PC or Mac? [Flowchart]

PC or Mac Ads

Ah, yes. It's a classic debate. PC or Mac? A few years ago I was a Windows user. There were several reasons why I refrained from jumping over, but then finally it happened. Now I know what all those people meant when they would say they would never switch back. PC vs Mac, it's a classic debate: ... Continue Reading

The Differences Between Mac and PC Users [Infographic]

Mac vs PC Pie Chart

As any web developer will tell you, although most people are working inside of a web browser, the experience does differ—although only slightly. The infographic below, breaks down the difference between Mac and PC users. I found it a little humorous to see how much these statistics reflect the generalized stereotypes of PC and Mac users. It makes me wonder why Microsoft tries so hard to buck that trend. If that's your user base, then that's your user base—embrace it! Which do you use—Mac ... Continue Reading

Confessions of the Apple Fan Boy


Being my second post for ChurchMag, I thought I’d share my crazy obsession for Apple products. Now I know what you’re thinking, Pregan is gonna ramble on about design and quote Steve Jobs. But I have been a PC and Windows faithful since I was 6 years old, however, there came a time in my life that I wanted my PC to perform better with my multimedia programs. Even though I loved to tweak and upgrade my PC , it just wasn’t enough. It wasn't until I took a small step of faith in 2011 when I ... Continue Reading

Tech Wreck Tuesday #14: Upgrade Fail

Windows 8 Mac

Last year my computer started to show signs of age. It had served me well and survived many trips between the UK and Ukraine and into various offices for teaching classes, but its battery was starting to decline, the fan was making more noises, it was taking longer to load up, and worst of all, sometimes it didn't charge. I knew I'd have to replace it and had taken a peek at potential replacements. ... Continue Reading

How to Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts with OS X

Command Key

There are a number of features that are built into the Mac OS that have made my day-to-day blogging a easier. One of those things is Preview. You can easily resize and crop images for blog posts really easy. You can double-click an image and it will be opened by Preview by default, or you can use the shortcut ⌘ + O. To save some space on my server, I will often resize images to the default set on the blog I'm posting for. I'll do this with thumbnails or fullwidth images. This can also be ... Continue Reading

Healthy Tech: Keeping a Regular Sleeping Pattern

Twilight app

If you use tech a lot then it can be easy to stuff up your sleep patterns, but if you attend a regular church service on Sunday mornings then keeping a regular sleeping pattern is vitally import (In my opinion it's pretty important even if you don't attend a Sunday morning service as having a regular waking up time is much better for you than rapid changes and regular lie ins but that's up to you.) Why does tech ruin your sleep pattern? ... Continue Reading