Do You Rate Your Apps?

Rating Your Apps

I usually click “Rate Later.”

Wunderlist 2 was asking me to rate their app for the billionth time.

Usually I feel too guilty by clicking “No”, so I defer to rating apps for another time. The only problem is, I usually never follow through.

Expect this time I went ahead and rated it.

I love Wunderlist, so not taking the time to rate it was quite rude of me, especially considering Wunderlist is free!

How often do you leave an app unrated?

After going through the quick, easy and painless process of rating and commenting about the wonderful Wunderlist, I got to thinking about app rating and the Internet life.

Internet Citizenship


Chris Ames of 8BIT often talks about being a good “Internet Citizen.”

I love that concept.

The idea that all of us have an impact on the Internet and play an important part in providing a particular experience with each other. If you’re ugly online, the web becomes ugly. When you’re beautiful, so is the Internet. This can range from the websites you code, to the comments you leave on a YouTube video. We all contribute in different ways. Just as Christians should consider what kind of citizen and member of their community and country they are, so should we keep in mind our impact on the Internet culture. This doesn’t mean you should Like sunset pictures with scripture on Facebook, either, I’m simply talking about your general Internet behavior.

Carrying this idea a little further, I thought about how many times I looked at an app or considered a purchase. I usually scroll through the ratings or even ask those I trust about the app. Am I someone to be trusted? I think I am. So why the heck don’t I leave more ratings? I want to be a good Internet Citizen, so you can count on me to start taking a few seconds and providing an honest rating and review to ensure that the Internet is a good place to be.

Christian’s should be the best Internet Citizens, don’t you think?

Sometimes being salt and light is simpler than we realize.

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Eric Dye

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  1. says

    As a small developer, I can tell you that ratings mean a lot. If the App is “Angry Birds….” it’s going to sell. Ratings there don’t matter. But for apps that are smaller and more of a niche? Yeah, those are needed.

    And if you e-mail the developer and ask for a feature and they implement it for you, you really need to leave a rating at that point. Otherwise it’s just plain rude.

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