Livestream Launches Native Support for iPhone

I know that there are a number of ministries that are using to service their online campuses and ministries and I’m sure they are already aware of this new offering that was launched a week or so ago.

But, for those that are still weighing their options, this is definitely a value prop to consider, especially since it is included in their already great package:

Livestream is the first to offer a turn-key streaming service that uses the new H.264 HTTP live streamingfunctionality included in the native QuickTime player that Apple has pre-installed on the iPhone. This means that Livestream producers do not need to obtain iPhone App Store approval to launch their own iPhone live streaming channel, nor do their viewers need to install any application. Streams are viewed using the iPhone’s Safari browser.

There is only going to be a greater need for mobile-ready devices for streaming services live and sim-live in the near future and having a service like Livestream offer it natively is a great way to save some money (and time/development, etc).

What services are you currently using? Are you doing everything you can to save a few coin?


John Saddington

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  1. Mike Brennan says

    I use livestream and tried the beta mac version of Procaster but it keeps crashing on me. I am excited about the possibilties of mobile viewing. Hopefully the next beta round will fix it.

  2. says

    Pretty cool. From what I know about this, sim-live can be a little tricky. Procaster doesn't allow you to stream uploaded vids to your livestream channel.(I may be wrong and just haven't figured it out yet) The alternative is to send your edited footage through a flash media encoder then send that feed to Procaster, which recognizes the encoder as a camera. Even though the iPhone isn't utilizing flash through Safari, the encoder will improve the quality and allow you to use prerecorded video.

  3. says

    Cool stuff. I've mostly played with … just heard they are supporting the Droid, but still not for the iPhone (officially). Do you have a post somewhere that walks throught the magic trick you are doing for NorthPointOnline? Incredible and crazy innvoation… love what you are doing in this area. Do not grow weary doing good.


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