My Favorite Android Apps for Kids

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There are two things that bring much joy AND frustration to our lives: technology and children. Thankfully, with so much choice out there, it is quite possible to use the one to spark the interest of the other. There are literally scores of useful Android apps for all ages, and with Google’s latest drive in education, the best is still yet to come.

It is my heartfelt belief that “Best of…” lists rarely satisfy everyone, so I’m putting these out there as forceful suggestions:



This will appeal to anyone with an older kid. It is a word game that challenges spatial awareness and word construction. It is simple and engaging. And free. [Free]


Google Sky Map

Google Sky Map

This open-source project is still one of the best ways to show your kids the glory of God’s creation. All you need is a clear night, an Android device with GPS and imagination. It is a remarkably well done app, so parents and guardians should not feel too guilty for retaining it on their own personal devices. For the kids. [Free]




This unashamed clone is a tribute to its inspiration, Minecraft. As far as survival sims go, it is relatively cheap, infinitely playable and devoid of useless gore. The first person perspective is fun, and it encourages logical thinking. [$3.99]


Super WHY!

Super Why

Super WHY! is geared to the young techie, and for a TV show companion app, it is fantastic. Now, the scaling might be a challenge, but still, it is a great tool. It might get your young’un let you change the channel from PBS every now and then. By the way, there is another Super Why! game geared towards learning ABCs. [$2.99]


Kids Numbers and Math

Kids Numbers and Math

Balloons, Need I say anything more? What is cool about this app is that it truly “funs” up the learning process. It is geared towards kids working on the first twenty numerals. [$2.99]


What would you add to this list?

I would love some suggestions!


Tre Lawrence

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  1. Kate says

    Also check out Splash Math app for grade 1. Its a perfect app for kids. It covers the entire curriculum. They are also available for Grade k-5 in iOS.

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