Are You Tired of the HTML5 Game Demos?

bkom robot game

I found another HTML5 game demo.

Not the biggest accomplishment of the day, for sure.

At first when I found these, it was pretty cool. In fact, my kids still love playing the HTML5 Cut the Rope game on their computer.

I appreciate these demos. I really do. Take this one for instance:

BKOM Robot Game

It looks pretty good. The load time was fair, but the graphics are decent, especially when you consider what’s behind the browser window.


The BKOM Robot Game was about as much fun as the old PS1 game demo discs.

I was done after about 2 minutes. There wasn’t really anything to it. It’s all about flexing the HTML5 muscle.

Honestly, I’m getting tired of these HTML5 game demos. Can we just start doing things with HTML5 that’s worthwhile? Can we please get browser use to a point where we don’t have to constantly cover our backsides? Maybe we’ll just have to wait until 2014.

Are you tired of the HTML5 game demos?



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  1. George says

    i actually thought this was really cool, i haven’t really seen to many of these and this seems REALLY well polished for html5 i had a hard time believing i was looking at flash…

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