12 Days of Christmas: Favorite Hosting Service

Favorite Hosting Service

This is the seventh day in a series of the 12 Days of ChurchMag Christmas. To catch the rest of the articles, check out the landing page here. It's not going to be a great 12 Days of Christmas list for tech nerds who have an affinity for blogging if we do not talk about hosting services. Whether you are in the season to switch to a new hosting service, start a blog up for your church, or consider if you should get into blogging yourself, we have some great hosting options to consider. Here are ... Continue Reading

Web Hosting Quick Guide [Infographic]


Finding the right web hosting isn't easy. Hopefully, this infographic will make it a little easier to make your web hosting choice as you decide between a: Shared server Dedicated server Cloud server Reseller hosting Colocated hosting VPS or VDS And what about a CDN? Give this a review and see if it helps: ... Continue Reading

Cloudflare — Now with Added SSL!

cloudflare SSL Image top

Recently I posted about how generally wonderful Cloudflare is and how it can help to make your site more speedy. Well, Cloudflare is now offering something pretty AMAZING for free and it could help make the site much more secure. ... Continue Reading

CloudFlare – Make your Website more Zippy!

Layout 1

As we recently posted, having a faster website for your church, ministry or non-profit leads to more conversions (and helps Google like it more!). Getting good hosting is a great start; and it's worth spending time making sure your images (and other assets) are small as can be. However, there's also another very simple (and free!) way to help make your site faster, more secure, and can save you lots of bandwidth on your existing hosting account. ... Continue Reading

Should the Church Invest in Cloud Computing? [Infographic]

cloud-computing-infographic thumb

This is not the digital land of the 1990's when software came on CDs in the mail, we were limited to software options between only a couple of digital giants, and updates were seemingly non-existent. Now computing is making a huge shift from your local machine to this thing we call “the cloud”. So what does this mean for churches? Should we be looking at investing more of our time in cloud computing? ... Continue Reading

Happy Birthday WP Engine! [Get 4-Months Free]

cm and wp engine

It didn't take long after switching to WP Engine to know that it was a smart move for ChurchMag, but after we had a blog post go viral, we really knew WP Engine was the web hosting solution for us. Despite what I've recently read online, I have found their customer service to be top notch, and they are regularly updating their product and services. When I first started using there web hosting for ChurchMag over a year ago, they were pretty rough around the edges. But in the past year or so, ... Continue Reading

Internet Consumption Around the World [Infographic]

Internet Consumption Around the World Head

So ... last year was the first year that there were more mobile Internet devices than human beings. Figure the math out on that one! Also, about 40% of the worlds households jump online using fixed broadband. So what does all of this mean? The world is more connected than ever before. Here's a closer look at the world's consumption of the Internet: ... Continue Reading

There’s No Such Thing As Bulletproof Hosting


Face it. There is no such thing as bulletproof web hosting. I have used various hosting companies and their different plans, and I have many different online friends that have done the same. While I do believe some web hosting is superior to others, there is no bulletproof web host. This is important to understand, especially if you are new to the game or begin to monitor your current web host. ... Continue Reading

WP Engine: Get Awesome Service and Save 30%!

WP Engine WordPress hosting

This past weekend, ChurchMag's commenting system crapped out. Now, I know that's not as bad as the entire site going down, but no comments on a blog? That's where all the fun is at! I did a few routine checks to try and figure out what was going wrong, but nothing seemed to work. I copied the site to the staging server that WP Engine provides to diagnose further. What I discovered left me a little dumbfounded. ... Continue Reading