Iterend – New Technorati?

Iterend seems to be the newest entry into the already rather large blog search engine industry with giants like Technorati, and the newer version of Google Blog Search, both of which I’m big fans of.

Below you’ll see a screenshot of the homepage I took this morning.  A cluttered mess with a huge tag cloud the size of your wallet before the stock market plummeted, and then on the right it’s got some “Top Stories”, which I’m unsure of how they calculate that.

You can search by time stamp, language, and then by sentence or post.

So, what the good word?  A quick search result for my church “North Point Community Church” from the 2 giants plus the “trying-to-be-a-giant-killer” give the 411:




Yup. Zero.

But, we’ve got to still give it a chance, since it’s still in BETA, which gives it a week or so to get going.  I’ll be interested to see if I can add it to the blog search engines that I crawl (although I’m not interested in increasing my time web crawling… so it better be good).

If you want, Mashable’s got a great vid here that goes through a comparison between Technorati and Iterend:


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  1. Christophe Folschette says

    Hey John,

    first of all thanks a lot for your post about the iterend service.
    Let my just add some points:
    Searching for your church North point community church does not return results for the past 24 hours, but if you increase the timeframe for your results you will find some results. Searching by sentence level will return you 12 results. Here’s the link:

    If you enlarge the search scope to post level you should find about 281 results

    As we are still in private beta the number of sources is restricted to the 250 000 most relevant blogs of the blogosphere based on our internal ranking.

  2. says

    When you say “already rather large blog search engine industry”, you mentioned Technorati and Google Blog Search. Those are the 2 I know of; are there others? Do you mean “large” by a lot of blogs are crawled, or do you mean there are more than dozens of blog search engines?

    The other half of the equation is to make blog comments searchable; surprised that there are only a handful of comment search engines, which I listed at

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