Keeping It Small in a Big Church

lego church big but small

Have you even been a part of a group that was small and had genuine community? Others on the outside of the community want in. The relationships and sense of belonging are attractive, so the group grows. Pretty quickly you identify a problem: As the community gets bigger, people feel more disconnected, and the relationships and sense of belonging that drew you in the first place are harder to come by. This can, and often does, happen as a church grows from a small, close-knit community into a ... Continue Reading

Gavin Adams Talks About the Church Experience

Watermarke Church Screen

I recently came across a fairly new blog by Gavin Adams by way of a very catchy titled blog post, So We Sang “Let It Go” From Disney’s Frozen in Church! You can clearly see why I would click on something like this. :) What I found was both a great round-up of articles as well as further proof that we live in a small world. It turns out, Gavin Adams is the Lead Pastor of Watermarke Church, a campus location of North Point Ministries. For those that don't know, North Point Ministries has ... Continue Reading

Breaking World Records and Helping Others

world record attempt by liquid church

There are a lot of churches that know how to market themselves well, and one of those churches is Liquid Church in New Jersey. It always seems like they’re doing some new and creative, but not just for the sake of being cool and creative. There is always an underlying purpose that drives them — the purpose of Jesus Christ. There newest and latest action is particularly cool — and it happens tomorrow! ... Continue Reading

A Coffee Shop Based on the Honor System [Video]

coffee in a paper cup

This is one of those delightful things that you usually only find in a small town. A place where everyone knows your name and the feeling of anonymity only happens to ‘outsiders’ and ‘strangers.’ Nonetheless, this is a delightful story of a coffee shop completely based on the honor system, and while you won’t find the best of brews at this small town coffee shop, you will find a lot of honest people: ... Continue Reading

Hip-Hop Church Open in North Carolina

Drop the Mic

I've heard of a contemporary worship service before, but not a hip-hop church. Pastor Quinn Rodgers of Generation One in Huntersville, North Carolina started hip-hop church last month. While there have been plenty of 'untraditional' church service attempts in the past, I think Pastor Rodgers points out why this kind of church service gets so much attention: “We’ve taken the hip-hop culture and we’ve extracted all the negative connotations out of it and we’ve deposited solid Christian doctrine ... Continue Reading

No Smartphones at Concerts? What About During Worship?

smartphones in the crowd

We've asked a similar question before: “What about using Instagram during worship service?” After talking about this question on the podcast, I was personally left with mixed feelings. Both arguments — for and against — resonated with me. Perhaps the question isn't as black and white as I was hoping. The question came-up in my mind, again, after seeing this interview of Jack White by Conan O'Brien: ... Continue Reading

Telling a Story with Websites [Discussion]

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 9.16.37 PM

Virtually everyone has a picture that comes to their mind or story to tell if I said, “9/11” or “where were you when you heard the news about 9/11?” Almost everyone has a story to tell about their relationship or lack thereof with Jesus and some sort of opinion about their views of Christianity. I recently discovered that the NY Times did a virtual tour of the new memorial at Ground Zero, called A New Story Told and it is fantastic. ... Continue Reading

How Big Is Your Church?

mega mega church

I have attended little churches, medium churches, big churches and yes, even a mega church. Since 1980, the number of evangelical megachurches in the United States has gone from 50 to 880 — and that number increases a few times every month according to the infographic below. While this infographic below focuses a lot of attention on the pastor of the biggest church in the U.S. — Joel Osteen — it also lists a few other megachurches that are growing quickly. Have you attended or do you ... Continue Reading

How Would Internet Lag Feel in Real Life? [Video]

Living with Lag Screenshot

Internet lag happens. We usually don't notice it too much, as YouTube and online gaming companies have figured out ways to buffer and do cool stuff to make “real-time” as close as possible. Internet lag does happen, but what would it be like if we had to live with lag. While we drove a car, played sports or cooked in the kitchen? What would happen? Find out for yourself: ... Continue Reading

Chess Clock Jenga [Video]

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 11.29.55 AM

Having been a youth worker for nine years, I was always looking for ways to have games and activities for every week's youth group that was not too messy but memorable and fun. Sometimes I was limited by space and other times I simply did not have the manpower to do big activities. So Family Fun Night games became a staple, but it is made to be fun for 2-4 people, not a room full of teenagers. Either it was slow, not exciting, or difficult. Solution? Add tech and make it fun. I wish I had this ... Continue Reading