37signals Is Now Basecamp

37signals becomes basecamp

Today marks the 15th year 37signals has been in business. It also marks the last day 37signals will exist. 37signals has announced that they will be retiring the 37signals name and consolidating all of their products under one brand — Basecamp. If you thought Basecamp was great, you can guarantee that it will only get better as they mount laser precision focus on an already outstanding product: ... Continue Reading

A Conference Call In Real Life [Video]

A Conference Call in Real Life Video

When I saw the title of this new Tripp & Tyler video, I had to watch it. Not just because it was Tripp & Tyler, although that's reason enough, but because I've been on enough conference calls to know that this was going to be #EPIC. And it was. Enjoy: ... Continue Reading

Overlooking Potentional Church Volunteers

church volunteer team members unboxing

Church A/V teams, tech teams, praise and worship, and even the Sunday school program, all need volunteers. While most recruitment techniques involve announcements from the pulpit or setting-up a table in the back of the church, the most effective means of garnering help is through one-on-one relationships. It’s far more effective for someone on the church tech team to invite someone they know from their Bible study to join, than it is for the Pastor to announce to the congregation that if ... Continue Reading

Stuff Church Techies Say: I’m Too Busy To Dream Big

Stuff Church Techies Say Quote - details of big picture

Have you heard this one before? "I have so much going on with fixing broken computers, doing training for staff, working with scheduling conflicts for the sunday service with the volunteers, ensuring that we have the microphones working with full batteries, ensuring that the website is running well, and ten other things, I cannot possibly worry about "dreaming big." It's just not a luxury I have." Another version of this fear to dream big might sound something like this. "I could do X, Y, or ... Continue Reading

Stuff Church Techie’s Say… “I’ll Do It Sunday Morning”

If you have any investment in ministry with a church or non-profit, regardless if you are paid staff or a volunteer, you understand what it means to be busy. As a church techie, this busyness can be a huge issue if the very limited resource of time is not held with proper boundaries. If you ever worked for more than nine months on the church's soundboard, video team, or presentation team, you more than likely have stated ,"I'll just do it Sunday morning." ... Continue Reading

Kill the Multitasking Monster


This is how I've always felt about multitasking. It's evil. An old co-worker of mine once called it, "Double-tasking." That really puts multi-tasking into perspective. Do people really think they can do more than one thing at once and do it well? ... Continue Reading

Organizing the Team #4: GTD App Round-Up


After three posts on organizing my church's pastoral team (Count'em: one, two and three...), I've been inundated with suggestion for more GTD app (Getting Things Done) solutions. Clearly, you guys like productivity. Well, I can dig it. Now, what's a blogger to do when the audience gives him so many awesome suggestions? Do a round-up! (A round-up, in case you're wondering, is a blog post that quickly reviews several different items.) Will this be in-depth and well-researched? ... Continue Reading

Organizing the Team #3: DIY GTD via Spreadsheets

You can check out the spreadsheet yourself, if you want.

I just heard someone say this today, and I couldn't have agreed more: We live in the age of communication, but never before has there been so much misunderstanding. For all of the e-mails, texts, and such that we send around our church office, we often misunderstand or misinform each other. That's part of why we embarked on this mission to find a GTD app/system that would help us keep organized. In the previous post of this series, I revealed that we chose Wunderlist to manage our tasks for ... Continue Reading

Asana: My New Project Management / Todo List / GTD App


For the longest time, Wunderlist was my go-to todo list. I was so excited for Wunderlist 2 and with the announcement of the pro version, I was on the verge of jumping on it. But then something awful happened. Wunderlist refused to sync and I lost a good deal of updates and changes I had made. Having tried several todo lists in the past, I wanted to try something new. ... Continue Reading

Organizing the Team #2: Wunderlist


Does it ever seem to you that it's harder to keep your team organized, even in this era of instant communication? I think it might be because the speed of society is perennially a notch or two ahead of mainstream technology, but whatever the reason, it's up to us to do our best to fight back against poor organization. To that end, I've been taking you on short journey that my church's pastoral staff recently took as we sought out a simple, yet powerful way to organize our team. Last time, I ... Continue Reading