MIT + iPhone + Bicycle = WOW!


If integrating an iPhone into your cycling experience wasn’t enough, MIT has even added a little power, too!

The Copenhagen Wheel was unveiled by MIT at the Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change in Denmark. No matter your feelings surrounding climate change, this piece of tech is absolutely amazing. The Copenhagen Wheel is all about making your bike ride easier.

When you use your brake, the friction from your slow-down generated power that is used to charge an internal batter that is located inside the wheel.

Check it out:

When you find yourself on a difficult hill, the internal battery powers an internal motor to give you a little boost.

That’s pretty cool, but they’ve also integrated an iPhone connection. The iPhone app connects with The Copenhagen Wheel’s sensors and gives you your speed, direction and more!

Check out this video of the Copenhagen Wheel in action, as well as some of the other iPhone app features:

We may joke about iWear, iJeans, iCars and the like, but I think we may be looking at the first: iBike.

[via I New Idea]



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