Taking Back Control of Email


I used to love getting emails, they were almost always from a friend to let me know about what amazing things they had been up to and asking about my life too, or maybe they were full of special offers from my favourite music shop (or a chance to win a Fender guitar). But over time that has changed. Instead of the handful I got a week, I now get a handful every morning, afternoon and a couple of handfuls while I sleep (this is what I get for connecting with Americans but living in Europe). The ... Continue Reading

6 Supercharging Pomodoro Techniques

6 Supercharging Pomodoro Techniques

There are many tricks we can use to help motivate ourselves to do tricky work, to stick to time limits and ensure we don’t fall into Parkinson’s law of spending too much time on a task as every task fills the time allotted to it. One of the best little tricks that can really help you to stay motivate, plow through difficult work and not keep working when you really shouldn’t is the pomodoro technique. It’s a really simple system you may already be familiar with, but today I want to cover a few ... Continue Reading

From Legal Pad to iPad: The Evernote To-Do List


Lists are amazing. I love lists. Whether's Letterman's Top Ten List—Dave, you will be missed—or those stupid "list-idles" that are so popular on the web, I have a deep, abiding appreciation for lists. Especially when it comes to getting things done! I've blogged a lot over the years about apps and notebooks and various things that could possibly/maybe sorta/kinda help one get their tasks organized and, more importantly, done. However, nothing has really made the different for me. I tried ... Continue Reading

A Guide to Using Evernote in Worship Arts


The Evernote app is almost always talked about in terms of productivity, organization and business. We seldom associate it with creative expression or the arts in the local church. That’s unfortunate because Evernote is a tremendous tool for becoming more effective in any type of work, including—perhaps especially—worship arts. The reason is that you cannot lead a successful worship arts ministry without a good measure of organization. Each week, worship leaders and arts pastors must juggle ... Continue Reading

My New Favorite Evernote Hack

cm evernote hackness

I love Evernote, but I'm usually so busy using it that I haven't had any time learning how to properly use it. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Fortunately, some of Evernote's features are so simple that even I have time to pick them up. Basically, I want a feature that I can immediately put to use in solving a problem or saving me time, and one of my biggest problems is keeping track of the writing projects I'm working on. Currently, my Evernote contains three or four of my books, all of my ChurchMag blog posts, ... Continue Reading

The Best Task Management Tools for 2015


I remember seeing a tweet stating that “todo apps are the 'hello world' post of app development.” You know, the one everyone has to make to get started as an app developer and usually comes about because they realise they need to get organised and dislike all the options currently out there. There are thousands of different todo apps out there, and if you are not careful, you can end up wasting time switching between todo apps constantly searching for the “perfect todo app” (spoiler alert, ... Continue Reading

Two Notebooks to Take Control of 2015

Planner with Pink Pen Image

Looking for a great gift for you dreaming, scheming, type-A side-hustler? Look no further, friends, because I’ve got you covered. Thanks to some random social media interactions, I’ve been made aware of two fantastic planners that might be just what you’re high-strung, overly-planned loved ones are looking for. So, let’s do this. I’ll present both notebooks, and then I’ll offer my commentary at the end. First up, Passion Planner. ... Continue Reading

Cooperation as Technology [Video]


Before writing this post, I was preparing an article about how you can start using Trello at your church as a collaborative tool. However, this week I watched a video about the rules for smart simplicity that made me think on how we tend to think that new technologies are the best solution for productivity and engagement problems in our organizations. ... Continue Reading

Church Tech Wisdom: 5 One Liners to Live By

5 one liners to live by

As we continue to develop technology and media in ministry we need some philosophical guard rails to help us be successful in our endeavors, as well as keep us sane. These 5 one liners to live by in church tech help me stay consistent and valuable to what God is doing on this earth. ... Continue Reading

Why Meeting Face to Face Matters [Infographic]

Face to Face Meetings Matter

Technology has radically changed how we communicate in our world. Ten years ago it would have been nearly impossible for me to live in Italy as a digital tentmaker; not to mention how awesome it is that my kids can easily video chat, email, and stay in touch with family and friends with their computer and tablets. My wife, who grew up on the mission field over 20-years ago, remembers life on the mission field much, much, different than what we are living, today—and we are very grateful. :) But ... Continue Reading