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Video countdowns are a great way to start any event. However, it can sometimes be hard to find a wide selection of quality video countdowns that wont cost you an arm and a leg. So often we operate on a tight budget where there just isn’t room to pay for a new countdown each week, which is why free video countdowns are so great.

That’s where these three websites come in. All three of these sites provide quality video countdowns for you to download, as well as easy previews. And the best part is that you wont have to spend a dime on anything!


A great source of free video countdowns

This is the largest source of free video countdowns on the net, very helpfully categorized to help you find the one that’s right for you. There are 5 minute countdowns, 3 minute countdowns, HD countdowns, countdowns for specific times (such as Valentines Day) and countdowns that you could use at any time. They even have chroma countdowns with a green background so that you can key out the background and have your very own personalized video countdown. You’ll surely be able to find a few video countdowns that are right for your next event.

Check’em out.


A great source of free video countdowns

This site is a great resource for Churches. Not only do they have a number of free video countdowns, but they also have sermons, graphics and videos available for download. One of the great strengths of this site is that all of the countdowns are themed to fit in with a sermon series. And although this is great if your Church is doing the same sermon series, it can be a bit crippling if you’re looking for more general countdowns. Some of the series do have quite a generic base (such as one on “Questions”), so definitely worth checking out.

Great stuff, here.


A great source of free video countdowns

[Disclaimer: I own and operate this site]

If you’re looking for an HD video countdown, then look no further as this site has the largest collection of free HD video countdowns. Each countdown is presented in either 720P or 1080P high definition and some of the countdowns have accompanying soundtracks matched to the video. Overall, this site has the smallest number of countdowns, but the collection is growing every week.

Take a look.

Video countdowns can build anticipation for your next event, and the above three sites will provide plenty of video countdowns for you. Enough so that you can have a unique countdown each week if you choose. From now on, don’t worry about squeezing a video countdown into your budget, search these three sites first and I’m sure you’ll find something that will suit your event.


Calum Henderson

Calum is a Christian teacher from Sydney, Australia. Besides blogging about technology and ministry on his personal blog, he also makes Free HD Countdowns and blogs about Christian Hospitality with his wife Alice.

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  1. Lumpy says

    yea I was super excited when I heard about the free countdown website, but sadly it’s no longer up and running… :(
    what happened? if you need a place to put it, I have plenty of webspace.


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