The New Grid Style Made Easy with Grid Layout Shock

Grid Layout Shock Screenshot

Grid Layout Shock allows to create responsive grids using a shortcode. These grids have the appearance of a Pinterest board, but count with the advantages of customization for font size, font type, box style, box width and more.

If you like Pinterest and would like to use a similar layout  in your WordPress installation, this plugin can make things very easy for you. It is available in both a free and paid version with all the advanced features to make an impressive grid.

Grid Layout Shock

Grid Layout Shock Screenshot

Check out the demo page!

It has an easy-to-handle control panel that allows to control several  aspects of the grid that is going to be created without any coding skills required. The plugin counts with other unconventional features like box responsiveness to look good in any device, a multi-language control panel available in English, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese; and the ability to display content from any RSS feed which will feed the grid with the latest content from any source the user wants that have active URL feeds. Another good thing is that you can have full control over your posts shown in the grid using the filters offered: categories, custom post types and taxonomies.

The plugin is based in masonry JS which is a jquery plugin that has been active for a long time and its known for its capacity to make Pinterest layouts. Grid Layout Shock has taken it to the next level, allowing to do all these customization options and some others without having to know how to code in jQuery.

The Shock family is the team behind of  several design projects like IconShock and WPThemegenerator, and now have launched this new product for WordPress, which promises to be a step forward in layout design for WordPress.


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