The Internet Cookie-Less Monster [Infographic]

Cookie-Less Monster Infographic

Whenever someone comes onto your church’s website, I hope that you are collecting analtyics. But for those that do not know, so much of your user information is being collected with Internet cookies. But now with the new hype of electronic fingerprint access into everyday devices like your phone and laptop, instantly the issue of privacy becomes a problem. And let’s be clear, Apple does not have to store your data for the NSA to get, they only need to look at the cookies that tie into your device.

Here are some very cringe worthy statistics for people to be aware of from the infographic below:

  • 94.2% of peope that use a fingerprint access device could be identified without cookies.
  • Some of the reasons for doing this ethically are fraud prevention and continuous opt-out services.
  • Unfortunately, the evil reasons like collecting personal data and spamming are still there.

Cookie-Less Monster Infographic

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After hearing this argument, has your decision for fingerprint scanners and cookies on your browser changers your views of privacy?



Jeremy Smith

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