Laser Tag Comes to Your Smartphone


Remember the old school laser tag?

Like this?

Good times.

Now laser tag comes to your smartphone along with some sweet augmented reality apps!

You’ve got to see this, check it out:


xappr augmented reality iphone app game laser tag

Oh, yeah.

How hawt is this?

This spring, ATK will be released, which will enable player-to-player combat, throwing guns, rifles, grenade launchers, and pulse weapons into the mix. True to the FPS genre, multiplayer will include deathmatch, team mode, and last man standing.

With a $45 price tag, I could see these selling well. Plus, there are some pretty sweet single player augmented reality apps:

xappr augmented reality iphone app game laser tag

Pre-orders for the XAPPR Gun have already begun.


[via ChipChick]


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  1. says

    Don’t forget, the people who brought you the old school tag experience are still around, and making old school into new school all over again. The people who created Lazer Tag at Worlds Of Wonder in the 1980’s (and recreated it in the 1990’s and 2000’s) have now brought it into the smartphone age:

    That article gets a couple minor things wrong (it is invented by Shoot The Moon products but manufacturing and marketing are done by Hasbro) and they make a lot about Nerf which is not related. But they’re close enough on all the particulars.

    More can be learned on the Yahoo! Lazer Tag Team Ops group:

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