Where Do You Draw the Line with Humor?


Recently I shared a (what I thought was) funny meme on my Facebook where Jesus was depicted making a joke (see below). It turns out, not everybody has a sense of humor when it comes to Jesus. I got some reactions from people who were 'offended' and 'disappointed' that I would post something like that. I admit, it bothered me a bit, and you know why? I never even hesitated before posting it. To me, it was so clearly funny, and not even close to being offensive. Or a profanity, as one commenter ... Continue Reading

Attend the Seeds Conference 2014 for FREE [Videos]

seeds screen

One thing I love about Church on the Move is that they are giving away as much as they possibly can.  So each year when they host the Seeds conference I look forward to the weeks afterward when they put out the video of their worship and speakings from the conference on their Vimeo site. Need a refresher and a time to just sit and relax and remember what it is like to worship this awesome God we serve before the Easter madness takes over? Enjoy! ... Continue Reading

The Atheist Church [Video]

Sunday Assembly

It sounds like a contradiction of terms, but when you look closely at the similarities between Sunday Assembly and a Christian church service, you quickly understand that it isn't. This SoulPancake video was great. Not only did it introduce me to a culture that I have never experienced, but brought into focus the heart and motivation behind a somewhat maligned group. There's a lot to learn from here. ... Continue Reading

Detective to Investigate Jesus’ Death and Resurrection

crime scene tape

Liquid Church is always on the edge of creativity, technology and overall awesomeness. They have used live SMS texting polls during sermons (interview), actively leverage live streaming for their services like no other, and they have even done some stuff with taking communion via online church services. And now, Liquid Church of NJ is hosting an expert homicide detective in an “open cold case investigation regarding Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection.” Of course, the public is invited to the ... Continue Reading

Funny Doodles of a Bored Commuter [Photos]


October Jones could just sit and do nothing during his daily commute. But he doesn't. Instead, he turns a would be boring commute into something amazing by drawing cartoon character heads on Post-it notes and photographing them. The results are too much fun: ... Continue Reading

What Does A Successful Entrepreneur Look Like? [Infographic]


Having been a self-managed missionary for nearly a decade and running 78p.tv for another seven years, I understand what it means to be an entrepreneur. The career is not for the faint of heart as sometimes you do not know where the next paycheck is going to come. You have to not only sell your spouse and family on the ideas you are pushing, but then the critical world. Then the terrible fate of failure and sometimes the even worse fate of success comes (more work, more problems) and you have ... Continue Reading

Have You Experienced Ministry Burnout?

ministry burnout

I have been serving as a Multimedia designer and Technical team leader for 5 years at my church. I have seen leaders, pastors, and volunteers come and go. Some cracking under pressure and others who drop out due to joining for the wrong reasons. It would be nice to tell people that my job in ministry is easy. All I do is make pretty pictures and push buttons all day. Right? ... Continue Reading

A Christmas Miracle from Your Church?

WestJet Christmas Screenshot

[tentblogger-youtube zIEIvi2MuEk] [YouTube] The video above is just one of a number of videos posted where people or corporations are taking videos of helping others for good. I have already laid out if people should do church promotionals where they do community outreach, but their was something special about this one. It got my gears going on how church's could take this idea and make it their own. ... Continue Reading