The First Apple Laptop [Video]

Macintosh Portable

The first Apple laptop was released in 1989 for $6,500. $6,500! And while the Macintosh Portable didn't become a long lasting facet in the computer world, it got the 'portable computing' ball rolling. This video gives a closer look at the Macintosh Portable: ... Continue Reading

The 28-Port USB Hub [Caption This]

Mega USB hub

The Manhattan 161718 28-Port USB MondoHub (pictured above) from Amazon will intimidate the fiercest of Church techs and IT professionals. I honestly don't know if I should just stare at it in awe or turn and run for my life!?! ... Continue Reading

Could the New Surface Pro 3 Replace Your Laptop?

Surface Pro 3 Image

Microsoft has launched the new Surface Pro 3, sporting the power of a laptop in the form of a tablet. I am very curious. When you compare a Surface Pro 3 versus a comparable MacBook Air, it's about the same price—around a $100 difference. The Surface Pro 3 has a 12-inch touch display, whereas the MacBook Air can be purchased in an 11-inch and 13-inch size. And when you consider the difference in the operating system, we might very well be comparing apples and oranges. None the less, it's a ... Continue Reading

Kano – Teaching Kids How-To Build a Computer

Kano - Image

Let's face it. Technology is really popular right now. It's also something that is important for kids to learn about, so they can become creators of technology and not just consumers. The Church has an amazing opportunity to capture the attention of this next generation with technology, as well as encourage them to use technology to build the Kingdom of God. Wouldn't it be amazing if the Church lead in this area? If we were invested in the future enough to help shape it? Maybe this could ... Continue Reading

Awesome Computer Display Cleaner

Display Cleaner by Tent 1

I hate a smudgy or dusty computer display. And if someone points to something on my monitor, I am the guy that usually says, “It's not a touchscreen.” Everyone knows it's not a touchscreen, but for some reason, this doesn't stop people from touching my screen! I digress. Now take a look at this beautifully designed computer display cleaner! ... Continue Reading

Kids React to Old Computers [Video]

Apple II awesome

These kids react videos are pretty funny, and once again, they show kids some 'old' technology and get their funny reactions. This is the kind of video series that could not have been done 30-years ago. Technology is developing at a snowball's pace, moving faster and faster. Do you remember using a computer that booted-up to a command prompt? ... Continue Reading

Keep It Simple: 1980’s Apple Computer Prototypes [Images]


Keep it simple. I've grown to appreciate that statement more and more, and it's a philosophy that Apple adopted long ago in both form and function. In his book title, Keep It Simple: The Early Design Years of Apple, Hartmut Esslinger tells the story of the collaboration between Steve Jobs and himself which began in 1982. With 380 illustrations, I'm itching to order this. Here are some more images from Keep It Simple: ... Continue Reading

CleanMyMac 2: The Simplest, Safest Way to Clean Your Mac

cleanmymac 2 giveaway

After upgrading from Lion, to Mountain Lion, to Maverick, and having used my Mac for over two years, my system start-up has not been preforming the best. I've also read plenty of times about some of the silly duplicate files and nonsense that iPhoto adds, not to mention the files often left behind when uninstalling apps. For a while, now, I've dealt with some of these issues manually or by various little apps. But I've often wondered: Isn't there an easier way? There is. ... Continue Reading

Has Apple Peaked? [Infographic]

the evolution of apple

The age of Steve Jobs is falling further and further behind us and investors are concerned about the future of Apple. There are six areas of concern: Mobile Marketshare Loss Developers Lawsuits Delays Apple's New HQ Negative Analyst Comments While these may be concerns for financial investors, I don't know that it should be a worry for users. Take a closer look: ... Continue Reading