‘Faithful’ by Newsong [Saturday Morning Review]


Newsong's latest album took me by surprise. I had the album sitting in a folder somewhere on my laptop for the longest time because it wasn’t one of those “anticipated” albums. I was in no rush to review it, or even listen to it. How wrong and ignorant I was. Although the "Faithful" album wasn't ushered in with bells and whistles (which would have given me a proper heads-up), it is one of the best live records I have heard in 2015. Yes, this record is that brilliant. ... Continue Reading

‘Let It Be Jesus’ by Christy Nockels [Saturday Morning Review]

CM-Christy Nockels

Over time fans of Christian music have fallen in love with Christy Nockels — from her voice at the many conferences where she leads worship, her albums, to her story of strength. I happen to be one of those people that the worship leader has wowed. Her 2012 album “Into The Glorious” was one of the most impressive records at the time, and the soulfulness of the record made me become a fan. Even though the singer has performed in countless conferences, concerts and whatnot she never dropped a ... Continue Reading

GIVEAWAY: ‘Adonai’ by Awakening [Saturday Morning Review]

SMR Adonai CM

The Awakening Band is the worship ministry of New Life Worship Center. It leads worship for its youth ministry, "Awakening Youth" each week, its Awakening Twenty Plus ministry and for its annual Awakening Conference. “Adonai” is the ministry's second release recorded live at their last year’s Awakening Conference in Rhode Island. According to their music director, Joshua Foster,"We want this album to be a true expression of the passion and excitement that was there on those nights. Adonai, ... Continue Reading

GIVEAWAY: ‘Outback Worship Sessions’ by Planetshakers [Saturday Morning Review]

Outback Worship Sessions - Saturday Morning Review

To be honest, the first time I saw Planetshakers (on DVD), it wasn’t a great experience for me—the band seemed a little too much like a smaller-sized Hillsong clone. I am a lyrics guy more than a music/melody guy and found the songwriting wasn’t really up there either. I turned the DVD off after a couple of songs (can almost feel Planetshakers fans pointing their daggers at me!) Years later, I did fall in love with “Nothing is Impossible” though—it featured Israel Houghton you see. Despite my ... Continue Reading

GIVEAWAY: ‘You Alone’ by NCC Worship [Saturday Morning Review]

You Alone by NCC Worship - Review

National Community Church (NCC) is a multi-site church that meets in theaters (yes, secular theatres) around the Washington, DC metro area. As a ministry, NCC has been pretty effective! They have converted a crack house into a coffeehouse (Ebenezer’s), an old theater into a gathering place for worship (The Miracle Theatre) and this year alone, they will launch over 33 mission trips and give away more than $1 million to charitable causes around the world! Even the proceeds from the sale of “You ... Continue Reading

GIVEAWAY: ‘Carry the Fire’ by WorshipMob [Saturday Morning Review]

Saturday Morning Review - WorshipMob

WorshipMob is a collective of worship leaders and musicians founded by Sean Mulholland and Garrett Chynoweth from Colorado Springs around four years ago. What started as weekly gatherings between local worship teams is now representing 30 local churches through 70-80 ministry leaders who meet weekly to worship together! Their YouTube connect is impressive too—54,000 channel subscribers and over 9 million views of their videos including both original material and covers of Jesus Culture, All ... Continue Reading

U2 Announces Sonicflood Cover Album


Whether you've always loved them or think they're best days are behind them, U2 continues to shock, even frustrate, music fans worldwide. Last year, they gave away their new album to all iTunes users. This year? Well, this year, they're at it again, but this time, they're not just releasing an album. They're unleashing a flood. ... Continue Reading

‘The Woven Whisper’ by Sarah Brusco [Saturday Morning Review]

Saturday Morning Review

It’s been a while since I listened to a new record from Vineyard Music. So I was excited to get this review request—I am a big fan of their worship leaders you see (the old ones at least)! ‘The Woven Whisper’ is the debut project of Vineyard worship leader Sarah Brusco. Apparently, she used to intern with the great Kathryn Scott. Featuring folks like Sharon Gerber (Imogen Heap's Cellist) and Casey Corum (Who doesn’t like “Dwell”, right!), Sarah’s music belongs to the Dream Pop genre. ... Continue Reading

Legend of Zelda Played on the Marimba [Video]

Zelda Music - Image

It's amazing to me how the 8-bit era of video gaming was not only the predecessor of what is becoming a new storytelling medium, but how it has even seen its effects in the area of classical and orchestral music. Super Mario Bros. was one thing, but classic games like the Legend of Zelda certainly presented storytelling and music in this way. I hope you find this rendition of the main theme from the Legend of Zelda as inspiring as I did... ... Continue Reading

‘Lead Us Back’ by Third Day [Saturday Morning Review]

Saturday Morning Review - Third Day

It’s one thing to scrap a band together and crank out an album or two. It’s something else entirely to make music for 20 years, tour around the globe and win four GRAMMYs. Third Day has done all that and in many ways, is just getting started. In their latest album, Lead Us Back: Songs of Worship, Third Day returns to a theme of praise while incorporating their southern rock roots. ... Continue Reading