GIVEAWAY: ‘You Alone’ by NCC Worship [Saturday Morning Review]

You Alone by NCC Worship - Review

National Community Church (NCC) is a multi-site church that meets in theaters (yes, secular theatres) around the Washington, DC metro area. As a ministry, NCC has been pretty effective! They have converted a crack house into a coffeehouse (Ebenezer’s), an old theater into a gathering place for worship (The Miracle Theatre) and this year alone, they will launch over 33 mission trips and give away more than $1 million to charitable causes around the world! Even the proceeds from the sale of “You ... Continue Reading

GIVEAWAY: ‘Carry the Fire’ by WorshipMob [Saturday Morning Review]

Saturday Morning Review - WorshipMob

WorshipMob is a collective of worship leaders and musicians founded by Sean Mulholland and Garrett Chynoweth from Colorado Springs around four years ago. What started as weekly gatherings between local worship teams is now representing 30 local churches through 70-80 ministry leaders who meet weekly to worship together! Their YouTube connect is impressive too—54,000 channel subscribers and over 9 million views of their videos including both original material and covers of Jesus Culture, All ... Continue Reading

U2 Announces Sonicflood Cover Album


Whether you've always loved them or think they're best days are behind them, U2 continues to shock, even frustrate, music fans worldwide. Last year, they gave away their new album to all iTunes users. This year? Well, this year, they're at it again, but this time, they're not just releasing an album. They're unleashing a flood. ... Continue Reading

‘The Woven Whisper’ by Sarah Brusco [Saturday Morning Review]

Saturday Morning Review

It’s been a while since I listened to a new record from Vineyard Music. So I was excited to get this review request—I am a big fan of their worship leaders you see (the old ones at least)! ‘The Woven Whisper’ is the debut project of Vineyard worship leader Sarah Brusco. Apparently, she used to intern with the great Kathryn Scott. Featuring folks like Sharon Gerber (Imogen Heap's Cellist) and Casey Corum (Who doesn’t like “Dwell”, right!), Sarah’s music belongs to the Dream Pop genre. ... Continue Reading

Legend of Zelda Played on the Marimba [Video]

Zelda Music - Image

It's amazing to me how the 8-bit era of video gaming was not only the predecessor of what is becoming a new storytelling medium, but how it has even seen its effects in the area of classical and orchestral music. Super Mario Bros. was one thing, but classic games like the Legend of Zelda certainly presented storytelling and music in this way. I hope you find this rendition of the main theme from the Legend of Zelda as inspiring as I did... ... Continue Reading

‘Lead Us Back’ by Third Day [Saturday Morning Review]

Saturday Morning Review - Third Day

It’s one thing to scrap a band together and crank out an album or two. It’s something else entirely to make music for 20 years, tour around the globe and win four GRAMMYs. Third Day has done all that and in many ways, is just getting started. In their latest album, Lead Us Back: Songs of Worship, Third Day returns to a theme of praise while incorporating their southern rock roots. ... Continue Reading

GIVEAWAY: ‘Brother’ by The Brilliance [Saturday Morning Review]

Saturday Morning Review - Brother

The Brilliance calls itself a liturgical band and is led by David Gungor (yes, he is the other Gungor’s brother) and John Arndt (again yes, the same chap from Michael Gungor Band). "Brother" is the band’s first full-length album with 10 songs produced by the band itself. It’s an interesting mix of songs on a variety of themes that are not usually explored in contemporary worship music. For example, the opening title track “Brother” starts with these lines: ... Continue Reading

‘I Will Follow’ by Jeremy Camp [Saturday Morning Review]

Saturday Morning Review - Jeremy Camp

After two weeks of reminiscing on the Christian albums that rocked 2014, I reckon it’s time we come back to the present. If not for anything but for the fact that we have another electrifying album in our hands. This time from Jeremy Camp. To Christian music lovers Jeremy Camp needs no formal introduction; the 37-year-old father of three has sold over four million albums including four RIAA Gold-certified albums, a RIAA Multi-Platinum long-form video and a Gold-certified digital single. He has ... Continue Reading

[Saturday Morning Review] 5 Christian Albums You Missed in 2014

Saturday Morning Review - 2014 Missed Christian Albums

At the very at least, two Christian albums were released every blessed week in 2014. As a Christian music reviewer, I heard and listened to tons of albums, so yes 2014 had dozens of albums that blessed my life. Last week, I shared my top 10 albums of 2014. What I didn’t share was the dilemma I faced and fact that when I first compiled the list of albums I had a little over 40 albums when I was only looking for 10. I began narrowing them down and chopping records out (which isn’t a very pleasant ... Continue Reading