Mobile Apps to Plan Your Ideal Week

Plan Your Ideal Week - Image

One of the ideas I have completely stolen from Michael Hyatt is to try to create my “ideal week” and get as close to it as possible. The basic idea is that you realistically allocate time for all the different tasks you need to do during the week at the optimal time for them. So you might have two 30 minute blocks for managing your email at the start and end of the day, you’d also have the commute to work included and maybe picking your kids up from school every Wednesday and Friday afternoon ... Continue Reading

The Spark Planner: Kindling the Fire of Organization


The Staff Writers at ChurchMag try to find niches in which we can become experts, and lately, I've been fighting to claim the "sweet notebook" beat. In the last year, I introduced you to the Passion Planner and Spark Notebook, the BASICS Notebook, the DreamWeaver Planner, and most recently the BULLET Journal. Pretty exhaustive, isn't it? Well, let's add another one to the list: ... Continue Reading

Productivity Prohibitors [Infographic]

Productivity Prohibitors - Top

Are you productive at work all the time? Me neither. But I am always about trying to improve my workflow so I can do better and better as I go along. It always seems when I lose focus, that's when things drop. So today's infographic is to be a refresher for myself and hopefully for you as well. Below is an infographic and before that I share my top favorite productivity stats from the infographic. What is your biggest barrier to being productive? ... Continue Reading

The Bullet Journal: A New, High Caliber Notebook


Do I have to keep reminding you about how much I love notebooks? I hope not because at this point it should be plain to everyone that I'm an unrepentant notebook addict, and you can't make me feel bad about that. At any rate, I'd like to add the Bullet Journal to your list of next notebooks to consider. ... Continue Reading

Stop Multitasking and Start Prioritizing [Infographic]

Stop Multitasking and Start Prioritizing Screener

I cannot multitask to save my life. It's bad enough that I have tried to do all of my scheduled appointments and reminders on my mobile device and see notifications and oops, I end up forgetting what I was originally doing. It's my shortcoming, but I'm finding out that it is actually more common that most realize. So what I have done is what this infographic below suggests: I prioritize. I leave my phone off and use a pen and paper. Sticky notes and whiteboards are lifesavers for me. I'll get ... Continue Reading

How to Create a Daily Todo List within Wunderlist

Wunderlist Screenage

Although Wunderlist is a very simple task management system, it has a few core tools that can really help you get more out of it. One of the core aspects is the ability to “star” a task and so set it as a priority. By default, this will bring it to the top of its project list and add it to a special starred list. So not only does it stand out within the list which it is on (helping you to notice the important next action), but you can also create a list of tasks which you must get done today. ... Continue Reading

3 Powerful Productivity Hacks for ToDoist


For those of us in ministry, who love technology, and finding better ways to do something, the search for ease and convenience never ends. Thankfully, my favorite productivity manager, ToDoist, continues to create ways of connecting their service to how we manage our tasks. By integrating ToDoist with other apps and platforms we already use, they are opening up new worlds of efficient workflows and productivity. Here are a couple of powerful productivity hacks that involve the powerful and ... Continue Reading

The RPG Productivity Player’s Guide: How to Slay the Email Monster [Series]

How to Slay the Email Monster - RPG Series

[This is part 5 in the RPG Productivity Player's Guide series.] Email truly has become a monster. It's threatening our focus, our ability to get things done, and at points, even our sanity. So how do we slay this monster? Like any monster really, with a hard, consistent attack. You know what happens in games, right? When you merely wound a monster, it will withdraw to regain strength—and then come back twice as strong. You have to obliterate it in such a way that it's gone forever. ... Continue Reading