3 Powerful Productivity Hacks for ToDoist


For those of us in ministry, who love technology, and finding better ways to do something, the search for ease and convenience never ends. Thankfully, my favorite productivity manager, ToDoist, continues to create ways of connecting their service to how we manage our tasks. By integrating ToDoist with other apps and platforms we already use, they are opening up new worlds of efficient workflows and productivity. Here are a couple of powerful productivity hacks that involve the powerful and ... Continue Reading

The RPG Productivity Player’s Guide: How to Slay the Email Monster [Series]

How to Slay the Email Monster - RPG Series

[This is part 5 in the RPG Productivity Player's Guide series.] Email truly has become a monster. It's threatening our focus, our ability to get things done, and at points, even our sanity. So how do we slay this monster? Like any monster really, with a hard, consistent attack. You know what happens in games, right? When you merely wound a monster, it will withdraw to regain strength—and then come back twice as strong. You have to obliterate it in such a way that it's gone forever. ... Continue Reading

4 Tools Every Young Leader Needs


A mechanic is only as effective as the tools in the toolbox. A flat tire is more difficult than replacing an engine block if the proper tools are not at hand. Likewise, leaders need to acquire the proper set of tools in order to be effective. Here are a few to get your toolbox started. ... Continue Reading

5 Evernote Notebooks Every Young Leader Needs


I am an Evernote fan boy. There, I said it. I’ve written about Evernote many times in the past. You can see those posts here. As I change the way I process information and as I lead more and more, I’ve adjusted how I organize just about everything I do. Right now, here are 5 Evernote notebooks that I’m using more and more. They’re a great start for any young leader that needs some organizing… ... Continue Reading

6 Ways a Project Manager Can Maximize Impact


I don’t really know where it started. I guess somewhere along the line I had more to do than time to do it so I decided I had to get myself in gear. Over the last few years, I’ve used countless apps, ideas, software, and programs to try to manage the projects and contexts that I work in. I’ve learned a few things over that time. One of the biggest things I’ve learned about productivity is that you’ll never get anything done if you spend all of your time backtracking because you forgot what you ... Continue Reading

The RPG Productivity Player’s Guide: Small Changes that Impact Productivity [Series]

CM-Graphic - Small Changes that Impact Productivity

[This is part 4 in the RPG Productivity Player's Guide series.] Min-maxing is a well-known strategy in RPG’s. It means creating the most effective character for the particular game you’re playing by minimizing unwanted traits or characteristics and maximizing the wanted skills. The interesting thing is that little changes can have a big impact on the game—which is why min-maxing requires a perfect understanding of how the game works. A small increase in physical strength may make a world of ... Continue Reading

The RPG Productivity Player’s Guide: Nuking and Spiking to Create Maximum Impact

Nuking and Spiking to Create Maximum Impact - CM Image

[This is part 3 in the RPG Productivity Player's Guide series.] When playing a game, sometimes you’re content to simply have fun while playing, while at other times you want to make progress as soon as possible. If there’s an enemy bothering you, or a target you need to destroy to advance, nuking it with a powerful spell or an actual nuke may be your best course of action. Nuking and spiking assure maximum impact on the target. Let’s translate that into real life. The goal of this series is to ... Continue Reading

The RPG Productivity Player’s Guide: 4 Ways of Looking at Prioritizing [Series]

4 Ways of Looking at Prioritizing Image

[This is part 2 in the RPG Productivity Player's Guide series.] So you’ve got your megaplot figured out and you know how the game is supposed to end. How to finish the game with a maximum result? It’s about prioritizing your productivity. Every day we have to make decisions about what to do and what not to do. There are only 24 hours in a day and I haven’t met anyone lately who didn’t have more than 24 hours worth of work on his plate. So how do you choose what to do? You prioritize. ... Continue Reading

Multitasking: The Elusive Sense of Satisfaction


Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder is a big deal these days. I'm a teacher in a middle school—I've seen AD(H)D. In fact, when I was in college in my "special learners" class, my professor starter her lecture by saying, "Before we discuss learners with issues like ADD/ADHD, is there anyone here who has been diagnosed with one of these who would like to discuss their learning experience?" No one seemed eager to respond, mostly because this was a post-lunch class, and everyone was groggy. ... Continue Reading