Free PhotoShop Plugin Sites


Who couldn’t use some free PhotoShop plugins, right?

Here are some great places to find free PhotoShop plugins:


Telegraphics has a number of great plugins. The ICO file format is my favorite, as it makes it easy to export to your own website icon file, straight from PhotoShop.

Smashing Magazine

As usual, Smashing is awesome. They have a solid list: A-Z of Free Photoshop Plugins and Filters.


PluginsWorld is a world of plugins. Here, you will find a mix of commercial, freeware and shareware for both platforms.

The Works Cybia Collection

This is complete freeware that includes 8 plugin filter sets for you creating pleasure. By Cybia Software.

Auto FX Software

This is a paid-for product, but they offer two really nice plugins for free (you have to submit an email). By Auto FX Software: Dreamy Photo and a really nice Mosaic.


Let me know where you’ve found awesome free plugins, and I’ll add them to the list!

[HT: SpeckyBoy & Jared Erickson]


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