Cooperation as Technology [Video]


Before writing this post, I was preparing an article about how you can start using Trello at your church as a collaborative tool. However, this week I watched a video about the rules for smart simplicity that made me think on how we tend to think that new technologies are the best solution for productivity and engagement problems in our organizations. ... Continue Reading

Church Tech Wisdom: 5 One Liners to Live By

5 one liners to live by

As we continue to develop technology and media in ministry we need some philosophical guard rails to help us be successful in our endeavors, as well as keep us sane. These 5 one liners to live by in church tech help me stay consistent and valuable to what God is doing on this earth. ... Continue Reading

Why Meeting Face to Face Matters [Infographic]

Face to Face Meetings Matter

Technology has radically changed how we communicate in our world. Ten years ago it would have been nearly impossible for me to live in Italy as a digital tentmaker; not to mention how awesome it is that my kids can easily video chat, email, and stay in touch with family and friends with their computer and tablets. My wife, who grew up on the mission field over 20-years ago, remembers life on the mission field much, much, different than what we are living, today—and we are very grateful. :) But ... Continue Reading

SproutMark — Asking the Right Questions

SproutMark Logo

Communication is key in any organization and with any kind of team. One of the greatest assets of working in a team environment is the ability to look out for each other's blind spots or approach problems from multiple points of view. Feedback is key and is usually the catalyst for positive improvement. So how can you accelerate this dynamic? How can you mindfully inquire feedback and introspection of your team or ministry? There's an app for that. ... Continue Reading

What Kind of Procrastinator Are You? [Flowchart]

hourglass action - blue

I've always joked about procrastination and found stuff like this pretty funny. Probably because I don't generally see myself as a procrastinator. But as I think about it more, there are areas of my life that I can be a procrastinator. Does everyone experience varying degrees of procrastination? With an open mind and a good attitude, I went through this procrastination flowchart to see how I turned out. It turns out, this flowchart is pretty arcuate. When I do feel procrastination setting in, ... Continue Reading

Big Plans on Small Budgets

big plans - and glasses

Before getting into full time ministry, I spent many years running a consulting firm tailored to small and medium sized businesses. It was a really rewarding time for me because I got to help people solve problems, but it also created tension because small and medium sized businesses have big plans on small budgets. Does that sound familiar? If you serve or work at a church that doesn't sit under the "Megachurch" banner then most of your tech projects probably require high dollar functionality ... Continue Reading

Share the Load, Share the Blessing

share cc image

Last night, I was at church, watching someone perform a service for God’s people, and I thought to myself, “I’d really like to be in charge of this. I could do a lot of cool stuff with this.” That’s when red lights flashed and this message boomed through my head: Danger, Phil Schneider! Danger! Have you ever struggled with being greedy for God’s work? Have you ever thought that to yourself, that subtly arrogant thought that if only you could have this job or this ministry you’d take it to the ... Continue Reading

What I Learned On Vacation: Check Your Email

a bicycle in italy

Last month I had a vacation of sorts (as I mentioned before). During this time, I had some personal revelations about my life—both personally and work wise. I lend this to the fact that I spent multiple days at a time unplugged and completely disconnected from the Internet. No laptop. No tablet. No smartphone. I highly recommend you do it sometime—if not regularly. Not only did it force me to pause, clear my head, and have some self-reflection, but it also gave me a chance to contrast what I ... Continue Reading

Church Tech Philosophy: Unity through Conformity

minion team

My dad was a pastor for thirty years. I say that to say this: I know what it means to be a living sermon illustration. So, with that established, I'd like to apologize to my church tech guys because they'll always serve as a blog post illustration for me. This Wednesday night just might go down as one of the most frustrating nights in my life, and I do want to make it clear that I don't blame anyone. It's just how it happened. It was a very off night from the beginning for a lot of reasons ... Continue Reading