Most Useful jQuery Plugins from 2011 – Boilerplate’s & More!

jQuery Boilerplate plugin

jquery plugins

For the past week, we have been covering some of the most useful jQuery plugins from 2011:

Finally, today, we will wrap up this comprehensive list with a couple of boilderplate’s and some miscellaneous jQueryb plugins worth checking out.


jQuery Boilerplate

jQuery Boilerplate plugin

A great way to get a jump start on jQuery plugins development.

Learn More | Demo


jQuery Plugin Boilerplate

jQuery Plugin Boilerplate

jQuery Plugin Boilerplate is packed with comments to help you get going with ease.

It is truly object-oriented, and it implements public and private methods as well as public and private properties, making it the ideal candidate for when building both simple and complex jQuery plugins.

Learn More | Demo



jQuery Lifestream

jQuery Lifestream plugin

Easily create a stream of your online activity.

Learn More | Demo


jQuery Timelinr

jQuery Timelinr plugin

This is the perfect tool for creating online timelines.  It supports horizontal and vertical layouts, and you can specify parameters for most attributes: speed, transparency, etc.

Learn More | Demo



spin.js jquery plugin

spin.js is an animated CSS3 loading spinner that is packed full of visual options.

Learn More | Demo



CodeExplorer is an online code explorer that displays code as an entire folder structure. This plugin allows for different themes, multiple instances, fullscreen mode, github connections, and much more.

Learn More | Demo


2011 was an exciting year for web development and I can’t see what cool stuff will be created with these fantastic tools!

[via Speckyboy]


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