How to Preach Wirelessly with Your iPad


We live in a wireless world and more pastors and presenters are using iPads to present and preach. When I first used the iPad to present, I was tethered to a VGA cord and had limited mobility. After many months of searching for a solution I discovered Apple TV and that you can mirror your iPad to a connected device.

What You Need

  1. Apple TV
  2. A projector preferably with HDMI input or a VGA to HDMI adapter 
  3. Wireless network

In this video I demonstrate how to connect your iPad to the Apple TV:


Technical Considerations

1. Make sure your Apple TV is up to date or turn off automatic updates in the settings.

2. Remember, your entire screen is mirrored so apps and anything on your iPad can be seen by the public.

3. If you use Keynote, you can toggle presenter mode which allows you to see the next slide before your audience.

How have you used your iPad to present or preach?


Chip Dizárd

Chip is a video professional, author, speaker and Apple certified trainer. You can find him blogging and podcasting at or conducting online ministry tech training at Digital Ministry Academy. He also leads the media team at his church, Community Praise Church in Alexandria, Virginia.

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  1. Jordantmoody says

    I use Apple TV daily in teaching and preaching. I teach in a Christian school which cannot afford Smart Boards. However, a projector and Apple TV is a better and cheaper option to a smart board. Also, I am able to use whiteboard apps and write with a stylus quite freely. I would suggest this mobile option for any church and/or school. The audience loves it and the kids are more easily engaged through effortless projection.

  2. says

    I preach with an iPad, but I use the Keynote Remote app to wirelessly control Keynote on my MacBook Pro (which is at our tech booth connected to our video projectors via VGA). The advantages to this approach over the excellent one presented in this post are 1) only the slides are visible to the audience and 2) my message notes that correspond to each slide are visible to me on the iPad (I see both the slide and notes). Obviously this setup requires a MacBook (which costs more than an Apple TV!) but if you have a MacBook and an iPad, it is fantastic.

  3. says

    I preach from my Tablets (ipad & transformer). i also use various remotes control methods to control the computers in the back. from logmein — to retune. its possible to do just about everything. and now that mediashout has a remote app. i could use that also!

  4. says

    I preach from Podium Cue a new iPad app for public speakers. I love it. I designed it because I couldn’t find anything that actually made me a better speaker and helped me speak off notes without being glued to my notes. Check it out

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