Post Guidelines


Here are a few things to keep in mind when posting for ChurchMag:

  • The Senior Editors have the final say on the publication’s quality and readiness; we decide if and when it goes live.
  • Your article must be completely finished, with images, when you go to submit it (specific guidelines below).
  • Your article is completely original and not published anywhere else.
  • Your article must have correct citation on all copy, content, and media (specific guidelines below).
  • Your article may be edited and/or revised to match the tone and culture of the site.
  • You grant a license to ChurchMag to be the exclusive publisher of the article online. You may republish extracts online, such as your own blog, however the full article in its entirety should not appear anywhere else. All content submitted will become the property of ChurchMag.
  • Don’t forget to complete your author profile. You may include links in your bio.

Please, follow these guidelines when submitting your post:


  • Draft and keep a copy of your post on your local system in case of a system glitch.
  • Check grammar and punctuation.
  • Avoid exaggerations like “absolutely awesome!”, “the coolest feature I’ve ever seen in my!”, “fantastic!” etc.
  • ChurchMag is one word. 8BIT is one word, all uppercase.
  • Capitalize “Church” when referring to the collective Church, lowercase “church” when referring to your personal congregation.
  • All outbound links must open in a new tab.
  • Cite your source at the end of your post in this format: [via LINKED-SOURCE-NAME]
  • For acknowledging someone/somewhere for bringing something to your attention: [HT: LINKED-NAME]
  • Typos? Seriously? Spell-check: It’s not just for WordPerfect anymore.
  • Standard words: email, HTML5, Internet, Javascript, smartphone, URL


  • Place a MORE tag around 100 words (If you’ve placed a graphic at the head, then less. Also, do not write before the head image.)
  • No outbound links before the MORE tag.
  • Use <h3> for headings and be sure to capitalize as done with titles.
  • Avoid superfluous italics, bold emphasis, trailing “…” ’s and UPPERCASING of words. Italics can be use for tonal emphasis, and bold emphasis may be used occasionally.
  • Never justify or center.
  • Place quotes in block quotes.
  • Use the code function when referring to code. In HTML view, select the text to be presented as code, click the CC button on the toolbar, insert code language, formatted!
  • Add [Infographic], [Video] and [Comic], respectively, at the end of the title. If a video, infographic, or comic is only a peripheral to the piece, then do not.


  • Make sure images are properly licensed (Creative Commons only, no commercial licensed images).
  • All images must be hosted, not linked.
  • Always add a featured image—750px wide, no greater than 750px high.
  • All images should be 750px wide, unless you’re displaying smartphone screenshots.
  • Smartphone screenshots should be placed in a WordPress Jetpack Gallery.
  • Name images relevant names relating to the post.
  • Add keywords to the ALT text.
  • Never end a post with only an image. Write something.
  • Cite your photo source at the end of your post in this format: [Image via LINKED-AUTHOR-NAME] It’s also fun to add a little flare: [Awesome superhero image via LINKED-AUTHOR-NAME].
  • Here’s how you should post infographics.


  • All videos need to be after the MORE tag.
  • Use Vimeo and YouTube links as is; let WordPress do the magic for the embed.
  • If the video is the centerpiece of the post, add [Video] to the end of the title (unless ‘Video’ is in the title: i.e. “Video Inspiration”).
  • Never end a post with only a video. Write something.


  • Upload to our server for download, be sure to attribute.


  • We pay up to $15 per post depending on our current needs in our editorial calendar, quality and pageviews.
  • You must have a valid and working Paypal Account.
  • Payment is sent within the first week of the month after your article is published.
  • Ultimately, it is up to the Editors to land on a final payout value based on length, quality, and content.

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If you have any questions, email eric [at] or use our fancy contact page.

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