Facebook Like Obsession: Street Mural

facebook street art

This cartoony street art mural painted in Ferentino, Italy (picture above) reflects the truth about the obsession of getting Facebook Likes. Note the vision blinders, Facebook Like carrot on a stick, and the subtle touch of adding chains. Here's a cool time lapse video of Mister Thoms painting the mural: ... Continue Reading

Drawn by Faith

Drawn by Faith - Browser

I would like to introduce you to Drawn by Faith. Drawn by Faith is a collection of Biblical, faith-based illustrations by Drew Pocza that could be a valuable creative resource for various ministry needs. His a sample of Drew's illustrations: ... Continue Reading

Minimal LEGO Versions of Famous Paintings [Images]


Marco Sodano is from Milano, Italy (less than two hours from where I live) and has put together a cool collection of minimal LEGO versions of some of the world's most famous paintings. There's a couple of cool concepts with this project. First off all, it's a cool survey of minimalism. Because we all know what these paintings look like in detail, portraying them minimally works because we all 'connect the dots' of the details in our minds. Being minimal for the sake of minimal doesn't work. You ... Continue Reading

Minimal Watercolor Superheros

Spiderman watercolor

French illustrator and artist, Blule is a very talented watercolor artist. Her minimal watercolor paintings are truly inspiring and beautiful. This series of watercolor superheros she's done is pretty amazing work, too. Check out these other watercolored superheros: ... Continue Reading

Star Wars Original Trilogy Posters

Star Wars Trilogy

2014 may be the year that Star Wars fandom gets rebooted and under Disney and J.J. Abrams with the third trilogy as well as several character movies, including the one I'm excited for, Boba Fett. Thus, I thought we could look back on some of my favorite Star Wars movies, you know, the good ones. ;-) ... Continue Reading

Star Wars Kids [Images]


Don't tell me Star Wars is just for kids because 10% of why I want children is so I can introduce them to it (and secretly continue to enjoy it myself!) It is amazing to see how the story unfolds for a child, and with the new trilogy coming out, I can go enjoy this with my own son and live it out through him. I'm so excited! Here are some great images of Star Wars illustrations reimagined as cartoon children. Enjoy! ... Continue Reading