Photographic Manipulation and Creativity


Two friends and I were at the coffee shop the other day. We started talking about creativity. The conversation was inspired by art on the walls. As we talked, the topic moved to photography. We discussed how Photoshop has changed the world of photos. So much manipulation goes on now, and it's easier than ever. I brought up my doubts as to whether photos can be good pieces of evidence for a court of law anymore. ... Continue Reading

The Difference Between Art and Marketing in the Church


As the 1st world has progressed since the industrial age our ability to be creative has grown exponentially. Now, anyone with a computer and some time can create art. But somewhere along the way art was transposed onto marketing and now we are in a world a little confused by the difference. You’ll need both in your church, so you need to make sure you understand the differences between art and marketing. ... Continue Reading

Noir Superhero Series Art [Images]


This noir superhero art series by Marko Manev is pretty amazing. While they are somewhat simple and minimal in nature, the black and white and bold outlines draws your attention to each superheroes superpowers. I particularly like the Superman piece. Absolutely amazing. ... Continue Reading

Creative Illustrations of Tech Buzzwords


CreativeFeed designed a series of slides that define a number of tech and Internet buzzwords. Words like: Gamification Solomo Long Tail Crowdsourcing Internet of Things Big Data And others Even if you can define these buzzwords, the illustrations alone are worth a look: ... Continue Reading

Cardboard Industrial Flying Machines [Photos]

daniel-agdag-2 top

Cardboard artist Daniel Agdag has assembled this awesome collection of industrial flying machines by building and sculpting them all out of cardboard. Like the life-sized Iron Man made from cardboard, these pieces of artwork made from everyday objects or both technically impressive art artfully inspiring. Enjoy: ... Continue Reading

Thrift Store Paintings Made Awesome [Images]


I really love this art concept of taking old thrift store paintings and adding some new to them—like adding Star Wars characters or other fun stuff. Not only are some very creative, but some will make you LOL, ROTFL or consider purchasing one to hang on your wall! David Irvine has done an excellent job with this unique art form, whereby the added elements appear to have always been there. Absolutely brilliant—I love it! Check these out: ... Continue Reading

Facebook Like Obsession: Street Mural

facebook street art

This cartoony street art mural painted in Ferentino, Italy (picture above) reflects the truth about the obsession of getting Facebook Likes. Note the vision blinders, Facebook Like carrot on a stick, and the subtle touch of adding chains. Here's a cool time lapse video of Mister Thoms painting the mural: ... Continue Reading