Life-Size Iron Man Made from Cardboard [Photos]


I love what cardboard artist Kai-Xiang Xhong has to say about being an artist. He says that if you don't have the supplies you need to make art — whether it be access or the money — find something else to use ,and if you are an artist, you will make art. Well, there's no doubt in my mind that Xhong is an artist. He not only made this life-size Iron Man, but he's created many other pieces of awesome artwork using cardboard. ... Continue Reading

Adding Star Wars to Thrift Store Artwork [Photos]

Adding Star Wars

Have you ever considered purchasing a thrift store painting? I have purchased a few and hung them in my home, but I've never thought of doing something as EPIC as this. Dave Vancook purchases thrift store paintings for the purpose of adding Star Wars characters to them. The result is a bit humorous but artful in itself as it mixes so many different elements. Sometimes classic, sometimes not, seeing Star Wars characters burst onto the scene or the center of the scene, the result is a new ... Continue Reading

Animated 8-Bit Comic Book Superheroes [Images]


If seeing the title — Animated 8-Bit Comic Book Superheroes — didn't catch you're eye, I am not sure what would... Animator, digital artist and lillustrator Dusan Cezek as assembled a charming, all-star set of 8-bit wonder. Not only are these well done, but there's a hint of humor that doesn't often accompany something as serious as comic book superheroes. Enjoy these pixels: ... Continue Reading

12 (Plus One) Minimal Doctor Who

12 Doctors 1 Will

New and old Doctor Who fans know about the Doctor, his ever changing face, and the magic that accompanies him around Christmas. But it isn't about the current look of the Doctor that is important, but what he represents with needing relationships, pushing for greater discovery, and enjoying the moment no matter if it is a bit scary or wildly entertaining. The photos below depict all twelve of the Doctor's faces plus the one that he won't acknowledge as him being himself. ... Continue Reading

Funny Doodles of a Bored Commuter [Photos]


October Jones could just sit and do nothing during his daily commute. But he doesn't. Instead, he turns a would be boring commute into something amazing by drawing cartoon character heads on Post-it notes and photographing them. The results are too much fun: ... Continue Reading