on the web, it just keeps going. Other sites and services have risen and fallen but email is still one of those services which everyone uses (even people who don’t use Facebook. Yes, there are still people who don’t use Facebook), has one of the highest read rates, and often results in more information being absorbed by the readers. With that ... Continue Reading

“Hey, Siri!” Apple Event Round-Up


Ok, folks, so Apple's event is over, and we've been swamped with tons of info. Here's a brief synopsis of what I found interesting. I'll pop in with some commentary in a few spaces, but I'll try to keep this brief and easy to skim. But no promises. There will be tons of reviews of the event, and I encourage you to check them all out. (If you'd like to pretend you were there, you could check out MacRumour's Liveblog.) ... Continue Reading

The Pastor and the iPad: Introduction & General Productivity [Series]

The Pastor and the iPad - Series

Personal electronics have been all the rage since the smartphone burst upon the scene over a decade ago. I didn’t truly join the craze—unless you count the Samsung BlackJack 2—until 2010 when I got an iPhone for a combination Christmas and birthday present. I upgraded in 2012, on schedule, like a good fanboy, but last Christmas, I decided that my iPhone 5 was more than enough and opted instead to buy an iPad. While I have enjoyed the device, there have been times when I’ve felt foolish for ... Continue Reading

Tech Tools to Supercharge Your Bible Study

Supercharged Bible Study - Image

When people think about apps for Bible studies, they are almost always limited to just Bible apps. It’s understandable that when it comes to Bible studies, our minds instantly go to Bible apps, but this usually neglects other applications which can cover different aspects that are important for Bible studies. Well today we’re going to look at apps which can enhance your Bible study that are not Bible apps. Let's take a look: ... Continue Reading

3 Reasons I Love My Tablet


I have gone without an iPad for 3-6 months all because of unforeseen circumstances. I was the proud owner of an iPad Mini. Before that, I owned an iPad 2. But, I never would’ve thought that I would be the proud owner of an iPad 2 once again. The excitement I felt to finally get one was like that of when I bought an iPad for the first time. I was most excited because I would finally be able to begin work on some illustration projects that I have held back on for a long period of time. We’re ... Continue Reading

How Reading Apps for iPad Have Revolutionized the Industry

green tea great cloth ebook

Ebooks are not new by any stretch of the imagination. When the prospect of the eBook was first introduced, there were many who boldly and stated their dissent with the phrase, “I’ve never been excited about the idea of curling up with a good computer.” At the time this was actually quite true; one could not take their computer monitor to bed with them—at least not easily. ... Continue Reading

6 Game Changing iOS Apps


It’s incredible to think that the original iPhone came without an App store. All those games, tools and crazy features that have helped make the iPhone such a revolutionary product weren’t there at the start. However, now the App store is huge and contains a plethora of apps, some great, some fun, some terrible and some are just plain rip offs. All this is to say that not all iOS apps are equal and some are much more revolutionary than others. Today I want to look at a few revolutionary iOS ... Continue Reading