The Growing Problem of Cyber Crime [Infographic]

Cyber crime sillotte

I think cyber crime is one of those things that you never thing is going to happen to you — especially if you're a geek — but these statistics tell us otherwise. In fact, mobile devices are the most at risk connected device with only 50% of users using basic security precautions. Social media is a huge target, too: ... Continue Reading

2014: The Year of Encryption [Infographic]

The Year of Encryption

With the news surrounding NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, this past year our techie eyes have been opened to the realities of who can read our data. Do you use Dropbox or any other cloud services? Is your data secure? That's what everyone is wondering now that the LOL cats are out of the bag. Is your churches data secure? ... Continue Reading

Who Is Protecting Your Data in 2014? [Infographic]

They are looking for your data

I suppose the distinction should be made that this list is not about who is keeping your data private, but who is protecting your data from government requests. While Google scores all six starts, we all know they “read your mail” so-to-speak. For good or bad, that's what happens. This report from the Electronic Frontier Foundation rates everyone from Adobe to Yahoo! and rates the following categories on a pass/fail scale: ... Continue Reading

Passwords: Size Matters

the password is

I know you hardcore techno geeks need two hands and your left foot (unless you're left handed) to enter your super-duper cryptic password that you update every 17 days. As for everyone else, they think they're super cryptic if they add “@” to their p@ssword. But you don't have to have a super crazy, impossible password to make your accounts safe. Case in point, here's a password that takes over 35 quadrillion years to break: ... Continue Reading

Sharing Passwords Safely Across Your Church Tech Team


Before diving deep, the only people that should hold the keys to your church accounts should be a core team. That core team should probably be less than 5 people that are trusted and should probably have signed some type of employee handbook or contract about portraying the church’s image online. How is your church or your church’s communication team sharing passwords right now? Are you sharing one password across the board? Sorry guys, having “John3:16” as your password isn’t as secure as you ... Continue Reading

1 in 10 Children Are Victims of Identity Theft [Infographic]

Child online identity theft

I've never thought that children would be at risk for online identity theft, but it turns out, they are actually at higher risk! Children are targeted up to 35 times more. With 10% of kids becoming online identity theft victims, you will want to make sure you follow these six simple steps towards safeguarding your children's online identity: ... Continue Reading

How Secure Are Your Passwords? [Part 4,645,978]


Remember the silly passwords web security pundits have been worrying about for years? The ones people have finally abandoned? Yeah, let's talk about that. "Password" is no longer the most popular password. According to industry heavyweight SplashData, it's the second most popular password, having been bumped by the 6-digit ironclad option of "123456" in the last year. In other words, feeble passwords still rule the roost. The data is sourced from the infamous Adobe breach, and reveals some ... Continue Reading

The Internet Cookie-Less Monster [Infographic]

Cookie-Less Monster Infographic

Whenever someone comes onto your church's website, I hope that you are collecting analtyics. But for those that do not know, so much of your user information is being collected with Internet cookies. But now with the new hype of electronic fingerprint access into everyday devices like your phone and laptop, instantly the issue of privacy becomes a problem. And let's be clear, Apple does not have to store your data for the NSA to get, they only need to look at the cookies that tie into your ... Continue Reading

The Tech Battle for Your Teen’s Heart: Teachable Moments [Part 4]

Teens and Technology

[This is part four of The Tech Battle for Your Teen's Heart series. Be sure read parts one, two and three!] Even with the parental control tools available to protect your kids online, it can still seem like a battle to get those tools in place.  If these are in place from the time your teens start using technology, then it is much easier.  However, it is more likely the case that they are already online and will be opposed to you adding any new boundaries to their use of the internet.  This ... Continue Reading