Ringtones Remixed [Video]

MetroGnome gets jiggy with it

Ringtones can sometimes be annoying — especially during a funeral — but MetroGnome has taken those sampled sounds and remixed them into this fantastic dubstep styled music mix. If only my iPhone sounded like this when it rang! ... Continue Reading

Finger-Snapping the Super Mario Bros Theme Music [Video]


Why post a video of a guy finger-snapping the Super Mario Bros theme music? A few reasons: It's Super Mario Bros, therefore, it's awesome. ChurchMag is awesome, so we post about awesome things like Super Mario Bros (See how this works? With great power comes great responsibility). It's really late at night as I write this post and I am really tired, so this is all I've got. I also need your opinion. Do you think this guy can snap different tones or does our mind fill-in the ... Continue Reading

Good Friday [Music]

good friday by creationswap

Josh Garrels is one of my favorite artist, so when I was thinking about what I wanted to share in remembrance of Good Friday, I decided I would share his song, ‘Good Friday.’ Seems fitting. I  hope you enjoy this song as much as I do. ... Continue Reading

The 8-Bit Easter Hymnal


We love computer games and their plunky music here on ChurchMag and we've already posted about the wonderful original 8-Bit Hymnal and the very festive Christmas 8-Bit Hymnal. Well, the fab Mr Tyler Larson has been at it again and there's also now the third and final instalment in the 8-Bit Hymnal - the Easter 8-Bit Hymnal - with 12 Easter Themed tracks you can download FREE from Noisetrade! ... Continue Reading

The Idiot’s Guide to Smart People: Music [Video]

The Idiots Guide to Smart People

I laughed and laughed when I watched this video. It peels back each and every layer of a true music snob. This could also be applied to some worship music people I know. Now someone needs to make a video series titled, The Idiot's Guide to Pious People, with a variation of this video regarding worship music. What do you think? Take a looks: ... Continue Reading

Google Maps the History of Music with Music Timeline

Google Music Timeline Screenshot

For you music lovers, you'll going to love Google's Music Timeline. No surprise, Google has been tracking music uploads with Google Play music libraries as well as the usual Google magic research data. Remember, they track everything. While Google might be providing information to your friendly government agency, they have also created this really cool music timeline: ... Continue Reading