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I don’t generally participate in April Fools’ Day jokes. They are generally mean-spirited, messy, or potentially dangerous. Plus, they almost inevitably backfire on me.

That being said, I tried to get a jump on the joking season by pranking my wife the other day. Without her knowledge, I installed a lovely little web app from IPHONECEPTION. Unfortunately, my wife’s perceptive abilities border on superhuman levels. She immediately spotted the fake, and the joke was blown. Perhaps you’ll have more luck this coming April 1st?

So, what does this web app do to the victim’s phone? Depending on what you think will get the best reaction from your victim, you can choose to cause their apps to blow up, to appear to be experiencing increased levels of gravity, to be transformed into kittens, or you can make their iPhone appear to be under siege by a zombie or a trojan horse. Again, the choice is yours, and yours alone.

Here’s the basic how-to from

  1. Gain access to your victim’s iPhone…..
  2. Open [] in the mobile browser.
  3. Select one of the options….
  4. Add to Home Screen.
  5. Launch. Wait to load. Lock.

You can preview each of the web apps on the the desktop version of, except for the virus/hacker web app which appears to be brand new.

Here are a few screenshots from my own field testing:

Happy pranking!

If you attempt this prank, please tell us all about it in the comments section below!



Phil Schneider

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