Paintings that Break Your Brain


First there was famous artist Escher with his drawings that you could study for hours, because they completely tricked your brain. Now there's Rob Gonsalves, a Canadian artist who paints paintings that break your brain. His art combines two concepts that seamlessly transition from one into another. His optical illusions are so stunning, you keep studying the paintings to see how he did it. Check out these examples to see what I mean. ... Continue Reading

That’s Amore! [Images]

That's Amore!

Ale Giorgini from Vicenza Italy has put together a fun and awesome creative collection of lovely artwork. As you may know, “amore” means “love” in Italian and the song “That's Amore” by Dean Martin is surely a classic. So give Dean's song a listen to and browse through these love themed images and maybe, just maybe, you'll find one awesome enough to send to someone you love... ... Continue Reading

Darth Vader Reimagined [Images]

Darth Vader Rrimagined

With the new Star Wars films pending, the future of the Star Wars franchise is feeling far more 'open-ended' than ever before. How will the interpretation differ from that of George Lucas? Moreover, what kind of curious turns in creativity will a film that is directed by someone who 'grew-up' with Star Wars reimagine its universe? It should be interesting. ... Continue Reading

#EPIC Pokemon GIFs


Brakkenimation has put together a series of Pokemon GIFs that are #EPIC enough to be used for blog post comments. Seriously. These animations have so much personality! ... Continue Reading

Paddington Bear Author: “I might not sleep well tonight.”

Paddington Bear - Trailer Screenshot

Our family read the Paddington Bear books together as a family. It was great fun. So when we heard about the new Paddington Bear movie releasing this year, we were very excited to see what the big screen had to offer. Sure, it might not live-up to our expectations, but we figured it would still be fun. After all, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Beezus and Ramona, and Matilda—to name a few—did an excellent job porting from the page to the big screen. So how is Paddington going to fair? ... Continue Reading

Superheroes as 17th Century Portraits [Images]


I’m not much of an art lover—though I do love Van Gogh—my tastes are fairly modern and fairly cheap. Like comic books. Comic book art is amazing, but that’s not to say that fancy, classic art is bad. However, mixing the former with the later can only raise my view of it. This, of course, brings me to the incredible work of Sacha Goldberger, whose newest collection, entitled “Super Flemish, ” was recently featured on CNN. Here’s a brief bit of the intro to the collection from Sacha’s website: ... Continue Reading

Movie Title Typos [Images]

Movie Title Typos by Austin Light

What happens when you remove one letter from a movie title? I mean, really, how much of an affect can a one character typo have, anyway? Apparently, a lot. And the results are hillarious: ... Continue Reading

Famous Album Covers and the Bigger Picture


While I hesitate to call anything Justin Bieber has created 'iconic', his cover for his 2010 album 'My World' is pretty famous. Not as famous as say, The Beatles and Abbey Road or Nirvana's Nevermind, but still. Which led the British company Aptitude to design a creative spin on famous album covers by revealing 'the bigger picture'. What happens when you zoom out? They've done an amazing job with the above mentioned albums, as well Bruce Springsteen's Born in the USA for instance, or Michael ... Continue Reading