Humble Bundle Goes Multi-Platform

Humble Bundle Multi

We’ve posted about the Humble Bundle, before, and it’s a great way to get some awesome games and help out charity!

You won’t find this combination anywhere else!

  • Pay what you want.
  • Support a charity.
  • DRM free AND you can redeem them on Steam!

And, for the first time ever, the Humble Bundle is available for multiple platforms, including mobileWindows, Mac, GNU/Linux, and Android.

The Humble Bundle for Android

Here’s a closer look at each of the titles in the Humble Bundle:

Anomaly: Warzone Earth

Anomaly is an intense reversal of the tower defense formula, with players managing a convoy’s path through various war torn environs. Careful planning of powerups, unit composition, and more will make or break your journey. Anomaly: Warzone Earth has rocked gamers on Windows, OS X, and iOS, and is now available to challenge the tactics of Linux and Android gamers.


In Osmos, you play an amoeba-esque creature (called a “mote”) in a world with a few basic rules: you absorb smaller things, and bigger things absorb you. The catch? The amoeba propels forward by shooting out bits of itself, so move with care! Different game modes introduce opposing AI amoebas, gravity, and other twists, and a chilled out soundtrack provides the perfect mood for floating your way to cellular domination.


EDGE is a casual puzzle-platformer that challenges you to roll your cube through over 100 levels. The innovative level design and “edge hangtime” mechanic will test your planning and reflexes. Nothing can quite describe the satisfying noise of rolling your cube to victory and securing a speedy finish.

If you choose to give above the average donation, you’ll also receive:

World of Goo

This critically acclaimed puzzler challenges you to build dramatic and innovative structures using goo balls. The somewhat sentient globs create rigid planks upon being placed in proximity to other goo balls, and with your help, they can escape! World of Goo is an indie classic, and the Android iteration gives the game a perfect new form factor for experiencing the magic of goo.

Remember, buying the Humble Bundle for Android also gets you Mac, Windows, and Linux versions of the games.

Game on!


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Join the fun!

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    I normally get every Humble Bundle, but I already have both World of Goo (flipping awesome game!!!) and Osmos (really cool, but really frustrating). I don’t have an Android phone either, so the Android bit doesn’t provide any motivation either… I’ll skip this one I think.

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