How to Use Passwords to Change Your Life

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Yesterday, I received a warning email from Google that someone was trying to hack my Gmail account. Good luck with that, I thought. First of all, my password isn’t obvious in any way, and second, I use different passwords for all major sites. My momma didn’t raise no fool. ... Continue Reading

How to Unfriend the Internet [Infographic]

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Whatever happened to your old MySpace account? I think mine is still floating out in there in OuterMySpace... If you would like to cut ties from the web entirely, or if you want make sure you haven't left any loose ends when leaving a web service, “unfriending” the the Internet isn't always the easiest thing to do. In fact, if there are apps and services you're no longer using the web, it's a good idea to cancel your account entirely. Here are some tips on leaving some of the most popular ... Continue Reading

How to Set Up Security on Your New WP Install

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WordPress is pretty secure by default. But it is also the most popular open source CMS in the world, which makes it a target of all the wanna be hackers, malicious code distributors, and random DDOS attacks. Making your WordPress site secure should be your top priority right after you install WordPress. Here is what you need to do. ... Continue Reading

Boost Your Online Security with Authy

Level Up with Authy

When the Heartbleed security exploit came to light last year, I realised just how terrible my password management was. I frequently used the same passwords, kept many for a long period of time, they were often easily to break and I was only using single factor authentication. All these factors combined meant that if anyone had got hold of one of my passwords from this security break (or one of the other recent security issues) then I was in big trouble. I set about changing ... Continue Reading

25 of the Most Common Passwords in 2014

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Maybe passwords are obsolete or maybe we just don't know what makes a strong password. I guess it really doesn't matter if they're becoming obsolete, since that's what we are using for Internet security. A chain is as strong as its weakest link, and when it comes to passwords, it looks like we are that link. ... Continue Reading

Face Recognition: Who’s Watching & Why? [Infographic]

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I love Sci-Fi and find dystopian stories to be far more fascinating.  As a Christian, I believe that mankind is inherently evil, so it only makes sense to me that futuristic societies would be anything but utopian. In the infographic, below, we take a closer look at face recognition, something that is often used in Sci-Fi and has been something of a concern of mine with the development of Google Glass. Here's a closer look at the high-points: ... Continue Reading

Cloudflare — Now with Added SSL!

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Recently I posted about how generally wonderful Cloudflare is and how it can help to make your site more speedy. Well, Cloudflare is now offering something pretty AMAZING for free and it could help make the site much more secure. ... Continue Reading

CloudFlare – Make your Website more Zippy!

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As we recently posted, having a faster website for your church, ministry or non-profit leads to more conversions (and helps Google like it more!). Getting good hosting is a great start; and it's worth spending time making sure your images (and other assets) are small as can be. However, there's also another very simple (and free!) way to help make your site faster, more secure, and can save you lots of bandwidth on your existing hosting account. ... Continue Reading