Inspiration: Mount Everest in YOUR FACE!

Mountain Climbers!

mount everest

Ever since I read Jon Krakauer’s account of climbing Mount Everest, Into Thin Air, I have been very interested into the world’s largest peak.

Today, my interest just might have been stoked to near obsession levels.

David Breashears of has compiled an amazing amount of photos of glaciers near Mount Everest and is now presenting them on his website in an amazing gigapixel, panoramic display. I’ve already spent nearly 15 minutes zooming, panning, and just taking in the majesty of creation. Oh! And I spent a good chunk of time searching for mountain climbers—and I found some!

I love that Breashears is using technology—sorry, that should read “flippin’ sweet technology”—to raise awareness the effects of global warming (i.e. shrinking glaciers). As a Christian, I truly believe that we need to find a balanced yet passionate way to attack environmental abuse and to repair, where possible, the damage done to nature.

Environmental angle aside, this is just too inspiring and too awesome to not share with you. Enjoy.

What comes to your mind as you view these mountains with amazing quality?

What are other ways we could marry high-quality imagery to a worthwhile cause?

[via Washington Post & NPR | Top image via Rupert Taylor-Price | Images via GlacierWorks]


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