Honk If You Love Someone [Video]


Massoud Adibpour is a man with a mission: He wants to make the people of Washington DC smile.

I’ve lived near DC for a while and his mission isn’t an easy one. Like in many big cities, people in DC are busy, focused, and usually on their way to something or someone. But Massoud is determined to brighten their days.

So he picks a spot on a busy street and holds up signs like ‘Honk if you love someone’, ‘Today is awesome’, or ‘SMILE’. Some people ignore him, some people honk or wave, but to some people he’s actually making a difference. Watch the short video below to see how a simple act of kindness can change people’s lives…

This video just made me smile, how about you?


Rachel Blom

Rachel is a youth ministry veteran with a passion for Jesus, the church, and for teens especially. She's the author of 'Storify: Speaking to Teenagers in a Post-Christian World' (The Youth Cartel) and multiple ebooks. She equips and resources youth leaders to better serve in youth ministry at Youth Leaders Academy>. Other than that, she devours books, loves hiking, and is a walking encyclopedia of completely random facts. Seriously, just ask her.

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