Church Tech Philosophy: Unity through Conformity

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My dad was a pastor for thirty years. I say that to say this: I know what it means to be a living sermon illustration. So, with that established, I'd like to apologize to my church tech guys because they'll always serve as a blog post illustration for me. This Wednesday night just might go down as one of the most frustrating nights in my life, and I do want to make it clear that I don't blame anyone. It's just how it happened. It was a very off night from the beginning for a lot of reasons ... Continue Reading

Wasted Time in the Workplace [Infographic]

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I have a big issue with working online. I have to be extremely strict with myself to compartmentalize everything I am doing so that I can avoid distractions, time-wasters, and overall disruptions from the work that I am suppose to be doing online. When I was doing social media for youth ministry, this meant that I would limit the amount of time that I had for online tasks before I moved on to the next project. Emails had to be done before 9AM, social media posts on Monday and Thurday were only ... Continue Reading

The Future of Church Offices [Infographic]


Cubicles were the way of the future at one time, now we are seeing trends that are quite the opposite. In fact, with a huge boost in telework, the stereotypical workplace is starting to fade. Is this also the future of church offices? There are many benefits to the “workplace of the future:” ... Continue Reading

Leadership and Lollipops: How to Lead in the Moment

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Leadership can often seem like a club that is difficult to break into.  As a church leader, you see others doing amazing things and making huge impact for the Kingdom.  This can leave you feeling like you don’t measure up.  The risk of this thinking is that you may be missing the everyday moments of leadership.  Opportunities for you to make a lasting difference can be found in everyday situations. Recently, I watched an interesting TED Talk that exposed this truth that we often forget: ... Continue Reading

Hazel: Tips & Tricks

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In our last post about the time-saving app, Hazel, we walked you through how to create a rules for automating your workday. We walked through how to set up sermons to automatically be renamed and uploaded to your server. In this post, we are going to look at 2 more rules that could speed up some of those tedious tasks that you find yourself doing every day. Organizing documents by their ministries Automatically organize pictures from various events. ... Continue Reading

Hazel: How to Automate Your Workday and Be More Productive


I’m a big fan of automation. I’m constantly looking for ways to improve my workflow and save time during the day. I often find myself doing little tasks over and over. If I can spend 30 minutes automating a task that would normally take me about 15 minutes each day, then I’d be saving hours each week. Check out how you can use Hazel to automate your workday: ... Continue Reading

The High Cost of Multitasking [Infographic]

Multitasking infographic

Your brain on multitasking is not the healthiest thing, nor the most productive means of getting things done. This is why I've been trying to kill the “multitasking monster” and avoid the perils of multitasking for a while, now. So, when I see an infographic like the one pictured below, I am re-amped and reminded that staying focused on one task at a time is the most efficient means of getting things done. Check it out: ... Continue Reading

Working from Home: Is It the Future? [Infographic]

working from home

Is working from home the way of the future? As someone who is a digital tentmaker, working from home isn't the future, it is the HERE and NOW! It is interesting to see the statistics in the infographic, below, as well as people's general reaction to working from home. Back when I worked a traditional 9 to 5, I had my own ideas about working from home, too. Working from home is not nearly as romantic as most people make it out to be... ... Continue Reading

The 10 Commandments of Virtual Management


As more companies go global, more people are also becoming part of the virtual workforce. Managing a virtual team has proven to be a cost-effective strategy as it allows companies to have access to the best talents without the geographical constraints. But having a virtual team also poses a few concerns for the virtual manager as virtual project management tend to be less formal and unstructured compared to the traditional option of expatriation. To get the most out of your digital team, here ... Continue Reading