DIY Emoji Easter Eggs


If you're going to be making some Easter eggs this year, why not make some emoji Easter eggs!?! These are really fun—not to mention, way cool. There are plenty of emjois to mimic, but you could even make up some of your own—check these out: ... Continue Reading

10 Minute Film School


Video is an amazing medium. It has become a huge part of our culture. From a religious standpoint it is being integrated into our church environments, teaching, and homes. There are a few resources out there that do it well in the Christian world, but as it becomes more prevalent we will all begin to feel the need for more personalized content. Especially in light of the fact that the affordability of doing video well continues to increase. This is my attempt to download the things I have ... Continue Reading

Quick Photoshop Tip: Using Guides for Images [Video]


Whenever I used Photoshop to create featured images for blog posts—like this one—the cropped thumbnail doesn't always turn out right. While some WordPress plugins and social media spaces won't crop an image, others will. Popular post plugins, related post plugins, social media shares, etc... will sometimes grabbed the tiny cropped image that WordPress produces. The default is usually 150x150, an Instagram square style. Using Photoshop's built-in guides, you can quickly and easily add some ... Continue Reading

How to Edit and Upload Edited Videos to Instagram [Video]

Adobe to Instagram How To

I recently read a post by Eric Dye about posting professional videos to Instagram.  This idea was sent to him by Alex Welgraven, video producer for Radiant Church.  I was immediately fascinated with this idea and researched it and created a video tutorial on how to create to do this. Watch the tutorial below and learn how to do it: ... Continue Reading

How to Create Clickable PDF Links for Mac Preview


When I wanted to create a flyer this week for an event I’m co-organizing, I ran into a very practical problem. I’d done a very basic design in Microsoft Word including some links that I wanted to make into a PDF. But no matter what I tried, I couldn’t get the links to work in my Mac’s Preview. They worked just fine if I opened the PDF in Acrobat Reader, but not in Preview where they transformed into static text instead of clickable links. A little research revealed this was a well-known ... Continue Reading

How-To Setup Amazon S3 for Your Church Website


Amazon S3 is undoubtedly the best way to host and deliver digital content. Whether you are serving audio, video, images, or live feeds, Amazon is the way to go. With Amazon's pricing being dirt cheap, it's hard to find another Content Delivery Network (CDN) out there that compares. With all the many benefits of S3, it does have one drawback — its a little complicated to set up. ... Continue Reading

How-To Add Modal Magic to Boostrapped Websites

Screenshot Subscribe

I was working on a client website this past weekend, when I wanted to add a MailChimp newsletter sign-up along with the usual Facebook, Twitter and Google+ action buttons. After not finding exactly what I wanted on the MailChimp website, I decided I would venture out into something new: I would add a modal! In a very basic and untechnical definition, a modal is one of those cool pop-up boxes that you see around the web, it uses Javascript and can really add a sweet element of ease to your ... Continue Reading

The Complete Church Sound Training Course

Church Audio Training

Finding reliable volunteers to help run the technical systems used every Sunday morning can be a burdensome task. Often times volunteers are eager to help, but have no grid for the technology churches use. Many churches are caught in a place where they have grown reliant on their equipment, but don’t have the budget to hire staff to run their systems. The cry for knowledgable sound techs echoes in the sanctuaries of churches across the country and now there's a solution--a complete church ... Continue Reading

How-To Manage Your Privacy with Google+ Photo Albums


Google+ is quickly becoming one of my favorite social networks and part of it is because of the ability to share photos with specific groups of people.  Recently, I took photos at my daughters kindergarten graduation, but I didn't want to post the photos publicly and I didn't want to put them on my Dropbox.  I decided to post them on Gooogle+ and share with all of the parents. Here's how I did it: ... Continue Reading