My Dream Frankenstein Smartphone


I love all smartphones. Money and time aside, I'd collect smartphones for a living if I could. I just love seeing how these pocket computer do what they do, and how they compare to each other. While I tend to dabble in Android the most, I am truly intrigued by every mobile platform out there. I enjoy seeing what's out there, what may or may not be on the horizon, and all in between. I'm the guy that cheers on Tizen and still whines about the demise of WebOS. The more the merrier, and ... Continue Reading

Mobile App Stores Head-to-Head [Infographic]

smartphone mobile apps store

I used to work at a video game store. When customers were trying to decide which system to purchase, this is what I would tell them: “Focus on the game library.” I think the same can be said for smartphones and tablets. There are many apps that can be used on multiple devices--sometimes better and sometimes worse--but what can really separate the different OS' are the exclusive apps. If you find that your favorite apps can only be found on a particular platform, that's the direction you ... Continue Reading

Why the Mobile Market Needs Device Diversity


It's a well known fact: I'm immersed in Google.  Email, Google+, navigation, mobile computing... I depend a lot on Google. I'm the one the privacy purists point and shake their heads sadly at. As far as smartphone choice has gone, I switched over from BlackBerry to Android somewhat reluctantly. I wasn't going to switch carriers for the iPhone, and in any case, there were a couple of advantages that Android had over iOS for my usage. The Android Market was not one of them. Now, I had ... Continue Reading

Desperation-Fueled Brand Changes: RIM, BlackBerry & the Church

blackberry logo-thumb

For the past two years, the blogosphere has been singing a dirge about the ever-approaching death of the former king of smartphones, Research in Motion. Back in the early 2000's, before the juggernaut of the iPhone, the BlackBerry was the phone that you had to have. It had amazing features like e-mail and text messaging! It was like holding the future in your hand! Of course, after the iPhone emerged in 2007 in all of its touch-based glory, the BlackBerry's physical keyboard seemed more ... Continue Reading

2012 Christmas Tech Deals: Phones

2012 Christmas Tech Deals Phones

[See more 2012 Christmas Tech Deals] Phones have been called our lifelines to the world and for many people, they are the most personal things that we own. For those of you in ministry, smartphones are a great option because you always go to meetings early, the people you are meeting do not show up on time (if at all), and so you have a solid twenty minutes that you could be checking your email, sending teens a Facebook message, or going over your sermon one last time. For bloggers and ... Continue Reading

BB10 to Drop January 2013


The long awaited devices from RIM, featuring its new BB10 now has a launch date: January 30th, 2013. Tech lovers rejoice. TIM has been the subject of plenty of conjecture in the past 24 months, and has seen its stock price dive due to tepid consumer response to its tablet foray and delays of BB10 OS, but the new devices may be just what it needs to challenge Apple, Google and Microsoft for a piece of the mobile pie. The company had made efforts to woo developers, and is even coming out ... Continue Reading

Learning the Value of Simple Solutions


I had an email conundrum: How could I get my mobile email to work the way I needed it to work? I'm a Gmail vet, people. Way back when Yahoo and Homail -- I'm sorry, Hotmail -- started letting in more spam than real mail, I decided to give the new Google beta a try, and haven't looked back since. When I finally paired what had become my primary email address with a BlackBerry, it was paradise, baby. My 8320 handled my email in the mobile space: Through POP-tinted glasses. I almost never ... Continue Reading

Risky Tech Behavior [Infographic]


So we all know that we should change our passwords regularly, don't allow others to use our computer and never use an unprotected connection to send important information. But do we actually put this into practice? Here's a look at young American professionals compared to some other countries when it comes to technology security: ... Continue Reading

Could You Live without Your Smartphone? [Infographic]


It's not a rhetorical question. Could you live without your smartphone? If you've answered yes, you're in the minority. A whopping 65% of iPhone users answered this question with 'no' in a recent survey. And it's not the only interesting statistic from this survey, as you can see in the infographic below. The average iPhone users spends almost 15 hours a month playing games on his phone, which I thought wasn't that bad actually - I'd expected that number to be higher. Another surprising find ... Continue Reading