What You Need to Know About Google I/O 2015


Google I/O is the big Google development conference of the year and a chance for Google to show off what they have been working on, are planning on releasing, and for developers to get a learn and collaborate on new and exciting ways to use this technology. As you might expect, some of these announcements will impact you as a consumer and quite possibly your church or ministry. Today we’re going to look at some of those most important announcements that may well affect you, consider how you ... Continue Reading

9 Game Changing Android Apps


Not all apps are created equally. Some of them are much more powerful and useful and others. That isn’t to dismiss completely games or the plethora of image editing apps which all have a similar set of functions, but instead to point out that there are some apps which can truly revolutionize your smart device. This is true of both iOS and Android, but Android apps greater openness and customisation allow you to do even more than you can on iOS. With that in mind, here are a selection of ... Continue Reading

Echo Prayer Manager [App Review]

Echo Prayer App - Screen

Prayer is a vital—can we say most vital?—element of the Christian life, and yet so many of us would probably confess that we're not as consistent in our prayer life as we should be/would like to be. That's why, for the past year, I've been using a great app to help me organize my prayer time, and it actually helped! And then my lead pastor showed me Echo. ... Continue Reading

My Dream Frankenstein Smartphone


I love all smartphones. Money and time aside, I'd collect smartphones for a living if I could. I just love seeing how these pocket computer do what they do, and how they compare to each other. While I tend to dabble in Android the most, I am truly intrigued by every mobile platform out there. I enjoy seeing what's out there, what may or may not be on the horizon, and all in between. I'm the guy that cheers on Tizen and still whines about the demise of WebOS. The more the merrier, and ... Continue Reading

Taking the Leap from Android to Apple


It's no secret... in a world of several OS choices, all of which tickle my fancy, Android tickles it the most. Customization, administrative privileges and the second best ecosystem in all of mobility are easy to fall in love with. I am quite comfortable using any of the major four, and to be fair, when it's all said and done, I still believe it's the ecosystem that makes or breaks the OS. With regards to Apple's iOS, my initial derision has mostly shifted to grudging respect and onto straight ... Continue Reading

14 Amazing Android Apps for Pastors in 2015


We recently looked at 13 essential iOS apps for pastors that are helpful for a pastors different rolls, responsibilities and tasks. Of course, not every pastor uses Apple devices, some use Android devices, and while there are many apps which are on both platforms, sometimes they are worse on one than another or there is an exclusive app which is better. Now, let's dive in and take a look at 14 amazing Android apps for pastors! ... Continue Reading

A Case for Church Mobile Donations

The Case for Church Mobile Donations

This past Black Friday revealed some interesting statistics about mobile Internet use and the effects it had on the giant retailer, Walmart. Again, we see the case for church's to leverage mobile technology . At the very least, your church website needs to be mobile ready, and you should strongly consider setting up mobile donations. When it comes to a dedicated app, while I would only recommend this for larger churches, the time may come sooner than later when this will be as vital as having ... Continue Reading

Bluesmart: Connected Luggage? You Got It.

Bluesmart 1

This might just appeal to the globetrotter that resides within all of us... No more lost luggage... not if this Indiegogo project has anything to do with it. Bluesmart is looking to introduce connected luggage to folks looking for a way to track and weigh their traveling gear. Beyond that, it charges electronics, gives proximity reports and can even be locked via smartphone. If you're like me, and shamelessly think this is exceptionally cool, you can assured in the fact that you're not that ... Continue Reading

A Revised App Strategy for This Mobile Individual

Rubik Apps - image

I know, I know... A while back, I spoke about how I choose and/or kill apps. A lot of those concepts are mostly unchanged: if I don't use an app often, it probably doesn't need to be on my device. I prefer cloud functionality. If I can find one app to do multiple things well, then I'd rather use it than several separate pieces. Simple. One aspect that has changed is my willingness to loosen the rigidity. ... Continue Reading

WhatsApp Turns 5-Years Old [Infographic]

WhatsApp Turns 5 - Nov B-Day

Do you use WhatsApp? WhatsApp is a unique app in both function and philosophy. It “is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS.” The creators of WhatsApp doesn't want to stop until “every single person the planet has an affordable and reliable way to communicate with friends and loved ones.” Although there were purchased by Facebook for $19 billion in cash and stock, it's clear the WhatsApp will continue to dominate—especially as ... Continue Reading