The Progress Bar and the Power of Mental Projection

progress bar

I remember the first time I tried to download an audio clip online. Netzero dial-up Internet, constant interruptions by telemarketers, and I had to use the clip my college professor had provided. I had procrastination down to a science, but this was gonna bite me in the rear. It was almost awesome. The audio clip was interminable, and took hours to download. Literally. Every half hour or so, I would check, and crack my knuckles; the only thing that kept my sane was the progress bar, the visual ... Continue Reading

How Secure Are Your Passwords? [Part 4,645,978]


Remember the silly passwords web security pundits have been worrying about for years? The ones people have finally abandoned? Yeah, let's talk about that. "Password" is no longer the most popular password. According to industry heavyweight SplashData, it's the second most popular password, having been bumped by the 6-digit ironclad option of "123456" in the last year. In other words, feeble passwords still rule the roost. The data is sourced from the infamous Adobe breach, and reveals some ... Continue Reading

Why I Use Office 365

do work cm

A few years ago I wrote a post comparing Google Apps vs Office 365 after writing a very harsh review of Office 365. While I think Microsoft has plenty of room for improvement, Office 365 may be a better solution for churches and ministries, especially if they qualify for Office 365 Small Business for Nonprofits, than I originally thought. Perhaps it is the years of experience or I have begun to notice pesky kids on my front lawn, but I have been using Office 365 for about six months, now, and ... Continue Reading

Transform Your Mac, iPad or iPhone Into a Full DJ System

DJ app hardware 1

For the next church social or youth group party, you might consider transforming your Mac, iPad or iPhone into a full DJ system! I remember using iTunes to quasi DJ at church, but this? If I could have had this app, it would have been a whole different thing. For the beginner or advanced DJ, here's a DJ system you need to check out: ... Continue Reading

Comment Spam in its Raw Format


Here at ChurchMag we hate Comment Spam (well who doesn't?!). It's the bane of many a blog and spambots are growing more and more sneaky. Have you even noticed that most spam seems 'not quite right' and like a computer just threw the words together. Well that's because that's often what they've done! ... Continue Reading

The Origins of Common UI Symbols

origins of common UI Symbols

Visually recently posted The Origins of Common UI Symbols infographic.  Each symbol featured has a explanation of how it has come to be used everyday, as we operate our many different forms of technology. If you are like me, you may not have ever wondered about these various icons, but it is actually really interesting to see the history behind each one. Here are some of the icons included: ... Continue Reading

The Differences Between Mac and PC Users [Infographic]

Mac vs PC Pie Chart

As any web developer will tell you, although most people are working inside of a web browser, the experience does differ—although only slightly. The infographic below, breaks down the difference between Mac and PC users. I found it a little humorous to see how much these statistics reflect the generalized stereotypes of PC and Mac users. It makes me wonder why Microsoft tries so hard to buck that trend. If that's your user base, then that's your user base—embrace it! Which do you use—Mac ... Continue Reading

Building Electronic Circuits by Doodling [Video]

Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 10.19.18 PM

File this under: "I Have To Buy This!" They have now invented the ability to write out with a pen working circuitry that can eliminate the need for a breadboard. Building electronic circuits has never been easier! For someone that has a rich history in Computer Engineering and tinkering as well as wanting to pass some of these fun little things to my son (and other children), I do plan to get this if it becomes a viable product. Honestly, it makes circuitry and electronics so much ... Continue Reading

Tech Wreck Tuesday #15: Bring The All The Internets Down

Dell Server Rack

Many of my Tech Wreck Tuesday posts have been fun little posts of me screwing up something that ended with minimal consequences and fun stories to result. This is one of those stories that I got in serious trouble with and actually hated to refer to while I was getting my computer engineering degree. Wounds have healed and this is maybe one of my greatest tech wrecks, ever. ... Continue Reading