7 Pro Tips for Media Operators

Master Your Media

One of my biggest frustrations during a church service is when the media operator (the person running lyrics & sermon slides) just isn't on the ball. It's hard for the entire crowd not to be distracted when slides are early, late, or just not there; which is why the media operator is arguably the most important role on the production team. It turns out that often times the mistakes made by media operators have more to do with a lack of training than a lack of talent. With volunteers, a ... Continue Reading

Apple Engineer Talks About 2015 Macbook [Video]


John Dyer shared a tweet a few days ago that gave me a serious case of the LOLz. It's about the new 2015 Macbook that Apple just released. And while at first glance it seems awesome, upon further review, this video brings up some interesting points while giving you a serious case of the giggles. ... Continue Reading

Office 365: Free for Nonprofits

Microsoft 365 for Nonprofits Screen

Is your church, ministry or nonprofit organization using Microsoft 365? Did you know that you might be able to get a free license? It's true! Qualified nonprofits can get Office 365 for free or at a 'significant discount.' As those working for a nonprofit know, finding the financial resources to spend on even the most basic of technology needs can be difficult—and Microsoft is here to help. :) ... Continue Reading

12 Days of ChurchMag Christmas: Favorite Online Storage

Favorite Online Storage

This is the eighth day of the 12 Days of ChurchMag Christmas series. To catch the rest of the articles, check out the landing page here. With technology moving away from desktop computing that I remember it to be over ten years ago when I was in college to what it has become today and mobile devices, online storage is constantly being put into the middle of the scene. It is not necessary to have a terabyte of data for your phone or tablet because you can download it from the cloud somewhere. In ... Continue Reading

Where Tablets are Replacing Computers

Tablet computing action

Tablets are quickly taking over the uses of computers in diverse industries. Although tablets may have begun as a combination of eReader and smartphone, the latest versions have more computing power, which provides them with even more capabilities than ever before. Whether you choose to buy a Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK or some other tablet, you will find technology that allows you to do more tasks, so much so that they are quickly becoming comparable to a laptop computer. Additionally, many companies ... Continue Reading

Could HP’s ‘Sprout’ Change the Tech Landscape?

hp sprout image

Considering the future of Adobe apps for Windows and now Sprout by HP, the future of computing is looking very curious. Apple has had a history of ruling the day on creative computing, but after seeing this video of Sprout technology from HP, there are new frontiers that are still left to be discovered. Just look at this: ... Continue Reading

How-To Easily Rename Multiple Files at Once

NameChanger Screen Top

Have you ever needed to rename multiple files? There are times when I am posting an image heavy blog post when I need to rename ten or fifteen images all at once. But that's nothing compared to photographers who need to rename hundreds of photos from a photo shoot or a church audio guy who needs to rename a large batch of mp3's for the audio archive. Here are a couple of handy apps that will make it easy to rename multiple files at once: ... Continue Reading

Launchy — A Free Cross-Platform App Launcher

launch it yo

Last week I posted a quick tip to get things done and Andrew Fallows dropped some helpful comment love about a cross-platform app launcher. Much like a simple version of Alfred for OS X, Launchy is a cross-platform app launcher for Mac, Windows and Linux. And for Windows users, there are a number of plugins that can be added that gives it some similar functionality that Alfred has—like system power, calculator and so on. Check it ou: ... Continue Reading

The First Apple Laptop [Video]

Macintosh Portable

The first Apple laptop was released in 1989 for $6,500. $6,500! And while the Macintosh Portable didn't become a long lasting facet in the computer world, it got the 'portable computing' ball rolling. This video gives a closer look at the Macintosh Portable: ... Continue Reading