Google Chrome App: Window Resizer for Easy Responsive Testing


A few weeks ago I posted a responsive web design tool to help adjust the view portal for responsive testing.

It was alright, another tool to check out and maybe add to your bookmarks, but I’m always interested in finding new and better tools. In the comments, Dave tipped me off on a Google Chrome app that will adjust your view portal while using Google Chrome.

How slick is that?

Check it out:

Window Resizer

Once you’ve got Window Resizer rockin’ in Google Chrome, make your tweaks:

Google Chrome Extension: Window Resizer for Easy Responsive Testing

Once you’re up and running, simply click on the Window Resizer icon and pick your size:

Google Chrome Extension: Window Resizer for Easy Responsive Testing


It’s that easy!

Powerful? I wouldn’t say so. But it is a nice, quick, and easy way to throw your browser into an alternative size.

You can learn more and snag it from the Google Chrome Web Store.

Do you have any favorite Google Chrome apps that you use for web design and development?


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