Are 3D Printed Instruments the Future? [Videos]


Are 3D printed musical instruments the way of the future? Will we start to see 3D printed instruments as a part of our church worship bands? Will there be a split in the church—those for and those against 3D printed musical instruments? Or how about an extra praise and worship set following the classical and modern worship services? A little tongue in cheek, but stranger things have happened in church history. Now if you have any doubt to the quality of 3D printed instruments, ... Continue Reading

Turntable: “Seek You First” by Jordan and Kristin Rippy

Jordan and Kristin Rippy

Jordan and Kristin Rippy—a husband and wife duo from Lakeland, Florida has recently published its debut worship EP, "Seek You First"—a collection of 6 original worship songs—that hit the Top-20 on the iTunes charts in its genre. I love discovering new worship artists and songs and this one has been a real pleasure! To introduce them in their own words, "we have a passion for the presence of God and seeing lives transformed and people healed when they encounter Him. We love to join creativity ... Continue Reading

Tonight You Belong To Me [Video/Cute Warning]


Here at ChurchMag we're normally all about the tech and geekness. However, we're also really all softies at heart and secretly we like cute things and ukuleles (well at least I like ukuleles...) So here is possibly one of the cutest uke songs and videos EVER MADE! I hope you're ready to go, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” ... Continue Reading

Can You Hear the Difference Between These Guitars?

beautiful gutair pic

Calling all audiophiles, sound designers and musicians! Can you hear the difference between the following three guitars? Guitar A — Baby Taylor that's less than $300. Guitar B — Martin D-28 from 1938, priced at $100,000. Guitar C — New custom made Martin, priced at about $5,000. Ready? GO: ... Continue Reading

Ringtones Remixed [Video]

MetroGnome gets jiggy with it

Ringtones can sometimes be annoying — especially during a funeral — but MetroGnome has taken those sampled sounds and remixed them into this fantastic dubstep styled music mix. If only my iPhone sounded like this when it rang! ... Continue Reading

Finger-Snapping the Super Mario Bros Theme Music [Video]


Why post a video of a guy finger-snapping the Super Mario Bros theme music? A few reasons: It's Super Mario Bros, therefore, it's awesome. ChurchMag is awesome, so we post about awesome things like Super Mario Bros (See how this works? With great power comes great responsibility). It's really late at night as I write this post and I am really tired, so this is all I've got. I also need your opinion. Do you think this guy can snap different tones or does our mind fill-in the ... Continue Reading

Good Friday [Music]

good friday by creationswap

Josh Garrels is one of my favorite artist, so when I was thinking about what I wanted to share in remembrance of Good Friday, I decided I would share his song, ‘Good Friday.’ Seems fitting. I  hope you enjoy this song as much as I do. ... Continue Reading

The 8-Bit Easter Hymnal


We love computer games and their plunky music here on ChurchMag and we've already posted about the wonderful original 8-Bit Hymnal and the very festive Christmas 8-Bit Hymnal. Well, the fab Mr Tyler Larson has been at it again and there's also now the third and final instalment in the 8-Bit Hymnal - the Easter 8-Bit Hymnal - with 12 Easter Themed tracks you can download FREE from Noisetrade! ... Continue Reading