jQuery & WordPress Slick Flyout Menu Plugins

Slick Plugin

As you can see, the Slick Menu plugin has plenty of options.

You can download the jQuery plugin or easily add it to WordPress via the Slick Menu WordPress plugin.

Setting it up is relatively pain-free and includes several nice features:

  • Multiple slick tabs per page
  • Set the exact location of slide out tab using a combination of “location” and “offset”
  • Set the text for the slick tabs
  • Toggle the tab open/closed via external links
  • Option to have the tab open on page load

The jQuery download includes the latest version of jQuery Slick and a sample CSS for your styling pleasure.

For those running WordPress and would like to forgo manually configuring jQuery Slick, just jump on the WordPress Slick Menu Plugin.

While you’re at it, you might also consider taking a look at Design Chemical’s WordPress Slick Contact Form Plugin, done in the same … well … slick way.

Grab the plugins and demo it on the jQuery Slick demo page, but you might want to start here.


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