Nerdy Illustrative Optical Illusions [Pictures]

CM Graphic - Milking Large

I am a fan of great optical illusions, so when they become funny and nerdy, I absolutely have to share them. I actually found these a couple of months ago but have been terrible about cleaning out my "need to blog" folder. I have only included some of them, but you can see the full collection over at Bored Panda. So hopefully this gives you a smile for your day and gives you a push to finish out the week strongly and creatively. Keep going! ... Continue Reading

How Long Have You Lived, Doctor? [Infographic]


You a fan of Doctor Who? We are too and with the new season beginning today, we figured we would celebrate with some fun Doctor Who greatness. This one features the full airtime each doctor reincarnation has had. The shortest is the 8th doctor before it went off air for a time at 1 hour and 4 minutes and the longest was the 4th doctor at 71 hours and 37 minutes. Which of the doctors is your favorite? ... Continue Reading

Want A Doctor Who Phone Background? How About 13? [Pictures]


Let me just say up front that these images were not originally to be used as a phone wallpaper, but I have decided to share them as such. They are actually part of a 12 doctor story series of children's books you can see here. But I have made them my own. Catch them all after the jump. I've intentionally posted them out of order, can you figure out which outfit goes with which doctor? ... Continue Reading

The Power of Visual Content [Infographic]

The Power of Visual Content - Header

I love visual content. There, I said it. Whether it is infographics, videos, Pinterest, or memes, I prefer them to text-only posts nearly every time. I have always been a creative type stuck in the mind of an analyst and programmer, but truly the creative in me needs let out on occasion. So what is it about these types of mediums that make them so effective? The infographic below has some great statistics, I have highlighted three of my favorite: ... Continue Reading

Van Gogh in 3D [Video]


Being Dutch, I'm partial to famous painter Vincent van Gogh. His use of brush strokes and color is amazing and I could study his paintings for hours. But now, I can do even more than that. Animator Mackenzie Cauley has created a 3D video of Van Gogh's painting 'The Night Café' and it is stunning. ... Continue Reading

Paintings that Break Your Brain


First there was famous artist Escher with his drawings that you could study for hours, because they completely tricked your brain. Now there's Rob Gonsalves, a Canadian artist who paints paintings that break your brain. His art combines two concepts that seamlessly transition from one into another. His optical illusions are so stunning, you keep studying the paintings to see how he did it. Check out these examples to see what I mean. ... Continue Reading