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I spent the first part of the weekend at my in-laws and they do not have any internet connection. They also have pretty inadequate cell phone coverage at their house as well, forcing me to be away from the interwebs long enough to break out in cold sweat.

Just kidding.

But things have honestly changed in terms of the “immediacy” of media and communication. The so-called “statusphere,” where people update their microblogs (Twitter) and their Facebook status updates can become a massive burden very quickly. Even more quickly is the possibility of being left behind, not knowing what’s going on, etc.

That’s why I love blogs and agree that blogs are still better than microblogs (or why I like them better), for a number of reasons. It gives reason to press “pause” on the updates, take a seat back and think for more than the time it takes to spit out 140 characters (or less), and time for understanding and a little bit of mind-gnaw.

I went missing in the “statusphere” and now I’m back. I don’t feel like I “missed” much though.


John Saddington

I am the CEO of 8BIT and a Full Time Entrepreneur/a>. I like what I do.

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  1. says

    especially true now that both of my gigs have gotten busier and i'm traveling a lot this summer. i use twitter and posterous. and then blog when i get somewhere with internet. this morning i'm sitting on the floor of the hotel room (in the dark) in Medford,OR

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