FormBox – Drop Down Menus With Forms using jQuery & CSS3

This is going to be super handy for those of you wanting to integrate a form into a drop-down menu.

FormBox uses jQuery & CSS3 to create a sweet drop-down menu with any type of form within.

FormBox is a jQuery and CSS3 powered navigation menu that supports integrated forms. The version presented today features a login form, sign-up form, password reset and even a contact form, all of which are only dropped down when a user hovers over their corresponding menu elements. In technical terms, FormBox works much the way like a tabbed menu does, allowing you to switch between multiple panels of HTML content (forms) which only appear when the user has indicated an interest or need to use them.

This streamlined interface removes the requirement for dedicated registration, login and other types of pages which can instead be easily made available from any page the user is already on, saving them time and simplifying the process in one go. At under 2.5KB uncompressed (including support for graphical tool-tips), FormBox is also a very lightweight solution.

If this is your type of thing then make sure you check it out today!


James Brooks

James Brooks is a professional blogger, web designer and social media consultant based on the South West coast of England. As well as being a co-founder of GPlusTuts, a blog about Google+, James also enjoys blogging about technology, food and tea!

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