There’s No Such Thing As Bulletproof Hosting


Face it. There is no such thing as bulletproof web hosting. I have used various hosting companies and their different plans, and I have many different online friends that have done the same. While I do believe some web hosting is superior to others, there is no bulletproof web host. This is important to understand, especially if you are new to the game or begin to monitor your current web host. ... Continue Reading

WP Engine: Get Awesome Service and Save 30%!

WP Engine WordPress hosting

This past weekend, ChurchMag's commenting system crapped out. Now, I know that's not as bad as the entire site going down, but no comments on a blog? That's where all the fun is at! I did a few routine checks to try and figure out what was going wrong, but nothing seemed to work. I copied the site to the staging server that WP Engine provides to diagnose further. What I discovered left me a little dumbfounded. ... Continue Reading

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Offer from WP Engine

As you may recall, WP Engine recently showed-off its awesomeness by handling the ChurchMag traffic spike with great ease. Could your webhost handle this kind of a spike? If you are looking for a webhost or have considered making a switch, there is hardly a better time than now! WP Engine has a great offer today, through Cyber Monday. Here are some of the other killer features that WP Engine has to offer: ... Continue Reading

Tech Wreck Tuesday #15: Bring The All The Internets Down

Dell Server Rack

Many of my Tech Wreck Tuesday posts have been fun little posts of me screwing up something that ended with minimal consequences and fun stories to result. This is one of those stories that I got in serious trouble with and actually hated to refer to while I was getting my computer engineering degree. Wounds have healed and this is maybe one of my greatest tech wrecks, ever. ... Continue Reading

Understanding the Difference Between FTP vs SFTP


We use the terms interchangeably, but they're not the same thing. “FTP me the file they said. It will be easy they said.” In fact, I dealt with a web host one time that only allowed FTP. No big deal? FTP vs SFTP? What's the difference? Let me explain the difference and you'll understand why it's important know the difference and always use SFTP when you can. ... Continue Reading

3 Months Free WordPress Hosting with WP Engine

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 7.47.52 PM

ChurchMag loves WP Engine. After a number of poor experiences with other web hosts, switching to WP Engine was the best decision we could have ever made. Finally, WordPress began to behave like it was suppose to! I remember having to always check to see how many posts had mis-fired and having to reschedule them. With WP Engine, I don't have to do that. I can schedule my weekend blog posts and never worry about them not firing. Here are a few other things I don't have to worry about since ... Continue Reading

WebHosting Secret Revealed

Web Hosting Secret Revealed

Venturing out into the wild-wild world of web hosting can be intimidating if you're a beginner and sometimes a real headache if you're a veteran. Finding a solid webhost can be tricky and sometimes the quality of a webhost will decline or your demands and needs may fluxuate over time. Personally, for the client websites I host as well as ChurchMag, I've experienced many different hosts as I was determined not to “settle” when it came to website hosting. As I scoured the Internet looking ... Continue Reading

Common WordPress Mistakes [Part 2]

wordpress common mistakes

[This is part of the Common WordPress Mistakes series to help bloggers, churches, ministries and nonprofits avoid common mistakes when creating a new website using the WordPress CMS.] Here we go! In part one, we covered two important things to understand when moving into the world of WordPress: Understand the difference between dot-org and dot-com and understanding web hosting pricing. If you are a beginner—building your first church website or starting a new blog—these are mistakes ... Continue Reading

Common WordPress Mistakes [Part 1]

common wordpress mistakes part 1

[This is part of the Common WordPress Mistakes series to help bloggers, churches, ministries and nonprofits avoid common mistakes when creating a new website using the WordPress CMS.] Alright, let's get this started! I am hopeful that by going over these common WordPress mistakes, many WordPress rookies can avoid headaches down the road or those getting ready to build their first blog, ministry or church website will find this guide to be helpful as they shove-off into new waters. As I ... Continue Reading