John Dyer Shares 5 Human Experiences Modern Technology Makes Impossible

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John Dyer’s insights are always great, but his thoughts on five human experiences that modern technology makes impossible really caught my eye, recently.

Sure, technology changes everything around us. Things like cars and modern plumbing are some less ‘high-tech’ pieces of technology, but without them, our entire world and culture would be very different.

These five things, however, are very subtle changes and that’s what I find so very investing.

Dyer lists the following five things:

1. Limitation or the Inability to Acquire

2. Loneliness or Isolation

3. Lostness or Directionless

4. Ignorance or Not Knowing

5. Boredom or Nothingness

He goes into detail on each of these and I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Do you agree or disagree? Is this good or bad?

[Image via Andrew Morrell]


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