30 Days of Evernote for Churches


In the 2010 movie Buried, Ryan Reynolds plays a truck driver living in Iraq. He is caught in a hostile attack and wakes up buried alive in a coffin. While you will hopefully never find yourself buried alive, I’ll bet you can relate to the idea of feeling overwhelmed. We encounter vast amounts of information every day: emails, blog posts, text messages, creative ideas, meeting notes, receipts and invoices, and so much more. If you’re a church leader, your success is related to your ability to ... Continue Reading

Todoist’s IFTTT Channel is a Game Changer


The heart of a good tasks management and todo list comes in three areas, easy capture of important tasks, the ability to review, prioritise and organise your tasks, tools to help you find the right task for the right time, and for group projects the ability to share tasks with other collaborators. There are a wide range of different apps which tackle this in different ways and provide different benefits. For some it's the simplicity and lack of features, for others is the massive stay of ... Continue Reading

Wunderlist Hack: Contexts

macbook wunderlist action

I recently made the shift across to using Wunderlist to management my todo lists. I've been using Omnifocus on the Mac and iOS for a while, but I wasn't using many of the advance features and when my Mac crashed I needed to shift my tasks onto a system that could work on the Windows computer I could borrow from work. Wunderlist seemed to have a good balance of nice looks, universality, all the core features I needed (like reminders and due dates) and a killer price for everything I need (that's ... Continue Reading

Cooperation as Technology [Video]


Before writing this post, I was preparing an article about how you can start using Trello at your church as a collaborative tool. However, this week I watched a video about the rules for smart simplicity that made me think on how we tend to think that new technologies are the best solution for productivity and engagement problems in our organizations. ... Continue Reading

To-Do List Tip: Using Tags

Get it DONE with Tags

Last week I shared a number of to-do list tips that I've learned and Darius asked: “I’d be curious to know how you implemented your priority and tagging system...” Since I use Asana, prioritization is integrated to a degree, but I've since learned that using tags brings a new layer that helps me prioritize tasks at the beginning of each day. I also use tags to organize some projects in sort of a sub-category fashion as well. In the video below, I show you how I go about doing this in Asana, ... Continue Reading

Church Tech Wisdom: 5 One Liners to Live By

5 one liners to live by

As we continue to develop technology and media in ministry we need some philosophical guard rails to help us be successful in our endeavors, as well as keep us sane. These 5 one liners to live by in church tech help me stay consistent and valuable to what God is doing on this earth. ... Continue Reading

To-Do List Tips

Get it Done - DONE

My to-do list and project management came crashing down last week. I thought I had a great system, when I realized that I not only was letting stuff 'fall through the cracks,' but that my to-do list made me feel heavy. Before, it made me feel light. I didn't have to fret or worry about missing something, because I would find it in my to-do list. For some reason, however, this wasn't working anymore. Did I need a new app? ... Continue Reading

How-To Send Your Emails to Evernote

When Evernote and Email Get Together

Evernote is an Inbox Hero! Over the past few months I've wrangled a number of different ways to bridge—connect—my email inboxes to Evernote. Since I get many emails that need to be transformed into blog posts, or at least I would like to, they usually end-up sitting in my inbox and leaving a big mess. There was a time that I would file them into “To Write,” but that just ended up being another trash can for my email. I tried a few email clients that had Evernote add-ons, but wasn't there a ... Continue Reading

LEGO Calendar to Sync with iCal and Google

Bit Planner LEGO Cal 5

This is one of those “shut-up-and-take-my-money” moments. This LEGO calendar can sync with iCal and Google Calendar! Can you imagine this in an office? #EPIC! The London-based product design and invention studio Special Projects needed a better way to organize and schedule their team. So being an awesome product design and invention studio, they made their own. And here it is: ... Continue Reading